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Baseball Dope Player Index - C
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Players Beginning with C

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Putsy CaballeroRalph Joseph Caballero1944 to 1952
Enos CabellEnos Milton Cabell1972 to 1986
Cesar CabralCesar Augusto Cabral2013 to 2015
Al CabreraAlfredo A. Cabrera1913 to 1913
Alberto CabreraAlberto Antonio Cabrera2012 to 2013
Alex CabreraAlexander Alberto Cabrera2000 to 2000
Asdrubal CabreraAsdrubal Jose Cabrera2007 to 2020
Daniel CabreraDaniel Alberto (Cruz) Cabrera2004 to 2009
Edwar CabreraEdwar Alfonso Cabrera2012 to 2012
Everth CabreraEverth Cabrera2009 to 2015
Fernando CabreraFernando Jose Cabrera2004 to 2010
Francisco CabreraFrancisco (Paulino) Cabrera1989 to 1993
Genesis CabreraGenesis Cabrera2019 to 2020
Jolbert CabreraJolbert Alexis Cabrera1998 to 2008
Jose CabreraJose Alberto Cabrera1997 to 2002
Mauricio CabreraMauricio Adolfo (Valdez) Cabrera2016 to 2016
Melky CabreraMelky Cabrera2005 to 2019
Miguel CabreraJose Miguel (Torres) Cabrera2003 to 2020
Orlando CabreraOrlando Luis Cabrera1997 to 2011
Ramon CabreraRamon Salvador Cabrera2015 to 2016
Craig CacekCraig Thomas Cacek1977 to 1977
Edgar CaceresEdgar Fidel Caceres1995 to 1995
Greg CadaretGregory James Cadaret1987 to 1998
Leon CadoreLeon Joseph Cadore1915 to 1924
Charlie CadyCharles B. Cady1883 to 1883
Hick CadyForrest Leroy Cady1912 to 1919
Tom CafegoThomas Cafego1937 to 1937
Joe CaffieJoseph Clifford Caffie1956 to 1957
Ben CaffynBenjamin Thomas Caffyn1906 to 1906
Wayne CageWayne Levell Cage1978 to 1979
John CahillJohn Patrick Parnell Cahill1884 to 1887
Tom CahillThomas H. Cahill1891 to 1891
Trevor CahillTrevor John Cahill2009 to 2020
Bob CainRobert Max Cain1949 to 1954
Les CainLeslie Cain1968 to 1972
Lorenzo CainLorenzo Lamar Cain2010 to 2020
Matt CainMatthew Thomas Cain2005 to 2017
Sugar CainMerritt Patrick Cain1932 to 1938
Cameron CairncrossCameron Cairncross2000 to 2000
Miguel CairoMiguel Jesus Cairo1996 to 2012
George CaithamerGeorge Theodore Caithamer1934 to 1934
Ivan CalderonIvan (Perez) Calderon1984 to 1993
Sam CalderoneSamuel Francis Calderone1950 to 1954
Bruce CaldwellBruce Caldwell1928 to 1932
Charlie CaldwellCharles William Caldwell1925 to 1925
Earl CaldwellEarl Welton Caldwell1928 to 1948
Mike CaldwellRalph Michael Caldwell1971 to 1984
Ralph CaldwellRalph Grant Caldwell1904 to 1905
Ray CaldwellRaymond Benjamin Caldwell1910 to 1921
Kiko CaleroEnrique Nomar Calero2003 to 2009
Bill CalhounWilliam Davitte Calhoun1913 to 1913
Jack CalhounJohn Charles Calhoun1902 to 1902
Jeff CalhounJeffrey Wilton Calhoun1984 to 1988
Kole CalhounKole Alan Calhoun2012 to 2020
Willie CalhounWillie Shawn Lamont Calhoun2017 to 2020
Carmen CaliCarmen Salvatore Cali2004 to 2007
Fred CaligiuriFrederick John Caligiuri1941 to 1942
Will CalihanWilliam T. Calihan1890 to 1891
Orlando CalixteOrlando (Calixte) Calixte2015 to 2017
Marty CallaghanMartin Francis Callaghan1922 to 1930
Pat CallaghanPatrick J. Callaghan1884 to 1884
Ben CallahanBenjamin Franklin Callahan1983 to 1983
Dave CallahanDavid Joseph Callahan1910 to 1911
Ed CallahanEdward Joseph Callahan1884 to 1884
Jamie CallahanJames Douglas Callahan2017 to 2017
Jim CallahanJames Timothy Callahan1902 to 1902
Joe CallahanJoseph Thomas Callahan1939 to 1940
John CallahanJohn W. Callahan1898 to 1898
John CallahanJohn Joseph Callahan1903 to 1903
Leo CallahanLeo David Callahan1913 to 1919
Nixey CallahanJames Joseph Callahan1894 to 1913
Ray CallahanRaymond James Callahan1915 to 1915
Wesley CallahanWesley LeRoy Callahan1913 to 1913
Alberto CallaspoAlberto Jose Callaspo2006 to 2015
Frank CallawayFrank Burnett Callaway1921 to 1922
Mickey CallawayMichael Christopher Callaway1999 to 2004
Johnny CallisonJohn Wesley Callison1958 to 1973
Ron CallowayRonald Isiah Calloway2003 to 2004
Dick CalmusRichard Lee Calmus1963 to 1967
Mark CalvertMark Calvert1983 to 1984
Paul CalvertPaul Leo Emile Calvert1942 to 1951
Jack CalvoJacinto (Gonzalez) Calvo1913 to 1920
Napoleon CalzadoNapoleon Calzado2005 to 2005
Ernie CamachoErnest Carlos Camacho1980 to 1990
Johan CamargoJohan Valentin (Ramos) Camargo2017 to 2020
Fred CambriaFrederick Dennis Cambria1970 to 1970
Hank CamelliHenry Richard Camelli1943 to 1947
Daz CameronDazmon Jaroid Cameron2020 to 2020
Jack CameronJohn Stanley Cameron1906 to 1906
Kevin CameronKevin John Cameron2007 to 2009
Mike CameronMichael Terrance Cameron1995 to 2011
Dolph CamilliAdolph Louis Camilli1933 to 1945
Doug CamilliDouglas Joseph Camilli1960 to 1969
Lou CamilliLouis Steven Camilli1969 to 1972
Arquimedes CamineroArquimedes Euclides Caminero2013 to 2016
Ken CaminitiKenneth Gene Caminiti1987 to 2001
Eric CammackEric Wade Cammack2000 to 2000
Harry CamnitzHenry Richardson Camnitz1909 to 1911
Howie CamnitzSamuel Howard Camnitz1904 to 1913
Howie CampHoward Lee Camp1917 to 1917
Kid CampWinfield Scott Camp1892 to 1894
Lew CampRobert Plantagenet Llewellan Camp1892 to 1894
Rick CampRick Lamar Camp1976 to 1985
Shawn CampShawn Anthony Camp2004 to 2014
Tony CampanaAnthony Edward Campana2011 to 2014
Roy CampanellaRoy Campanella1948 to 1957
Bert CampanerisDagoberto (Blanco) Campaneris1964 to 1983
Al CampanisAlexander Sebastian Campanis1943 to 1943
Jim CampanisJames Alexander Campanis1966 to 1973
Count CampauCharles Columbus Campau1888 to 1894
Archie CampbellArchibald Stewart Campbell1928 to 1930
Bill CampbellWilliam Richard Campbell1973 to 1987
Billy CampbellWilliam James Campbell1905 to 1909
Brett CampbellRichard Brett Campbell2006 to 2006
Bruce CampbellBruce Douglas Campbell1930 to 1942
Dave CampbellDavid Alan Campbell1977 to 1978
Dave CampbellDavid Wilson Campbell1967 to 1974
Eric CampbellEric Singleton Campbell2014 to 2016
Gilly CampbellWilliam Gilthorpe Campbell1933 to 1938
Hugh CampbellHugh F. Campbell1873 to 1873
Jim CampbellJames Marcus Campbell1990 to 1990
Jim CampbellJames Robert Campbell1962 to 1963
Jim CampbellJames Robert Campbell1970 to 1970
Joe CampbellJoseph Earl Campbell1967 to 1967
John CampbellJohn Millard Campbell1933 to 1933
Kevin CampbellKevin Wade Campbell1991 to 1995
Marc CampbellMarc Thaddeus Campbell1907 to 1907
Michael CampbellMichael Campbell1873 to 1873
Mike CampbellMichael Thomas Campbell1987 to 1996
Paul CampbellPaul McLaughlin Campbell1941 to 1950
Ron CampbellRonald Thomas Campbell1964 to 1966
Sam CampbellSamuel Campbell1890 to 1890
Soup CampbellClarence Campbell1940 to 1941
Vin CampbellArthur Vincent Campbell1908 to 1912
Cardell CamperCardell Camper1977 to 1977
Sal CampfieldWilliam Holton Campfield1896 to 1896
Jorge CampilloJorge Hidalgo Campillo2005 to 2009
Sal CampisiSalvatore John Campisi1969 to 1971
Frank CamposFrancisco Jose (Lopez) Campos1951 to 1953
Leonel CamposLeonel Enrique (Linares) Campos2014 to 2017
Vicente CamposJose Vicente (Carnota) Campos2016 to 2016
Luis CampusanoLuis Genaro Campusano2020 to 2020
Sil CampusanoSilvestre (Diaz) Campusano1988 to 1991
Oil Can BoydDennis Ray Can Boyd1982 to 1991
George CanaleGeorge Anthony Canale1989 to 1991
Willie CanateWilliam Emisael (Librada) Canate1993 to 1993
Hugh CanavanHugh Edward Canavan1918 to 1918
Jim CanavanJames Edward Canavan1891 to 1897
Robinson CancelRobinson Castro Cancel1999 to 2011
Casey CandaeleCasey Todd Candaele1986 to 1997
John CandelariaJohn Robert Candelaria1975 to 1993
Jeimer CandelarioJeimer Candelario2016 to 2020
Milo CandiniMilo Cain Candini1943 to 1951
Tom CandiottiThomas Caesar Candiotti1983 to 1999
John CaneiraJohn Cascaes Caneira1977 to 1978
John CangelosiJohn Anthony Cangelosi1985 to 1999
Mark CanhaMark David Canha2015 to 2020
Barbaro CanizaresBarbaro Rafael Canizares2009 to 2009
Jay CanizaroJason Kyle Canizaro1996 to 2002
Rip CannellVirgin Wirt Cannell1904 to 1905
Griffin CanningGriffin Alexander Canning2019 to 2020
Andy CannizaroAndrew Lee Cannizaro2006 to 2008
Chris CannizzaroChristopher John Cannizzaro1960 to 1974
Joe CannonJoseph Jerome Cannon1977 to 1980
Jose CanoJoselito (Soriano) Cano1989 to 1989
Robinson CanoRobinson Jose (Mercedes) Cano2005 to 2020
Jose CansecoJose (Capas) Canseco1985 to 2001
Ozzie CansecoOsvaldo (Capas) Canseco1990 to 1993
Guy CantrellGuy Dewey Cantrell1925 to 1930
Jorge CantuJorge Luis (Guzman) Cantu2004 to 2011
Ben CantwellBenjamin Caldwell Cantwell1927 to 1937
Mike CantwellMichael Joseph Cantwell1916 to 1920
Tom CantwellThomas Aloysius Cantwell1909 to 1910
Bart CantzBartholomew L. Cantz1888 to 1890
Russ CanzlerRussell Michael Canzler2011 to 2012
Mike CapelMichael Lee Capel1988 to 1991
Jose CapellanJose Francisco Capellan2004 to 2008
Doug CapillaDouglas Edmund Capilla1976 to 1981
Carter CappsCarter Lewis Capps2012 to 2017
Matt CappsMatthew Dicus Capps2005 to 2012
George CappuzzelloGeorge Angelo Cappuzzello1981 to 1982
Buzz CapraLee William Capra1971 to 1977
Nick CapraNick Lee Capra1982 to 1991
Pat CapriPatrick Nicholas Capri1944 to 1944
Ralph CapronRalph Earl Capron1912 to 1913
Chris CapuanoChristopher Frank Capuano2003 to 2016
Ramon CaraballoRamon (Sanchez) Caraballo1993 to 1995
Matt CarasitiMatthew Joseph Carasiti2016 to 2019
Victor CaratiniVictor Manuel Caratini2017 to 2020
Pat CarawayCecil Bradford Patrick Caraway1930 to 1932
John CarbineJohn C. Carbine1875 to 1876
Bernie CarboBernard Carbo1969 to 1980
John CardenJohn Bruton Carden1946 to 1946
Jose CardenalJose Rosario Domec Cardenal1963 to 1980
Adrian CardenasAdrian Cardenas2012 to 2012
Leo CardenasLeonardo Lazaro (Alfonso) Cardenas1960 to 1975
Conrad CardinalConrad Seth Cardinal1963 to 1963
Javier CardonaJavier Peterson Cardona2000 to 2002
Ben CardoniArmand Joseph Cardoni1943 to 1945
Stephen CardulloStephen Andrew Cardullo2016 to 2017
Don CardwellDonald Eugene Cardwell1957 to 1970
Rod CarewRodney Cline Carew1967 to 1985
Andy CareyAndrew Arthur Carey1952 to 1962
Max CareyMax George Carey1910 to 1929
Paul CareyPaul Stephan Carey1993 to 1993
Roger CareyRoger J. Carey1887 to 1887
Scoops CareyGeorge C. Carey1895 to 1903
Tom CareyThomas Francis Aloysius Carey1935 to 1946
Tom CareyThomas Joseph Carey1871 to 1879
Ed CarfreyEdwin M. Carfrey1890 to 1890
Bobby CargoRobert J. Cargo1892 to 1892
Esmailin CaridadEsmailin Manuel Caridad2009 to 2010
Andrew CarignanGary Andrew Carignan2011 to 2012
Fred CarischFrederick Behlmer Carisch1903 to 1923
Fred CarlFrederick E. Carl1889 to 1889
Lew CarlLewis Adolph Carl1874 to 1874
Shane CarleShane Taylor Carle2017 to 2019
Jim CarletonJames Leslie Carleton1871 to 1872
Tex CarletonJames Otto Carleton1932 to 1940
Jim CarlinJames Arthur Carlin1941 to 1941
Luke CarlinLuke Christopher Carlin2008 to 2012
Walter CarlisleWalter Carlisle1908 to 1908
Cisco CarlosFrancisco Manuel Carlos1967 to 1970
Don CarlsenDonald Herbert Carlsen1948 to 1952
Dan CarlsonDaniel Steven Carlson1996 to 1999
Dylan CarlsonDylan James Carlson2020 to 2020
Hal CarlsonHarold Gust Carlson1917 to 1930
Jesse CarlsonJesse Craig Carlson2008 to 2010
Leon CarlsonLeon Alton Carlson1920 to 1920
Swede CarlstromAlbin Oscar Carlstrom1911 to 1911
Steve CarltonSteven Norman Carlton1965 to 1988
Buddy CarlyleEarl L. Carlyle1999 to 2015
Cleo CarlyleHiram Cleo Carlyle1927 to 1927
Roy CarlyleRoy Edward Carlyle1925 to 1926
Don CarmanDonald Wayne Carman1983 to 1992
George CarmanGeorge Wartman Carman1890 to 1890
Duke CarmelLeon James Carmel1959 to 1965
Chet CarmichaelChester Keller Carmichael1909 to 1909
Rafael CarmonaRafael Carmona1995 to 1999
Eddie CarnettEdwin Elliott Carnett1941 to 1945
Bill CarneyWilliam John Carney1904 to 1904
John CarneyJohn Joseph Carney1889 to 1891
Pat CarneyPatrick Joseph Carney1901 to 1904
Mike CarpChristopher Michael Carp2009 to 2014
Andrew CarpenterAndrew James Carpenter2008 to 2012
Bob CarpenterRobert Louis Carpenter1940 to 1947
Bubba CarpenterCharles Sydney Carpenter2000 to 2000
Chris CarpenterChristopher John Carpenter1997 to 2012
Chris CarpenterChristopher John Carpenter2011 to 2012
Cris CarpenterCris Howell Carpenter1988 to 1996
David CarpenterDarrell David Carpenter2011 to 2019
David CarpenterDavid Lee Carpenter2012 to 2015
Hick CarpenterWarren William Carpenter1879 to 1892
Lew CarpenterLewis Emmett Carpenter1943 to 1943
Matt CarpenterMatthew Martin Carpenter2011 to 2020
Paul CarpenterPaul Calvin Carpenter1916 to 1916
Ryan CarpenterRyan Nicholas Carpenter2018 to 2019
Frank CarpinFrank Dominic Carpin1965 to 1966
Charlie CarrCharles Carbitt Carr1898 to 1906
Chuck CarrCharles Lee Glenn Carr1990 to 1997
Lew CarrLewis Smith Carr1901 to 1901
Giovanni CarraraGiovanni (Jimenez) Carrara1995 to 2006
Carlos CarrascoCarlos Luis Carrasco2009 to 2020
D.J. CarrascoDaniel Carrasco2003 to 2012
Hector CarrascoHector (Pacheco) Carrasco1994 to 2007
Alex CarrasquelAlejandro Eloy (Aparicio) Carrasquel1939 to 1949
Chico CarrasquelAlfonso (Colon) Carrasquel1950 to 1959
Amalio CarrenoAmalio Rafael (Adrian) Carreno1991 to 1991
Joel CarrenoJoel Fernando (Decena) Carreno2011 to 2012
Cam CarreonCamilo Carreon1959 to 1966
Mark CarreonMark Steven Carreon1987 to 1996
Ezequiel CarreraEzequiel Manuel (Reyes) Carrera2011 to 2017
Bill CarrickWilliam Martin Carrick1898 to 1902
Bill CarriganWilliam Francis Carrigan1906 to 1916
Cesar CarrilloCesar Carrillo2009 to 2009
Matias CarrilloMatias (Garcia) Carrillo1991 to 1994
Don CarrithersDonald George Carrithers1970 to 1977
Brett CarrollBrett Michael Carroll2007 to 2012
Chick Carroll Carroll1884 to 1884
Clay CarrollClay Palmer Carroll1964 to 1978
Cliff CarrollSamuel Clifford Carroll1882 to 1893
Cody CarrollCody Mark Carroll2018 to 2020
Dick CarrollRichard Thomas Carroll1909 to 1909
Dixie CarrollDorsey Lee Carroll1919 to 1919
Doc CarrollRalph Arthur Carroll1916 to 1916
Ed CarrollEdgar Fleischer Carroll1929 to 1929
Fred CarrollFrederick Herbert Carroll1884 to 1891
Jamey CarrollJamey Blake Carroll2002 to 2013
Ownie CarrollOwen Thomas Carroll1925 to 1934
Pat CarrollPatrick Carroll1884 to 1884
Scott CarrollScott Alexander Carroll2014 to 2016
Scrappy CarrollJohn E. Carroll1885 to 1887
Tom CarrollThomas Michael Carroll1974 to 1975
Tom CarrollThomas Edward Carroll1955 to 1959
Kid CarseyWilfred Carsey1891 to 1901
Al CarsonAlbert James Carson1910 to 1910
Kit CarsonWalter Lloyd Carson1934 to 1935
Matt CarsonMatthew Reese Carson2009 to 2013
Robert CarsonRobert N. Carson2012 to 2013
Frank CarswellFrank Willis Carswell1953 to 1953
Andy CarterAndrew Godfrey Carter1994 to 1995
Arnold CarterArnold Lee Carter1944 to 1945
Blackie CarterOtis Leonard Carter1925 to 1926
Chris CarterVernon Christopher Carter2010 to 2017
Chris CarterWilliam Chris Carter2008 to 2010
Gary CarterGary Edmund Carter1974 to 1992
Howie CarterJohn Howard Carter1926 to 1926
Jeff CarterJeffrey Allen Carter1991 to 1991
Joe CarterJoseph Chris Carter1983 to 1998
Lance CarterLance David Carter1999 to 2006
Larry CarterLarry Gene Carter1992 to 1992
Nick CarterConrad Powell Carter1908 to 1908
Paul CarterPaul Warren Carter1914 to 1920
Sol CarterSolomon Mobley Carter1931 to 1931
Steve CarterSteven Jerome Carter1989 to 1990
Ed CartwrightEdward Charles Cartwright1890 to 1897
Rico CartyRicardo Adolfo Jacobo Carty1963 to 1979
Mike CarusoMichael John Caruso1998 to 2002
Bob CaruthersRobert Lee Caruthers1884 to 1893
Marcos CarvajalMarcos Jose (Rendon) Carvajal2005 to 2007
Chuck CaryCharles Douglas Cary1985 to 1993
Scott CaryScott Russell Cary1947 to 1947
Jerry CasaleJerry Joseph Casale1958 to 1962
Curt CasaliCurtis Michael Casali2014 to 2020
Paul CasanovaPaulino (Ortiz) Casanova1965 to 1974
Raul CasanovaRaul Casanova1996 to 2008
Joe CascarellaJoseph Thomas Cascarella1934 to 1938
Charlie CaseCharles Emmett Case1901 to 1906
George CaseGeorge Washington Case1937 to 1947
Bill CaseyWilliam B. Casey1887 to 1887
Bob CaseyOrrin Robinson Casey1882 to 1882
Dan CaseyDaniel Maurice Casey1885 to 1890
Dennis CaseyDennis Patrick Casey1884 to 1885
Doc CaseyJames Patrick Casey1898 to 1907
Hugh CaseyHugh Thomas Casey1935 to 1949
Joe CaseyJoseph Felix Casey1909 to 1918
Sean CaseySean Thomas Casey1997 to 2008
Dave CashDavid Cash1969 to 1980
Kevin CashKevin Forrest Cash2002 to 2010
Norm CashNorman Dalton Cash1958 to 1974
Ron CashRonald Forrest Cash1973 to 1974
Carl CashionJay Carl Cashion1911 to 1914
Andrew CashnerAndrew B. Cashner2010 to 2019
Larry CasianLawrence Paul Casian1990 to 1998
Alexi CasillaAlexi (Lora) Casilla2006 to 2014
Santiago CasillaSantiago Casilla2004 to 2018
Carlos CasimiroCarlos Rafael Casimiro2000 to 2000
Craig CaskeyCraig Douglas Caskey1973 to 1973
Ed CaskinEdward James Caskin1879 to 1886
Harry CassadyHarry Delbert Cassady1904 to 1905
Jack CasselJoseph Buren Cassel2007 to 2008
Bobby CassevahRobert Alan Cassevah2010 to 2012
Ed CassianEdward T. Cassian1891 to 1891
Joe CassidyJoseph Phillip Cassidy1904 to 1905
John CassidyJohn P. Cassidy1875 to 1885
Pete CassidyPeter Francis Cassidy1896 to 1899
Scott CassidyScott Robert Cassidy2002 to 2006
Jack CassiniJack Dempsey Cassini1949 to 1949
Daniel CastanoDaniel Alexander Castano2020 to 2020
Ryan CastellaniRyan Castellani2020 to 2020
Pedro CastellanoPedro Orlando (Arrieta) Castellano1993 to 1996
Alex CastellanosAlejandro Luis Castellanos2012 to 2013
Humberto CastellanosHumberto Castellanos2020 to 2020
Nick CastellanosNicholas A. Castellanos2013 to 2020
George CasterGeorge Jasper Caster1934 to 1946
Jim CastigliaJames Vincent Castiglia1942 to 1942
Pete CastiglionePeter Paul Castiglione1947 to 1954
Vinny CastillaVinicio (Soria) Castilla1991 to 2006
Alberto CastilloAlberto Terrero Castillo1995 to 2007
Alberto CastilloAlberto Castillo2008 to 2011
Bobby CastilloRobert Ernie Castillo1977 to 1985
Braulio CastilloBraulio Robinson Medrano Castillo1991 to 1992
Carlos CastilloCarlos Castillo1997 to 2001
Carmelo CastilloMonte Carmelo Castillo1982 to 1991
Diego CastilloDiego Castillo2018 to 2020
Fabio CastilloFabio Castillo2017 to 2017
Frank CastilloFrank Anthony Castillo1991 to 2005
Jose CastilloJose Rondon Castillo2004 to 2008
Jose CastilloJose Gregorio Castillo2018 to 2019
Juan CastilloJuan (Brayas) Castillo1986 to 1989
Juan CastilloJuan Francisco Castillo1994 to 1994
Lendy CastilloLendy Enrique (Artiles) Castillo2012 to 2012
Luis CastilloLuis Miguel Castillo2017 to 2020
Luis CastilloLuis Antonio (Donato) Castillo1996 to 2010
Manny CastilloEsteban Manuel Antonio (Cabrera) Castillo1980 to 1983
Marty CastilloMartin Horace Castillo1981 to 1985
Rusney CastilloRusney (Peraza) Castillo2014 to 2016
Tony CastilloAntonio Jose (Jimenez) Castillo1988 to 1998
Tony CastilloAnthony Castillo1978 to 1978
Welington CastilloWelington Andres Castillo2010 to 2019
Wilkin CastilloWilkin Castillo2008 to 2019
John CastinoJohn Anthony Castino1979 to 1984
Vince CastinoVincent Charles Castino1943 to 1945
Don CastleDonald Hardy Castle1973 to 1973
John CastleJohn Francis Castle1910 to 1910
Foster CastlemanFoster Ephraim Castleman1954 to 1958
Slick CastlemanClydell Castleman1934 to 1939
Roy CastletonRoyal Eugene Castleton1907 to 1910
Paul CastnerPaul Henry Castner1923 to 1923
Kory CastoKory Christopher Casto2007 to 2008
Angel CastroAngel M. Castro2015 to 2015
Anthony CastroAnthony Silfredo Castro2020 to 2020
Bernie CastroBernabel Castro2005 to 2006
Bill CastroWilliam Radhames (Checo) Castro1974 to 1983
Daniel CastroDaniel Alejandro Castro2015 to 2018
Fabio CastroFabio Enrique Castro2006 to 2007
Harold CastroHarold Arnaldo Castro2018 to 2020
Jason CastroJason Michael Castro2010 to 2020
Juan CastroJuan Gabriel Castro1995 to 2011
Lou CastroLuis Manuel Castro1902 to 1902
Miguel CastroMiguel Angel Castro2015 to 2020
Ramon CastroRamon Alfredo (Munoz) Castro2004 to 2004
Ramon CastroRamon Abraham Castro1999 to 2011
Simon CastroSimon (Alfonseca) Castro2013 to 2017
Starlin CastroStarlin DeJesus Castro2010 to 2020
Willi CastroWilli Rafael Castro2019 to 2020
Frank CatalanottoFrank John Catalanotto1997 to 2010
Troy CateTroy Patrick Cate2007 to 2007
Danny CaterDanny Anderson Cater1964 to 1975
Eli CatesEli Eldo Cates1908 to 1908
Mike CatherMichael Peter Cather1997 to 1999
Ted CatherTheodore Physick Cather1912 to 1915
Hardin CatheyHardin Abner Cathey1942 to 1942
Keefe CatoJohn Keefe Cato1983 to 1984
Howdy CatonJames Howard Caton1917 to 1920
John CattanachJohn Leckie Cattanach1884 to 1884
Tom CattersonThomas Henry Catterson1908 to 1909
Bill CaudillWilliam Holland Caudill1979 to 1987
Jake CaulfieldJohn Joseph Caulfield1946 to 1946
Red CauseyCecil Algerton Causey1918 to 1922
Wayne CauseyJames Wayne Causey1955 to 1968
John CavanaughJohn Joseph Cavanaugh1919 to 1919
Phil CavarrettaPhilip Joseph Cavarretta1934 to 1955
Andy CavazosAndres Cavazos2007 to 2007
Jake CaveAndrew Jacob Cave2018 to 2020
Ike CaveneyJames Christopher Caveney1922 to 1925
Pug CavetTillar H. Cavet1911 to 1915
Dylan CeaseDylan Edward Cease2019 to 2020
Art CeccarelliArthur Edward Ceccarelli1955 to 1960
Garin CecchiniGarin Cecchini2014 to 2015
Gavin CecchiniGavin Glenn Christopher Joseph Cecchini2016 to 2017
Jose CecenaJose Isabel (Lugo) Cecena1988 to 1988
Brett CecilBrett A. Cecil2009 to 2018
Rex CecilRex Rolston Cecil1944 to 1945
Darrell CecilianiDarrell Albert Ceciliani2015 to 2017
Jose CedaJose Marti Ceda2010 to 2011
Andujar CedenoAndujar (Donastorg) Cedeno1990 to 1996
Cesar CedenoCesar (Encarnacion) Cedeno1970 to 1986
Domingo CedenoDomingo Antonio (Donastorg) Cedeno1993 to 1999
Roger CedenoRoger Leandro Cedeno1995 to 2005
Ronny CedenoRonny Alexander Cedeno2005 to 2014
Xavier CedenoXavier Cedeno2011 to 2019
Blake CederlindBlake Cederlind2020 to 2020
Juan CentenoJuan C. Centeno2013 to 2019
Pete CenterMarvin Earl Center1942 to 1946
Orlando CepedaOrlando Manuel (Penne) Cepeda1958 to 1974
Matthew CepickyMatthew William Cepicky2002 to 2006
Jaime CerdaJaime Magana Cerda2002 to 2005
Ed CermakEdward Hugo Cermak1901 to 1901
Rick CeroneRichard Aldo Cerone1975 to 1992
Juan CerrosR. Juan Cerros2003 to 2003
John CeruttiJohn Joseph Cerutti1985 to 1991
Bob CervRobert Henry Cerv1951 to 1962
Francisco CervelliFrancisco Cervelli2008 to 2020
Mike CervenakMichael Christopher Cervenak2008 to 2008
Hunter CervenkaColby Hunter Cervenka2016 to 2017
Yoenis CespedesYoenis (Milanes) Cespedes2012 to 2020
Luis CessaLuis Enrique Cessa2016 to 2020
Ron CeyRonald Charles Cey1971 to 1987
Alejandro ChacinDavid Alejandro (Bravo) Chacin2017 to 2017
Gustavo ChacinGustavo Adolfo (Gonzalez) Chacin2004 to 2010
Jhoulys ChacinJhoulys Jose Chacin2009 to 2020
Elio ChaconElio (Rodriguez) Chacon1960 to 1962
Shawn ChaconShawn Anthony Chacon2001 to 2008
Chet ChadbourneChester James Chadbourne1906 to 1918
Ray ChadwickRay Charles Chadwick1986 to 1986
Andrew ChafinAndrew Gregory Chafin2014 to 2020
Leon ChagnonLeon Wilbur Chagnon1929 to 1935
Bob ChakalesRobert Edward Chakales1951 to 1957
Dave ChalkDavid Lee Chalk1973 to 1981
George ChalmersGeorge W. Chalmers1910 to 1916
Bill ChamberlainWilliam Vincent Chamberlain1932 to 1932
Craig ChamberlainCraig Phillip Chamberlain1979 to 1980
Joba ChamberlainJustin Louis Chamberlain2007 to 2016
Joe ChamberlainJoseph Jeremiah Chamberlain1934 to 1934
Wes ChamberlainWesley Polk Chamberlain1990 to 1995
Ice Box ChamberlinElton P. Box Chamberlin1886 to 1896
Adron ChambersAdron Lamar Chambers2011 to 2013
Al ChambersAlbert Eugene Chambers1983 to 1985
Bill ChambersWilliam Christopher Chambers1910 to 1910
Cliff ChambersClifford Day Chambers1948 to 1953
Johnnie ChambersJohnnie Monroe Chambers1937 to 1937
Rome ChambersRichard Jerome Chambers1900 to 1900
Jim ChambleeJames Nathaniel Chamblee2003 to 2003
Chris ChamblissCarroll Christopher Chambliss1971 to 1988
Bill ChampionBuford Billy Champion1969 to 1976
Mike ChampionRobert Michael Champion1976 to 1978
Bob ChanceRobert Chance1963 to 1969
Dean ChanceWilmer Dean Chance1961 to 1971
Frank ChanceFrank Leroy Chance1898 to 1914
Ed ChandlerEdward Oliver Chandler1947 to 1947
Spud ChandlerSpurgeon Ferdinand Chandler1937 to 1947
Darrel ChaneyDarrel Lee Chaney1969 to 1979
Esty ChaneyEsty Clyon Chaney1913 to 1913
Yu ChangYu-Cheng Chang2019 to 2020
Les ChannellLester Clark Channell1910 to 1914
Charlie ChantCharles Joseph Chant1975 to 1976
Darrin ChapinDarrin John Chapin1991 to 1992
Ed ChaplinBert Edgar Chaplin1920 to 1922
Tiny ChaplinJames Bailey Chaplin1928 to 1936
Aroldis ChapmanAlbertin Aroldis Chapman2010 to 2020
Ben ChapmanWilliam Benjamin Chapman1930 to 1946
Calvin ChapmanCalvin Louis Chapman1935 to 1936
Ed ChapmanEdwin Volney Chapman1933 to 1933
Fred ChapmanFrederick Joseph Chapman1887 to 1887
Fred ChapmanWilliam Fred Chapman1939 to 1941
Glenn ChapmanGlenn Justice Chapman1934 to 1934
Harry ChapmanHarry E. Chapman1912 to 1916
Jack ChapmanJohn Curtis Chapman1874 to 1876
Jaye ChapmanJaye Lawrence Chapman2012 to 2012
John ChapmanJohn Joseph Chapman1924 to 1924
Kelvin ChapmanKelvin Keith Chapman1979 to 1985
Kevin ChapmanKevin Allen Chapman2013 to 2016
Matt ChapmanMatt James Chapman2017 to 2020
Ray ChapmanRaymond Johnson Chapman1912 to 1920
Sam ChapmanSamuel Blake Chapman1938 to 1951
Travis ChapmanTravis Adrian Chapman2003 to 2003
Harry ChappasHarry Perry Chappas1978 to 1980
Larry ChappellLaVerne Ashford Chappell1913 to 1917
Bill ChappelleWilliam Hogan Chappelle1908 to 1909
Joe CharboneauJoseph Charboneau1980 to 1982
J.T. ChargoisJon Thomas Chargois2016 to 2019
Chappy CharlesRaymond Charles1908 to 1910
Ed CharlesEdwin Douglas Charles1962 to 1969
Frank CharlesFranklin Scott Charles2000 to 2000
Norm CharltonNorman Wood Charlton1988 to 2001
Mike ChartakMichael George Chartak1940 to 1944
Pete ChartonFrank Lane Charton1964 to 1964
Hal ChaseHarold Homer Chase1905 to 1919
Ken ChaseKendall Fay Chase1936 to 1943
Buster ChathamCharles L. Chatham1930 to 1931
Jim ChattertonJames M. Chatterton1884 to 1884
Tyler ChatwoodTyler Cole Chatwood2011 to 2020
Ossie ChavarriaOsvaldo (Quijano) Chavarria1966 to 1967
Angel ChavezAngel Aristides (Castro) Chavez2005 to 2005
Anthony ChavezAnthony Francisco Chavez1997 to 1997
Endy ChavezEndy de Jesus Chavez2001 to 2014
Eric ChavezEric Cesar Chavez1998 to 2014
Jesse ChavezJesse David Chavez2008 to 2020
Nestor ChavezNestor Isaias (Silva) Chavez1967 to 1967
Raul ChavezRaul Alexander Chavez1996 to 2009
Michael ChavisMichael Scott Chavis2019 to 2020
Dave CheadleDavid Baird Cheadle1973 to 1973
Charlie ChechCharles William Chech1905 to 1909
Robinson ChecoRobinson (Perez) Checo1997 to 1999
Harry CheekHarry Gordon Cheek1910 to 1910
Virgil CheevesVirgil Earl Cheeves1920 to 1927
Italo CheliniItalo Vincent Chelini1935 to 1937
Bruce ChenBruce Kastulo Chen1998 to 2015
Chin-Feng ChenChin-Feng Chen2002 to 2005
Wei-Yin ChenWei-Yin Chen2012 to 2019
Larry CheneyLaurence Russell Cheney1911 to 1919
Tom CheneyThomas Edgar Cheney1957 to 1966
Rocky CherryRocky Ty Cherry2007 to 2008
Paul ChervinkoPaul Chervinko1937 to 1938
Jack ChesbroJohn Dwight Chesbro1899 to 1909
Bob ChesnesRobert Vincent Chesnes1948 to 1950
Mitch ChetkovichMitchell Chetkovich1945 to 1945
Tony ChevezSilvio Antonio Chevez1977 to 1977
Scott ChiamparinoScott Michael Chiamparino1990 to 1992
Scott ChiassonScott Christopher Chiasson2001 to 2002
Travis ChickTravis Cole Chick2006 to 2006
Matt ChicoMatthew Bryan Chico2007 to 2010
Floyd ChifferFloyd John Chiffer1982 to 1984
Harry ChildHarry Stephen Patrick Child1930 to 1930
Bill ChildersWilliam Childers1895 to 1895
Jason ChildersJason Lee Childers2006 to 2006
Matt ChildersMatthew Wilkie Childers2002 to 2005
Rocky ChildressRodney Osborne Childress1985 to 1988
Cupid ChildsClarence Lemuel Childs1888 to 1901
Pete ChildsPeter Pierre Childs1901 to 1902
Sam ChildsSamuel Beresford Childs1883 to 1883
Pearce ChilesPearce Nuget Chiles1899 to 1900
Rich ChilesRichard Francis Chiles1971 to 1978
Dino ChiozzaDino Joseph Chiozza1935 to 1935
Lou ChiozzaLouis Peo Chiozza1934 to 1939
Bob ChipmanRobert Howard Chipman1941 to 1952
Walt ChippleWalter John Chipple1945 to 1945
Robinson ChirinosRobinson David (Gonzalez) Chirinos2011 to 2020
Yonny ChirinosYonny Enrique Chirinos2018 to 2020
Lonnie ChisenhallLonnie David Chisenhall2011 to 2018
Jazz ChisholmJasrado Hermis Arrington Chisholm2020 to 2020
Tom ChismThomas Raymond Chism1979 to 1979
Harry ChitiHarry Chiti1950 to 1962
Steve ChitrenStephen Vincent Chitren1990 to 1991
Nelson ChittumNelson Boyd Chittum1958 to 1960
Bob ChlupsaRobert Joseph Chlupsa1970 to 1971
Don ChoateDonald Leon Choate1960 to 1960
Randy ChoateRandol Doyle Choate2000 to 2015
Hee-Seop ChoiHee-Seop Choi2002 to 2005
Ji-Man ChoiJi-Man Choi2016 to 2020
Michael ChoiceMichael Blair Choice2013 to 2015
Shin-Soo ChooShin-Soo Choo2005 to 2020
Choo Choo ColemanClarence Choo Coleman1961 to 1966
Bobby ChouinardRobert William Chouinard1996 to 2001
Felix ChouinardFelix George Chouinard1910 to 1911
Chief ChouneauWilliam Chouneau1910 to 1910
Harry ChozenHarry Chozen1937 to 1937
Mike ChrisMichael Chris1979 to 1983
Neil ChrisleyBarbra O'Neil Chrisley1957 to 1961
Lloyd ChristenburyLloyd Reid Christenbury1919 to 1922
Bruce ChristensenBruce Ray Christensen1971 to 1971
Cuckoo ChristensenWalter Neils Christensen1926 to 1927
John ChristensenJohn Lawrence Christensen1984 to 1988
McKay ChristensenMcKay Andrew Christensen1999 to 2002
Gary ChristensonGary Richard Christenson1979 to 1980
Larry ChristensonLarry Richard Christenson1973 to 1983
Ryan ChristensonRyan Alan Christenson1998 to 2003
Bob ChristianRobert Charles Christian1968 to 1970
Justin ChristianJustin Barnett Christian2008 to 2012
Nick ChristianiNicholas John Christiani2013 to 2014
Clay ChristiansenClay C. Christiansen1984 to 1984
Jason ChristiansenJason Samuel Christiansen1995 to 2005
Mark ChristmanMarquette Joseph Christman1938 to 1949
Tim ChristmanTimothy Arthur Christman2001 to 2001
Steve ChristmasStephen Randall Christmas1983 to 1986
Joe ChristopherJoseph O'Neal Christopher1959 to 1966
Loyd ChristopherLoyd Eugene Christopher1945 to 1947
Mike ChristopherMichael Wayne Christopher1991 to 1996
Russ ChristopherRussell Ormand Christopher1942 to 1948
Vinnie ChulkCharles Vincent Chulk2003 to 2012
Bubba ChurchEmory Nicholas Church1950 to 1955
Hi ChurchHiram Lincoln Church1890 to 1890
Len ChurchLeonard Church1966 to 1966
Ryan ChurchRyan Matthew Church2004 to 2010
Chuck ChurnClarence Nottingham Churn1957 to 1959
John ChurryJohn Churry1924 to 1927
Larry CiaffoneLawrence Thomas Ciaffone1951 to 1951
Archi CianfroccoAngelo Dominic Cianfrocco1992 to 1998
Mark CiardiMark Thomas Ciardi1987 to 1987
Darryl CiasDarryl Richard Cias1983 to 1983
Joe CiceroJoseph Francis Cicero1929 to 1945
Al CicotteAlva Warren Cicotte1957 to 1962
Eddie CicotteEdward Victor Cicotte1905 to 1920
Ted CieslakThaddeus Walter Cieslak1944 to 1944
Al CihockiAlbert Joseph Cihocki1945 to 1945
Ed CihockiEdward Joseph Cihocki1932 to 1933
Adam CimberAdam Christian Cimber2018 to 2020
Pete CiminoPeter William Cimino1965 to 1968
Gino CimoliGino Nicholas Cimoli1956 to 1965
Frank CimorelliFrank Thomas Cimorelli1994 to 1994
Tony CingraniAnthony Michael Cingrani2012 to 2018
Alex CintronAlexander Cintron2001 to 2009
Lou CiolaLouis Alexander Ciola1943 to 1943
Frank CiprianiFrank Dominick Cipriani1961 to 1961
Pedro CiriacoPedro Ciriaco2010 to 2015
Jeff CirilloJeffrey Howard Cirillo1994 to 2007
George CisarGeorge Joseph Cisar1937 to 1937
Galen CiscoGalen Bernard Cisco1961 to 1969
Steven CishekSteven R. Cishek2010 to 2020
Jose CisneroJose Luis Cisnero2013 to 2020
Bill CissellChalmer William Cissell1928 to 1938
Ralph CitarellaRalph Alexander Citarella1983 to 1987
Nick CiuffoNicholas Anthony Ciuffo2018 to 2019
Aaron CivaleAaron James Civale2019 to 2020
Moose ClabaughJohn William Clabaugh1926 to 1926
Bobby ClackRobert Suter Clack1874 to 1876
Anthony ClaggettAnthony Paul Claggett2009 to 2009
Preston ClaibornePreston Michael Claiborne2013 to 2017
Davey ClaireDavid Matthew Claire1920 to 1920
Al ClancyAlbert Harrison Clancy1911 to 1911
Bill ClancyWilliam Edward Clancy1905 to 1905
Bud ClancyJohn William Clancy1924 to 1934
Jim ClancyJames Clancy1977 to 1991
Uke ClantonEucal Clanton1922 to 1922
Chris ClapinskiChristopher Alan Clapinski1999 to 2000
Aaron ClappAaron Bronson Clapp1879 to 1879
John ClappJohn Edgar Clapp1872 to 1883
Stubby ClappRichard Keith Clapp2001 to 2001
Denny ClareDennis J. Clare1872 to 1872
Doug ClareyDouglas William Clarey1976 to 1976
Allie ClarkAlfred Aloysius Clark1947 to 1953
Bob ClarkRobert William Clark1920 to 1921
Bob ClarkRobert H. Clark1886 to 1893
Bobby ClarkRobert Cale Clark1979 to 1985
Brady ClarkBrady William Clark2000 to 2008
Bryan ClarkBryan Donald Clark1981 to 1990
Cap ClarkJohn Carroll Clark1938 to 1938
Cody ClarkDouglas Cody Clark2013 to 2013
Dad ClarkAlfred Robert Clark1902 to 1902
Danny ClarkDaniel Curren Clark1922 to 1927
Dave ClarkDavid Earl Clark1986 to 1998
Doug ClarkDouglas Dwyer Clark2005 to 2006
Earl ClarkBailey Earl Clark1927 to 1934
Ed ClarkEdward C. Clark1886 to 1891
George ClarkGeorge Myron Clark1913 to 1913
Ginger ClarkHarvey Daniel Clark1902 to 1902
Glen ClarkGlen Ester Clark1967 to 1967
Howie ClarkHoward Roddy Clark2002 to 2008
Jack ClarkJack Anthony Clark1975 to 1992
Jerald ClarkJerald Dwayne Clark1988 to 1995
Jermaine ClarkJermaine Marcel Clark2001 to 2005
Jim ClarkJames Edward Clark1971 to 1971
Jim ClarkJames Clark1948 to 1948
Jim ClarkJames Francis Clark1911 to 1912
Mark ClarkMark Willard Clark1991 to 2000
Matt ClarkMatthew Terry Clark2014 to 2014
Mel ClarkMelvin Earl Clark1951 to 1957
Mike ClarkMichael John Clark1952 to 1953
Otey ClarkWilliam Otis Clark1945 to 1945
Pep ClarkHarry Clark1903 to 1903
Phil ClarkPhilip James Clark1958 to 1959
Phil ClarkPhillip Benjamin Clark1992 to 1996
Rickey ClarkRickey Charles Clark1967 to 1972
Ron ClarkRonald Bruce Clark1966 to 1975
Roy ClarkRoy Elliott Clark1902 to 1902
Spider ClarkOwen F. Clark1889 to 1889
Terry ClarkTerry Lee Clark1988 to 1997
Tony ClarkAnthony Christopher Clark1995 to 2009
Watty ClarkWilliam Watson Clark1924 to 1937
Will ClarkWilliam Nuschler Clark1986 to 2000
Willie ClarkWilliam Otis Clark1895 to 1899
Win ClarkWilliam Winfield Clark1897 to 1897
Zach ClarkZachary Higgins Clark2013 to 2013
Artie ClarkeArthur Franklin Clarke1890 to 1891
Boileryard ClarkeWilliam Jones Clarke1893 to 1905
Dad ClarkeWilliam H. Clarke1888 to 1898
Darren ClarkeDarren Lawrence Clarke2007 to 2007
Fred ClarkeFred Clifford Clarke1894 to 1915
Grey ClarkeRichard Grey Clarke1944 to 1944
Harry ClarkeHarry Corson Clarke1889 to 1889
Henry ClarkeHenry Tefft Clarke1897 to 1898
Horace ClarkeHorace Meredith Clarke1965 to 1974
Josh ClarkeJoshua Baldwin Clarke1898 to 1911
Lefty ClarkeAlan Thomas Clarke1921 to 1921
Nig ClarkeJay Justin Clarke1905 to 1920
Rufe ClarkeRufus Rivers Clarke1923 to 1924
Stan ClarkeStanley Marten Clarke1983 to 1990
Stu ClarkeWilliam Stuart Clarke1929 to 1930
Sumpter ClarkeSumpter Mills Clarke1920 to 1924
Taylor ClarkeTaylor James Clarke2019 to 2020
Tommy ClarkeThomas Aloysius Clarke1909 to 1918
Webbo ClarkeVibert Ernesto Clarke1955 to 1955
Bill ClarksonWilliam Henry Clarkson1927 to 1929
Buzz ClarksonJames Buster Clarkson1952 to 1952
Dad ClarksonArthur Hamilton Clarkson1891 to 1896
John ClarksonJohn Gibson Clarkson1882 to 1894
Walter ClarksonWalter Hamilton Clarkson1904 to 1908
Ellis ClaryEllis Clary1942 to 1945
Marty ClaryMartin Keith Clary1987 to 1990
Emmanuel ClaseEmmanuel Clase2019 to 2019
Gowell ClasetGowell Sylvester Claset1933 to 1933
Alex ClaudioAlexander Claudio2014 to 2020
Fritz ClausenFrederick William Clausen1892 to 1896
Al ClaussAlbert Stanley Clauss1913 to 1913
Brandon ClaussenBrandon Allen Falker Claussen2003 to 2006
Bill ClayFrederick C. Clay1902 to 1902
Dain ClayDain Elmer Clay1943 to 1946
Danny ClayDanny Bruce Clay1988 to 1988
Ken ClayKenneth Earl Clay1977 to 1981
Royce ClaytonRoyce Spencer Clayton1991 to 2007
Mark ClearMark Alan Clear1979 to 1990
Joe ClearyJoseph Christopher Cleary1945 to 1945
Garrett CleavingerGarrett J. Cleavinger2020 to 2020
Bob ClemensRobert Baxter Clemens1914 to 1914
Chet ClemensChester Spurgeon Clemens1939 to 1944
Clem ClemensClement Lambert Clemens1916 to 1916
Doug ClemensDouglas Horace Clemens1960 to 1968
Paul ClemensPaul Clemens2013 to 2016
Roger ClemensWilliam Roger Clemens1984 to 2007
Bill ClemensenWilliam Melville Clemensen1939 to 1946
Jeff ClementJeffrey Burton Clement2007 to 2012
Matt ClementMatthew Paul Clement1998 to 2006
Wally ClementWallace Oakes Clement1908 to 1909
Edgard ClementeEdgard Alexis Velazquez Clemente1998 to 2000
Roberto ClementeRoberto (Walker) Clemente1955 to 1972
Ed ClementsEdward Clements1890 to 1890
Jack ClementsJohn J. Clements1884 to 1900
Pat ClementsPatrick Brian Clements1985 to 1992
Chris ClemonsChristopher Hale Clemons1997 to 1997
Lance ClemonsLance Levis Clemons1971 to 1974
Verne ClemonsVerne James Clemons1916 to 1924
Donn ClendenonDonn Alvin Clendenon1961 to 1972
Maikel CletoMaikel Cleto2011 to 2014
Elmer ClevelandElmer Ellsworth Cleveland1888 to 1891
Reggie ClevelandReginald Leslie Cleveland1969 to 1981
Steve ClevengerSteven Scott Clevenger2011 to 2016
Tex ClevengerTruman Eugene Clevenger1954 to 1962
Mike ClevingerMichael Anthony Clevinger2016 to 2020
Brent ClevlenBrent Aaron Clevlen2006 to 2010
Stan CliburnStanley Gene Cliburn1980 to 1980
Stew CliburnStewart Walker Cliburn1984 to 1988
Harlond CliftHarlond Benton Clift1934 to 1945
Flea CliftonHerman Earl Clifton1934 to 1937
Monk ClineJohn P. Cline1882 to 1891
Ty ClineTyrone Alexander Cline1960 to 1971
Gene ClinesEugene Anthony Clines1970 to 1979
Billy ClingmanWilliam Frederick Clingman1890 to 1903
Jim ClintonJames Lawrence Clinton1872 to 1886
Lou ClintonLuciean Louis Clinton1960 to 1967
Tyler ClippardTyler Lee Clippard2007 to 2020
Tony CloningerTony Lee Cloninger1961 to 1972
Brad ClontzJohn Bradley Clontz1995 to 2000
J.D. ClosserJeffrey Darrin Closser2004 to 2006
Al ClosterAlan Edward Closter1966 to 1973
Ken CloudeKenneth Brian Cloude1997 to 1999
Ed CloughEdgar George Clough1924 to 1926
Bill ClowersWilliam Perry Clowers1926 to 1926
Tyler CloydTyler James Cloyd2012 to 2018
Bryan ClutterbuckBryan Richard Clutterbuck1986 to 1989
Danny ClyburnDanny Clyburn1997 to 1999
David ClydeDavid Eugene Clyde1973 to 1979
Tom ClydeThomas Knox Clyde1943 to 1943
Bill ClymerWilliam Johnston Clymer1891 to 1891
Otis ClymerOtis Edgar Clymer1905 to 1913
Pete CoachmanBobby Dean Coachman1990 to 1990
Andy CoakleyAndrew James Coakley1902 to 1911
Gil CoanGilbert Fitzgerald Coan1946 to 1956
Jim CoatesJames Alton Coates1956 to 1967
Buck CoatsBuck Coats2006 to 2008
Jason CoatsJason Leavell Coats2016 to 2016
Alex CobbAlexander Miller Cobb2011 to 2020
George CobbGeorge Woodworth Cobb1892 to 1892
Herb CobbHerbert Edward Cobb1929 to 1929
Joe CobbJoseph Stanley Cobb1918 to 1918
Ty CobbTyrus Raymond Cobb1905 to 1928
Dave CobleDavid Lamar Coble1939 to 1939
Jaime CocanowerJames Stanley (Geiser) Cocanower1983 to 1986
George CochranGeorge Leslie Cochran1918 to 1918
Goat CochranAlvah Jackson Cochran1915 to 1915
Dave CochraneDavid Carter Cochrane1986 to 1992
Mickey CochraneGordon Stanley Cochrane1925 to 1937
Jim CockmanJames Cockman1905 to 1905
Alan CockrellAtlee Alan Cockrell1996 to 1996
Pasqual CocoPasqual (Reynoso) Coco2000 to 2002
Gene CocrehamEugene Cocreham1913 to 1915
Chris CodiroliChristopher Allen Codiroli1982 to 1990
Kyle CodyKyle David Cody2020 to 2020
Robert CoelloRobert Coello2010 to 2013
Jack CoffeyJohn Francis Coffey1909 to 1918
Todd CoffeyJustin Todd Coffey2005 to 2012
Ivanon CoffieIvanon Angelino Coffie2000 to 2000
Dick CoffmanSamuel Richard Coffman1927 to 1945
Kevin CoffmanKevin Reese Coffman1987 to 1990
Slick CoffmanGeorge David Coffman1937 to 1940
Dick CoganRichard Henry Cogan1897 to 1900
Tony CoganAnthony Michael Cogan2001 to 2001
Dave CogginDavid Raymond Coggin2000 to 2002
Frank CogginsFranklin Coggins1967 to 1972
Rich CogginsRichard Allen Coggins1972 to 1976
Chris CoghlanChristopher B. Coghlan2009 to 2017
Ed CogswellEdward Cogswell1879 to 1882
Alta CohenAlta Albert Cohen1931 to 1933
Andy CohenAndrew Howard Cohen1926 to 1929
Hy CohenHyman Cohen1955 to 1955
Syd CohenSydney Harry Cohen1934 to 1937
Phil CokePhillip Douglas Coke2008 to 2016
Jimmie CokerJimmie Goodwin Coker1958 to 1967
Chris ColabelloChristopher Adrian Colabello2013 to 2016
Mike ColangeloMichael Gus Colangelo1999 to 2002
Rocky ColavitoRocco Domenico Colavito1955 to 1968
Mike ColbernMichael Malloy Colbern1978 to 1979
Craig ColbertCraig Charles Colbert1992 to 1993
Nate ColbertNathan Colbert1966 to 1976
Vince ColbertVincent Norman Colbert1970 to 1972
Jim ColbornJames William Colborn1969 to 1978
Greg ColbrunnGregory Joseph Colbrunn1992 to 2004
Tom ColcoloughThomas Bernard Colcolough1893 to 1899
A.J. ColeAndrew Jordan Cole2015 to 2020
Alex ColeAlexander Cole1990 to 1996
Bert ColeAlbert George Cole1921 to 1927
Dave ColeDavid Bruce Cole1950 to 1955
Dick ColeRichard Roy Cole1951 to 1957
Ed ColeEdward William Cole1938 to 1939
Gerrit ColeGerrit Alan Cole2013 to 2020
King ColeLeonard Leslie Cole1909 to 1915
Stu ColeStewart Bryan Cole1991 to 1991
Taylor ColeTaylor James Cole2017 to 2019
Victor ColeVictor Alexander Cole1992 to 1992
Willis ColeWillis Russell Cole1909 to 1910
Bob ColemanRobert Hunter Coleman1913 to 1916
Casey ColemanJoseph Casey Coleman2010 to 2014
Curt ColemanCurtis Hancock Coleman1912 to 1912
Dave ColemanDavid Lee Coleman1977 to 1977
Dusty ColemanDustin Michael Coleman2015 to 2017
Ed ColemanParke Edward Coleman1932 to 1936
Gordy ColemanGordon Calvin Coleman1959 to 1967
Jerry ColemanGerald Francis Coleman1949 to 1957
Joe ColemanJoseph Howard Coleman1965 to 1979
Joe ColemanJoseph Patrick Coleman1942 to 1955
John ColemanJohn W. Coleman1890 to 1890
John ColemanJohn Francis Coleman1883 to 1890
Louis ColemanHarold Louis Coleman2011 to 2018
Michael ColemanMichael Donnell Coleman1997 to 2001
Percy ColemanPierce D. Coleman1897 to 1898
Ray ColemanRaymond Leroy Coleman1947 to 1952
Rip ColemanWalter Gary Coleman1955 to 1960
Vince ColemanVincent Maurice Coleman1985 to 1997
Walter ColemanWalter Lee Coleman1895 to 1895
Cad ColesCadwallader Coles1914 to 1914
Chuck ColesCharles Edward Coles1958 to 1958
Darnell ColesDarnell Coles1983 to 1997
Chris ColettaChristopher Michael Coletta1972 to 1972
Ed ColganWilliam H. Colgan1884 to 1884
Alvin ColinaAlvin Enrique Colina2006 to 2006
Edwar ColinaEdwar Osnel de la Cruz Colina2020 to 2020
Allan CollamoreAllan Edward Collamore1911 to 1915
Hap CollardEarl Clinton Collard1927 to 1930
Willie CollazoWilliam Collazo2007 to 2007
Lou CollierLouis Keith Collier1997 to 2004
Orlin CollierOrlin Edward Collier1931 to 1931
Harry ColliflowerJames Harry Colliflower1899 to 1899
CollinsCollins1892 to 1892
Bill CollinsWilliam J. Collins1887 to 1891
Bill CollinsWilliam Shirley Collins1910 to 1913
Bob CollinsRobert Joseph Collins1940 to 1944
Chub CollinsCharles Augustus Collins1884 to 1885
Dan CollinsDaniel Thomas Collins1874 to 1876
Dave CollinsDavid S. Collins1975 to 1990
Don CollinsDonald Edward Collins1977 to 1980
Eddie CollinsEdward Trowbridge Collins Sr.1906 to 1930
Eddie CollinsEdward Trowbridge Collins Jr.1939 to 1942
Hub CollinsHubert B. Collins1886 to 1892
Jimmy CollinsJames Joseph Collins1895 to 1908
Joe CollinsJoseph Edward Collins1948 to 1957
Kevin CollinsKevin Michael Collins1965 to 1971
Orth CollinsOrth Stein Collins1904 to 1909
Pat CollinsTharon Patrick Collins1919 to 1929
Phil CollinsPhilip Eugene Collins1923 to 1935
Ray CollinsRay Williston Collins1909 to 1915
Rip CollinsHarry Warren Collins1920 to 1931
Ripper CollinsJames Anthony Collins1931 to 1941
Shano CollinsJohn Francis Collins1910 to 1925
Tim CollinsTimothy N. Collins2011 to 2019
Tyler CollinsTyler James Collins2014 to 2017
Wilson CollinsCyril Wilson Collins1913 to 1914
Zack CollinsZachary Allen Collins2019 to 2020
Zip CollinsJohn Edgar Collins1914 to 1921
Josh CollmenterJoshua Michael Collmenter2011 to 2017
Jackie CollumJack Dean Collum1951 to 1962
Bill CollverWilliam J. Collver1885 to 1885
Frank ColmanFrank Lloyd Colman1942 to 1947
Alex ColomeAlexander Manuel Colome2013 to 2020
Jesus ColomeJesus (De La Cruz) Colome2001 to 2010
Bartolo ColonBartolo Colon1997 to 2018
Christian ColonChristian Anthony Colon2014 to 2020
Cris ColonCristobal (Martinez) Colon1992 to 1992
Joseph ColonJoseph Colon2016 to 2016
Roman ColonRoman Benedicto Colon2004 to 2012
Dick ColpaertRichard Charles Colpaert1970 to 1970
Loyd ColsonLoyd Albert Colson1970 to 1970
Larry ColtonLawrence Robert Colton1968 to 1968
Bob ColuccioRobert Pasquali Coluccio1973 to 1978
Tyler ColvinTyler Eugene Colvin2009 to 2014
Steve ColyerStephen Edward Colyer2003 to 2007
Geoff CombeGeoffrey Wade Combe1980 to 1981
Earle CombsEarle Bryan Combs1924 to 1935
Merl CombsMerrill Russell Combs1947 to 1952
Pat CombsPatrick Dennis Combs1989 to 1992
Jorge ComellasJorge (Pous) Comellas1945 to 1945
Steve ComerSteven Michael Comer1978 to 1984
Wayne ComerHarry Wayne Comer1967 to 1972
Charlie ComiskeyCharles Albert Comiskey1882 to 1894
Jim CommandJames Dalton Command1954 to 1955
Adam ComoroskyAdam Anthony Comorosky1926 to 1935
Clint ComptonRobert Clinton Compton1972 to 1972
Jack ComptonHarry Leroy Compton1911 to 1911
Mike ComptonMichael Lynn Compton1970 to 1970
Pete ComptonAnna Sebastian Compton1911 to 1918
Keith ComstockKeith Martin Comstock1984 to 1991
Ralph ComstockRalph Remick Comstock1913 to 1918
Clint ConatserClinton Astor Conatser1948 to 1949
Dave ConcepcionDavid Ismael (Benitez) Concepcion1970 to 1988
Gerardo ConcepcionGerardo (Perez) Concepcion2016 to 2016
Onix ConcepcionOnix Cardona (Cardona) Concepcion1980 to 1987
Ramon CondeRamon Luis (Roman) Conde1962 to 1962
Clay CondreyClayton Lee Condrey2002 to 2009
Bob ConeRobert Earl Cone1915 to 1915
David ConeDavid Brian Cone1986 to 2003
Fred ConeJoseph Frederick Cone1871 to 1871
Michael ConfortoMichael Thomas Conforto2015 to 2020
Bunk CongaltonWilliam Millar Congalton1902 to 1907
Dick CongerRichard Conger1940 to 1943
Hank CongerHyun Choi Conger2010 to 2016
Billy ConigliaroWilliam Michael Conigliaro1969 to 1973
Tony ConigliaroAnthony Richard Conigliaro1964 to 1975
Jeff ConineJeffrey Guy Conine1990 to 2007
Allen ConkwrightAllen Howard Conkwright1920 to 1920
Jocko ConlanJohn Bertrand Conlan1934 to 1935
Adam ConleyAdam Michael Conley2015 to 2019
Bob ConleyRobert Burns Conley1958 to 1958
Ed ConleyEdward J. Conley1884 to 1884
Gene ConleyDonald Eugene Conley1952 to 1963
Snipe ConleyJames Patrick Conley1918 to 1918
Jocko ConlonArthur Joseph Conlon1923 to 1923
P.J. ConlonPatrick Joshua Conlon2018 to 2018
Bert ConnAlbert Thomas Conn1898 to 1901
Fritzie ConnallyFritzie Lee Connally1983 to 1985
Red ConnallyJohn M. Connally1886 to 1886
Sarge ConnallyGeorge Walter Connally1921 to 1934
Bruce ConnatserBroadus Milburn Connatser1931 to 1932
Frank ConnaughtonFrank Henry Connaughton1894 to 1906
Gene ConnellEugene Joseph Connell1931 to 1931
Joe ConnellJoseph Bernard Connell1926 to 1926
Peter ConnellPeter J. Connell1886 to 1890
Terry ConnellTerence G. Connell1874 to 1874
Bill ConnellyWilliam Wirt Connelly1945 to 1953
Steve ConnellySteven Lee Connelly1998 to 1998
Tom ConnellyThomas Martin Connelly1920 to 1921
Bud ConnollyMervin Thomas Connolly1925 to 1925
Ed ConnollyEdward Joseph Connolly Jr.1964 to 1967
Ed ConnollyEdward Joseph Connolly Sr.1929 to 1932
Joe ConnollyJoseph Francis Connolly1913 to 1916
Joe ConnollyJoseph H. Connolly1921 to 1924
Tom ConnollyThomas Francis Connolly1915 to 1915
Jim ConnorJames Matthew Connor1892 to 1899
Joe ConnorJoseph Francis Connor1895 to 1905
John ConnorJohn Connor1884 to 1885
Ned ConnorEdward Connor1871 to 1871
Roger ConnorRoger Connor1880 to 1897
Bill ConnorsWilliam Joseph Connors1966 to 1968
Chuck ConnorsKevin Joseph Aloysius Connors1949 to 1951
Jerry ConnorsJeremiah Connors1892 to 1892
Joe ConnorsJoseph C. Connors1884 to 1884
Merv ConnorsMervin James Connors1937 to 1938
Theodore ConoverTheodore Conover1889 to 1889
Brooks ConradBrooks Litchfield Conrad2008 to 2014
Ben ConroyBernard Patrick Conroy1890 to 1890
Bill ConroyWilliam Frederick Conroy1923 to 1923
Bill ConroyWilliam Gordon Conroy1935 to 1944
Tim ConroyTimothy James Conroy1978 to 1987
Wid ConroyWilliam Edward Conroy1901 to 1911
Billy ConsoloWilliam Angelo Consolo1953 to 1962
Jim ConstableJimmy Lee Constable1956 to 1963
Jose ConstanzaJose G. Constanza2011 to 2014
Sandy ConsuegraSandalio Simeon (Castello) Consuegra1950 to 1957
Jason ContiStanley Jason Conti2000 to 2004
Carlos ContrerasCarlos Manuel Contreras2014 to 2015
Jose ContrerasJose Ariel Contreras2003 to 2013
Nardi ContrerasArnaldo Juan Contreras1980 to 1980
William ContrerasWilliam Jesus Contreras2020 to 2020
Willson ContrerasWillson Eduardo Contreras2016 to 2020
Jim ConverseJames Daniel Converse1993 to 1997
Bill ConwayWilliam F. Conway1884 to 1886
Charles ConwayCharles Connell Conway1911 to 1911
Dick ConwayRichard Butler Conway1886 to 1888
Jack ConwayJack Clements Conway1941 to 1948
Jerry ConwayJerome Patrick Conway1920 to 1920
Jim ConwayJames P. Conway1884 to 1889
Owen ConwayOwen Sylvester Conway1915 to 1915
Pete ConwayPeter J. Conway1885 to 1889
Rip ConwayRichard Daniel Conway1918 to 1918
Ed ConwellEdward James Conwell1911 to 1911
Herb ConyersHerbert Leroy Conyers1950 to 1950
Joe ConzelmanJoseph Harrison Conzelman1913 to 1915
Dale CooganDale Roger Coogan1950 to 1950
Dan CooganDaniel George Coogan1895 to 1895
Aaron CookAaron Lane Cook2002 to 2012
Andy CookAndrew Bernard Cook1993 to 1993
Cliff CookRaymond Clifford Cook1959 to 1963
Dennis CookDennis Bryan Cook1988 to 2002
Doc CookLuther Almus Cook1913 to 1916
Earl CookEarl Davis Cook1941 to 1941
Glen CookGlen Patrick Cook1985 to 1985
Jim CookJames Fitchie Cook1903 to 1903
Mike CookMichael Horace Cook1986 to 1993
Paul CookPaul Cook1884 to 1891
Rollin CookRollin Edward Cook1915 to 1915
Ron CookRonald Wayne Cook1970 to 1971
Ryan CookRyan William Cook2011 to 2018
Dusty CookeAllen Lindsey Cooke1930 to 1938
Fred CookeFrederick B. Cooke1897 to 1897
Steve CookeSteven Montague Cooke1992 to 1998
Brent CooksonBrent Adam Cookson1995 to 1999
Mike CoolbaughMichael Robert Coolbaugh2001 to 2002
Scott CoolbaughScott Robert Coolbaugh1989 to 1994
Duff CooleyDuff Gordon Cooley1893 to 1905
Bobby CoombsRaymond Franklin Coombs1933 to 1943
Cecil CoombsCecil Lysander Coombs1914 to 1914
Danny CoombsDaniel Bernard Coombs1963 to 1971
Jack CoombsJohn Wesley Coombs1906 to 1920
Ron CoomerRonald Bryan Coomer1995 to 2003
William CoonWilliam K. Coon1875 to 1876
Bill CooneyWilliam Ambrose Cooney1909 to 1910
Bob CooneyRobert Daniel Cooney1931 to 1932
Jimmy CooneyJames Edward Cooney1917 to 1928
Jimmy CooneyJames Joseph Cooney1890 to 1892
Johnny CooneyJohn Walter Cooney1921 to 1944
Phil CooneyPhilip Clarence Cooney1905 to 1905
Tim CooneyTimothy Manus Cooney2015 to 2015
Sam CoonrodSamuel Timothy Coonrod2019 to 2020
Brian CooperBrian John Cooper1999 to 2005
Cal CooperCalvin Asa Cooper1948 to 1948
Cecil CooperCecil Celester Cooper1971 to 1987
Claude CooperClaude William Cooper1913 to 1917
David CooperDavid Fletcher Cooper2011 to 2012
Don CooperDonald James Cooper1981 to 1985
Garrett CooperGarrett Nicholas Cooper2017 to 2020
Gary CooperGary Clifton Cooper1991 to 1991
Gary CooperGary Nathaniel Cooper1980 to 1980
Guy CooperGuy Evans Cooper1914 to 1915
Mort CooperMorton Cecil Cooper1938 to 1949
Pat CooperOrge Patterson Cooper1946 to 1947
Scott CooperScott Kendrick Cooper1990 to 1997
Walker CooperWilliam Walker Cooper1940 to 1957
Wilbur CooperArley Wilbur Cooper1912 to 1926
Mays CopelandMays Copeland1935 to 1935
Scott CopelandScott Reast Copeland2015 to 2018
Rocky CoppingerJohn Thomas Coppinger1996 to 2001
Henry CoppolaHenry Peter Coppola1935 to 1936
Trace CoquilletteTrace Robert Coquillette1999 to 2000
Alex CoraJose Alexander Cora1998 to 2011
Joey CoraJose Manuel (Amaro) Cora1987 to 1998
Doug CorbettDouglas Mitchell Corbett1980 to 1987
Gene CorbettEugene Louis Corbett1936 to 1938
Joe CorbettJoseph Aloysius Corbett1895 to 1904
Sherman CorbettSherman Stanley Corbett1988 to 1990
Archie CorbinArchie Ray Corbin1991 to 1999
Patrick CorbinPatrick A. Corbin2012 to 2020
Ray CorbinAlton Ray Corbin1971 to 1975
Claude CorbittClaude Elliott Corbitt1945 to 1949
Daniel CorcinoDaniel Corcino2014 to 2018
Art CorcoranArthur Andrew Corcoran1915 to 1915
Jack CorcoranJohn H. Corcoran1884 to 1884
John CorcoranJohn A. Corcoran1895 to 1895
Larry CorcoranLawrence J. Corcoran1880 to 1887
Mickey CorcoranMichael Joseph Corcoran1910 to 1910
Mike CorcoranMichael Corcoran1884 to 1884
Roy CorcoranRoy Elliot Corcoran2003 to 2009
Tim CorcoranTimothy Hugh Corcoran2005 to 2007
Tim CorcoranTimothy Michael Corcoran1977 to 1986
Tommy CorcoranThomas William Corcoran1891 to 1907
Ryan CordellRyan Thomas Cordell2018 to 2020
Chad CorderoChad Patrick Cordero2003 to 2010
Franchy CorderoFranchy (Vargas) Cordero2017 to 2020
Francisco CorderoFrancisco Javier Cordero1999 to 2012
Jimmy CorderoJimmy Gerard Cordero2018 to 2020
Wil CorderoWilfredo (Nieva) Cordero1992 to 2005
Erik CordierErik Michael Cordier2014 to 2015
Allen CordobaAllen Octavio (Pose) Cordoba2017 to 2017
Francisco CordovaFrancisco Cordova1996 to 2000
Marty CordovaMartin Kevin Cordova1995 to 2003
Bryan CoreyBryan Scott Corey1998 to 2008
Ed CoreyEdward Norman Corey1918 to 1918
Fred CoreyFrederick Harrison Corey1878 to 1885
Mark CoreyMark Franklin Corey2001 to 2004
Mark CoreyMark Mundell Corey1979 to 1981
Chuck CorganCharles Howard Corgan1925 to 1927
Roy CorhanRoy George Corhan1911 to 1916
Phil CoridanPhilip F. Coridan1884 to 1884
Pop CorkhillJohn Stewart Corkhill1883 to 1892
Mike CorkinsMichael Patrick Corkins1969 to 1974
Lance CormierLance Robert Cormier2004 to 2011
Rheal CormierRheal Paul Cormier1991 to 2007
Mardie CornejoNieves Mardie Cornejo1978 to 1978
Nate CornejoNathan John Cornejo2001 to 2004
Reid CorneliusJonathan Reid Cornelius1995 to 2000
Jeff CornellJeffrey Ray Cornell1984 to 1984
John CornelyJohn Francis Cornely2015 to 2015
Brad CornettBrad Byron Cornett1994 to 1995
Terry CornuttTerry Stanton Cornutt1977 to 1978
Manny CorpasManuel Corpas2006 to 2013
Carlos CorporanCarlos Fernando Corporan2009 to 2015
Pat CorralesPatrick Corrales1964 to 1973
Carlos CorreaCarlos Javier Correa2015 to 2020
Ed CorreaEdwin Josue (Andino) Correa1985 to 1987
Kevin CorreiaKevin John Correia2003 to 2015
Rod CorreiaRonald Douglas Correia1993 to 1995
Vic CorrellVictor Crosby Correll1972 to 1980
John CorridenJohn Michael Corriden Jr.1946 to 1946
Red CorridenJohn Michael Corriden Sr.1910 to 1915
Frank CorridonFrank J. Corridon1904 to 1910
Jim CorsiJames Bernard Corsi1988 to 1999
Barry CortBarry Lee Cort1977 to 1977
Jess CortazzoJohn Francis Cortazzo1923 to 1923
Dan CortesDaniel Adam Cortes2010 to 2011
David CortesDavid Cardenas Cortes1999 to 2006
Nestor CortesNestor Cortes2018 to 2020
Fernando CortezFernando Cortez2005 to 2007
Al CorwinElmer Nathan Corwin1951 to 1955
Jarred CosartJarred Lynn Cosart2013 to 2017
Joe CoscarartJoseph Marvin Coscarart1935 to 1936
Pete CoscarartPeter Joseph Coscarart1938 to 1946
Ray CoseyDonald Ray Cosey1980 to 1980
Mike CosgroveMichael John Cosgrove1972 to 1976
Jim CosmanJames Henry Cosman1966 to 1970
Shane CostaShane Jeremy Costa2005 to 2007
Mike CostanzoMichael A. Costanzo2012 to 2012
Chris CosteChristopher Robert Coste2006 to 2009
Dan CostelloDaniel Francis Costello1913 to 1916
John CostelloJohn Reilly Costello1988 to 1991
Tim CostoTimothy Roger Costo1992 to 1993
Humberto CotaHumberto Figueroa Cota2001 to 2007
Henry CoteHenry Joseph Cote1894 to 1895
Pete CoteWarren Peter Cote1926 to 1926
Caleb CothamCaleb Kent Cotham2015 to 2016
Dan CotterDaniel Joseph Cotter1890 to 1890
Dick CotterRichard Raphael Cotter1911 to 1912
Ed CotterEdward Christopher Cotter1926 to 1926
Hooks CotterHarvey Louis Cotter1922 to 1924
Tom CotterThomas Benedict Cotter1891 to 1891
Chuck CottierCharles Keith Cottier1959 to 1969
Henry CottoHenry Cotto1984 to 1993
Jharel CottonJharel Leandre Cotton2016 to 2017
Ensign CottrellEnsign Stover Cottrell1911 to 1915
Neal CottsNeal James Cotts2003 to 2015
Johnny CouchJohn Daniel Couch1917 to 1925
Mike CoucheeMichael Eugene Couchee1983 to 1983
Bill CoughlinWilliam Paul Coughlin1899 to 1908
Dennis CoughlinDennis H. Coughlin1872 to 1872
Ed CoughlinEdward E. Coughlin1884 to 1884
Roscoe CoughlinWilliam Edward Coughlin1890 to 1891
Marlan CoughtryJames Marion Coughtry1960 to 1962
Daniel CoulombeDaniel Paul Coulombe2014 to 2020
Bob CoulsonRobert Jackson Coulson1908 to 1911
Chip CoulterThomas Lee Coulter1969 to 1969
Fritz CoumbeFrederick Nicholas Coumbe1914 to 1921
Craig CounsellCraig John Counsell1995 to 2011
Ryan CourtRyan A. Court2019 to 2019
Clint CourtneyClinton Dawson Courtney1951 to 1961
Ernie CourtneyEdward Ernest Courtney1902 to 1908
Harry CourtneyHenry Seymour Courtney1919 to 1922
John CourtrightJohn Charles Courtright1995 to 1995
Dee CousineauEdward Thomas Cousineau1923 to 1925
Scott CousinsScott Michael Cousins2010 to 2013
Jon CoutlangusJonathan Thomas Coutlangus2007 to 2007
Harry CoveleskiHarry Frank Coveleski1907 to 1918
Stan CoveleskiStanley Anthony Coveleski1912 to 1928
Jack CoveneyJohn Patrick Coveney1903 to 1903
Dylan CoveyDylan Charles Covey2017 to 2020
Chet CovingtonChester Rogers Covington1944 to 1944
Sam CovingtonClarence Calvert Covington1913 to 1918
Tex CovingtonWilliam Wilkes Covington1911 to 1912
Wes CovingtonJohn Wesley Covington1956 to 1966
Billy CowanBilly Rolland Cowan1963 to 1972
Kaleb CowartKaleb Bryant Cowart2015 to 2019
Al CowensAlfred Edward Cowens1974 to 1986
Collin CowgillCollin Brannen Cowgill2011 to 2016
Joe CowleyJoseph Alan Cowley1982 to 1987
Bill CoxWilliam Donald Cox1936 to 1940
Billy CoxWilliam Richard Cox1941 to 1955
Bobby CoxRobert Joseph Cox1968 to 1969
Casey CoxJoseph Casey Cox1966 to 1973
Danny CoxDanny Bradford Cox1983 to 1995
Darron CoxJames Darron Cox1999 to 1999
Dick CoxElmer Joseph Cox1925 to 1926
Ernie CoxErnest Thompson Cox1922 to 1922
Frank CoxFrancis Bernard Cox1884 to 1884
George CoxGeorge Melvin Cox1928 to 1928
Glenn CoxGlenn Melvin Cox1955 to 1958
Jeff CoxJeffrey Lindon Cox1980 to 1981
Jim CoxJames Charles Cox1973 to 1976
Larry CoxLarry Eugene Cox1973 to 1982
Les CoxLeslie Warren Cox1926 to 1926
Red CoxPlateau Preston Rex Cox1920 to 1920
Steve CoxCharles Steven Cox1999 to 2002
Ted CoxWilliam Ted Cox1977 to 1981
Terry CoxTerry Lee Cox1970 to 1970
Bill CoyleWilliam Claude Coyle1893 to 1893
Toots CoyneMartin Albert Coyne1914 to 1914
Charlie CozartCharles Rhubin Cozart1945 to 1945
Zack CozartZachary Warren Cozart2011 to 2019
Dylan CozensDylan Wallace Cozens2018 to 2019
Roy CrabbJames Roy Crabb1912 to 1912
Callix CrabbeCallix Sadeaq Crabbe2008 to 2008
George CrableGeorge Elmer Crable1910 to 1910
Estel CrabtreeEstel Crayton Crabtree1929 to 1944
Tim CrabtreeTimothy Lyle Crabtree1995 to 2001
Walt CraddockWalter Anderson Craddock1955 to 1958
Rickey CradleRickey Nelson Cradle1998 to 1998
Harry CraftHarry Francis Craft1937 to 1942
Molly CraftMaurice Montague Craft1916 to 1919
Howard CragheadHoward Oliver Craghead1931 to 1933
Allen CraigAllen Thomas Craig2010 to 2015
George CraigGeorge McCarthy Craig1907 to 1907
Pete CraigPeter Joel Craig1964 to 1966
Rod CraigRodney Paul Craig1979 to 1986
Roger CraigRoger Lee Craig1955 to 1966
Will CraigWilliam Isaac Craig2020 to 2020
Jesse CrainJesse Alan Crain2004 to 2013
Jerry CramGerald Allen Cram1969 to 1976
Bill CramerWilliam Wendell Cramer1912 to 1912
Bobby CramerRobert T. Cramer2010 to 2011
Dick CramerWilliam B. Cramer1883 to 1883
Doc CramerRoger Maxwell Cramer1929 to 1948
Del CrandallDelmar Wesley Crandall1949 to 1966
Doc CrandallJames Otis Crandall1908 to 1918
Ed CraneEdward Nicholas Crane1885 to 1893
Fred CraneFrederick William Hotchkiss Crane1873 to 1875
Sam CraneSamuel Byren Crane1914 to 1922
Sam CraneSamuel Newhall Crane1880 to 1890
Gavvy CravathClifford Carlton Cravath1908 to 1920
Bill CraverWilliam H. Craver1871 to 1877
Tyler CravyTyler Jay Cravy2015 to 2016
Brandon CrawfordBrandon Michael Crawford2011 to 2020
Carl CrawfordCarl Demonte Crawford2002 to 2016
Carlos CrawfordCarlos Lamonte Crawford1996 to 1996
Evan CrawfordEvan Shane Crawford2012 to 2012
Forrest CrawfordForrest A. Crawford1906 to 1907
George CrawfordGeorge Crawford1890 to 1890
Glenn CrawfordGlenn Martin Crawford1945 to 1946
J.P. CrawfordJohn Paul Crawford2017 to 2020
Jake CrawfordRufus Crawford1952 to 1952
Jim CrawfordJames Frederick Crawford1973 to 1978
Joe CrawfordJoseph Randal Crawford1997 to 1997
Ken CrawfordKenneth Daniel Crawford1915 to 1915
Larry CrawfordCharles Lowrie Crawford1937 to 1937
Pat CrawfordClifford Rankin Crawford1929 to 1934
Paxton CrawfordPaxton Keith Crawford2000 to 2001
Sam CrawfordSamuel Earl Crawford1899 to 1917
Steve CrawfordSteven Ray Crawford1980 to 1991
Willie CrawfordWillie Murphy Crawford1964 to 1977
George CreamerGeorge W. Creamer1878 to 1884
Joe CredeJoseph Crede2000 to 2009
Birdie CreeWilliam Franklin Cree1908 to 1915
Connie CreedenCornelius Stephen Creeden1943 to 1943
Pat CreedenPatrick Francis Creeden1931 to 1931
Mark CreeganMark Creegan1884 to 1884
Doug CreekPaul Douglas Creek1995 to 2005
Jack CreelJack Dalton Creel1945 to 1945
Keith CreelSteven Keith Creel1982 to 1987
Gus CreelyAugust L. Creely1890 to 1890
Pete CreganPeter James Cregan1899 to 1903
Bernie CregerBernard Odell Creger1947 to 1947
Bob CreminsRobert Anthony Cremins1927 to 1927
Creepy CrespiFrank Angelo Joseph Crespi1938 to 1942
Cesar CrespoCesar Antonio (Claudio) Crespo2001 to 2004
Felipe CrespoFelipe Javier (Clausio) Crespo1996 to 2001
Walker CressWalker James Cress1948 to 1949
Jack CressendJohn Baptiste Cressend2000 to 2004
Tim CrewsStanley Timothy Crews1987 to 1992
Stefan CrichtonStefan Brook Crichton2017 to 2020
Kyle CrickKyle Daniel Crick2017 to 2020
Jerry CriderJerry Stephen Crider1969 to 1970
Lou CrigerLouis Criger1896 to 1912
Chuck CrimCharles Robert Crim1987 to 1994
Jack CrimianJohn Melvin Crimian1951 to 1957
Dave CripeDavid Gordon Cripe1978 to 1978
Dave CriscioneDavid Gerald Criscione1977 to 1977
Tony CriscolaAnthony Paul Criscola1942 to 1944
Pat CrishamPatrick J. Crisham1899 to 1899
Nabil CrismattNabil Antonio Crismatt2020 to 2020
Coco CrispCovelli Loyce Crisp2002 to 2016
Joe CrispJoseph Shelby Crisp1910 to 1911
Dode CrissDode Criss1908 to 1911
Ches CristChester Arthur Crist1906 to 1906
Bill CristallWilliam Arthur Cristall1901 to 1901
Leo CristanteDante Leo Cristante1951 to 1955
Morrie CritchleyMorris Arthur Critchley1882 to 1882
Hughie CritzHugh Melville Critz1924 to 1935
Garrett CrochetGarrett Nolan Crochet2020 to 2020
Claude CrockerClaude Arthur Crocker1944 to 1945
Davey CrockettDaniel Solomon Crockett1901 to 1901
Kyle CrockettKyle Richard Crockett2014 to 2018
Art CroftArthur F. Croft1875 to 1878
Harry CroftHenry T. Croft1899 to 1901
Fred CroliusFrederick Joseph Crolius1901 to 1902
Warren CromartieWarren Livingston Cromartie1974 to 1991
D.T. CromerDavid Thomas Cromer2000 to 2001
Tripp CromerRoy Bunyan Cromer1993 to 2003
Herb CromptonHerbert Bryan Crompton1937 to 1945
Ned CromptonEdward Crompton1909 to 1910
C.J. CronChristopher John Cron2014 to 2020
Chris CronChristopher John Cron1991 to 1992
Kevin CronKevin Scott Cron2019 to 2020
Ray CroneRaymond Hayes Crone1954 to 1958
Jake CronenworthJacob John Cronenworth2020 to 2020
Bill CroninWilliam Patrick Cronin1928 to 1931
Dan CroninDaniel T. Cronin1884 to 1884
Jack CroninJohn J. Cronin1895 to 1904
Jim CroninJames John Cronin1929 to 1929
Joe CroninJoseph Edward Cronin1926 to 1945
Tom CrookeThomas Aloysius Crooke1909 to 1910
Jack CrooksJohn Charles Crooks1889 to 1898
Bobby CrosbyRobert Edward Crosby2003 to 2010
Bubba CrosbyRichard Stephen Crosby2003 to 2006
Casey CrosbyCasey W. Crosby2012 to 2012
Ed CrosbyEdward Carlton Crosby1970 to 1976
George CrosbyGeorge Washington Crosby1884 to 1884
Ken CrosbyKenneth Stewart Crosby1975 to 1976
Frankie CrosettiFrank Peter Joseph Crosetti1932 to 1948
Amos CrossAmos C. Cross1885 to 1887
Clarence CrossClarence Cross1887 to 1887
Frank CrossFrank Atwell Cross1901 to 1901
Jeff CrossJoffre James Cross1942 to 1948
Lave CrossLafayette Napoleon Cross1887 to 1907
Lem CrossGeorge Lewis Cross1893 to 1894
Monte CrossMontford Montgomery Cross1892 to 1907
Frank CrossinFrank Patrick Crossin1912 to 1914
Doug CrothersDouglass Crothers1885 to 1885
Michael CrottaMichael John Crotta2011 to 2011
Joe CrottyJoseph P. Crotty1882 to 1886
Bill CrouchWilliam Henry Crouch1910 to 1910
Bill CrouchWilmer Elmer Crouch1939 to 1945
Jack CrouchJack Albert Crouch1930 to 1933
Zach CrouchZachary Quinn Crouch1988 to 1988
Frank CroucherFrank Donald Croucher1939 to 1942
Buck CrouseClyde Elsworth Crouse1923 to 1930
Rich CroushoreRichard Steven Croushore1998 to 2000
Aaron CrowAaron J. Crow2011 to 2014
Dean CrowPaul Dean Crow1998 to 1998
Don CrowDonald Leroy Crow1982 to 1982
General CrowderAlvin Floyd Crowder1926 to 1936
George CroweGeorge Daniel Crowe1952 to 1961
Trevor CroweTrevor Thornton Crowe2009 to 2013
Wil CroweWilliam Chandler Crowe2020 to 2020
Billy CrowellWilliam Theodore Crowell1887 to 1888
Cap CrowellMinot Joy Crowell1915 to 1916
Jim CrowellJames Everette Crowell1997 to 2005
Bill CrowleyWilliam Michael Crowley1875 to 1885
Ed CrowleyEdgar Jewel Crowley1928 to 1928
John CrowleyJohn A. Crowley1884 to 1884
Terry CrowleyTerrence Michael Crowley1969 to 1983
Woody CrowsonThomas Woodrow Crowson1945 to 1945
Eric CrozierEric Le Roi Crozier2004 to 2004
Francisco CrucetaFrancisco Alberto Cruceta2004 to 2008
Mike CrudaleMichael Christopher Crudale2002 to 2003
Walton CruiseWalton Edwin Cruise1914 to 1924
Cal CrumClarence Newton Crum1917 to 1918
Gene CrumlingEugene Leon Crumling1945 to 1945
Buddy CrumpArthur Elliott Crump1924 to 1924
Roy CrumplerRoy Maxton Crumpler1920 to 1925
Dick CrutcherRichard Luther Crutcher1914 to 1915
Press CruthersCharles Preston Cruthers1913 to 1914
Deivi CruzDeivi (Garcia) Cruz1997 to 2005
Enrique CruzEnrique Michael Cruz2003 to 2007
Fausto CruzFausto Santiago Cruz1994 to 1996
Hector CruzHector Louis (Dilan) Cruz1973 to 1982
Henry CruzHenry Acosta Cruz1975 to 1978
Ivan CruzLuis Ivan Cruz1997 to 2002
Jacob CruzJacob Cruz1996 to 2005
Jesus CruzJesus Cruz2020 to 2020
Jose CruzJose (Dilan) Cruz1970 to 1988
Jose Cruz Jr.Jose Luis Cruz Jr.1997 to 2008
Juan CruzJuan Carlos Cruz2001 to 2012
Julio CruzJulio Louis Cruz1977 to 1986
Luis CruzLuis Alfonso Cruz2008 to 2013
Nelson CruzNelson Ramon Cruz2005 to 2020
Nelson CruzNelson Cruz1997 to 2003
Rhiner CruzRhiner Allen (Montero) Cruz2012 to 2018
Todd CruzTodd Ruben Cruz1978 to 1984
Tommy CruzCirilo (Dilan) Cruz1973 to 1977
Tony CruzArnoldi Anthony Cruz2011 to 2018
Victor CruzVictor Manuel Cruz1978 to 1983
Mike CubbageMichael Lee Cubbage1974 to 1981
Darwin CubillanDarwin Harrikson (Salom) Cubillan2000 to 2004
Al CuccinelloAlfred Edward Cuccinello1935 to 1935
Tony CuccinelloAnthony Francis Cuccinello1930 to 1945
Cookie CuccurulloArthur Joseph Cuccurullo1943 to 1945
Michael CuddyerMichael Brent Cuddyer2001 to 2015
Jim CudworthJames Alaric Cudworth1884 to 1884
Bobby CuellarRobert Cuellar1977 to 1977
Charlie CuellarJesus Patracis Cuellar1950 to 1950
Mike CuellarMiguel Angel (Santana) Cuellar1959 to 1977
Bert CuetoDagoberto (Concepcion) Cueto1961 to 1961
Johnny CuetoJohnny Cueto2008 to 2020
Manuel CuetoManuel (Melo) Cueto1917 to 1919
Noel CuevasNoel A. Cuevas2018 to 2019
William CuevasWilliam Enrique (Osorio) Cuevas2016 to 2018
John CuffJohn Patrick Cuff1884 to 1884
Charlie CulbersonCharles Edward Culberson2012 to 2020
Leon CulbersonDelbert Leon Culberson1943 to 1948
Jack CullenJohn Patrick Cullen1962 to 1966
John CullenJohn Joseph Cullen1884 to 1884
Tim CullenTimothy Leo Cullen1966 to 1972
Roy CullenbineRoy Joseph Cullenbine1938 to 1947
Dick CullerRichard Broadus Culler1936 to 1949
Nick CullopHenry Nicholas Cullop1926 to 1931
Nick CullopNorman Andrew Cullop1913 to 1921
Bud CullotonBernard Aloysius Culloton1925 to 1926
Wil CulmerWilfred Hillard Culmer1983 to 1983
Benny CulpBenjamin Baldy Culp1942 to 1944
Bill CulpWilliam Edward Culp1910 to 1910
Ray CulpRaymond Leonard Culp1963 to 1973
George CulverGeorge Raymond Culver1966 to 1974
John CumberlandJohn Sheldon Cumberland1968 to 1974
Candy CummingsWilliam Arthur Cummings1872 to 1877
Jack CummingsJohn William Cummings1926 to 1929
John CummingsJohn Russell Cummings1993 to 1997
Midre CummingsMidre Almeric Cummings1993 to 2005
Steve CummingsSteven Brent Cummings1989 to 1990
Brandon CumptonBrandon Tyler Cumpton2013 to 2018
Will CunnaneWilliam Joseph Cunnane1997 to 2004
Brandon CunniffBrandon Michael Cunniff2015 to 2016
Aaron CunninghamAaron R. Cunningham2008 to 2012
Bert CunninghamEllsworth Elmer Cunningham1887 to 1901
Bill CunninghamWilliam Aloysius Cunningham1921 to 1924
Bill CunninghamWilliam James Cunningham1910 to 1912
Bruce CunninghamBruce Lee Cunningham1929 to 1932
George CunninghamGeorge Harold Cunningham1916 to 1921
Joe CunninghamJoseph Robert Cunningham1954 to 1966
Mike CunninghamMody Cunningham1906 to 1906
Ray CunninghamRaymond Lee Cunningham1931 to 1932
Todd CunninghamThomas David Cunningham2013 to 2016
Nig CuppyGeorge Joseph Cuppy1892 to 1901
Doc CurleyWalter James Curley1899 to 1899
Sammy CurranSimon Francis Curran1902 to 1902
Pete CurrenPeter Curren1876 to 1876
Lafayette CurrenceDelancey Lafayette Currence1975 to 1975
Bill CurrieWilliam Cleveland Currie1955 to 1955
Clarence CurrieClarence Franklin Currie1902 to 1903
Murphy CurrieArchibald Murphy Currie1916 to 1916
Perry CurrinPerry Gilmore Currin1947 to 1947
George CurryGeorge James Curry1911 to 1911
Jim CurryJames L. Curry1909 to 1918
Steve CurryStephen Thomas Curry1988 to 1988
Tony CurryGeorge Anthony Curry1960 to 1966
Wes CurryWesley Curry1884 to 1884
Chad CurtisChad David Curtis1992 to 2001
Cliff CurtisClifton Garfield Curtis1909 to 1913
Colin CurtisColin Benedict Curtis2010 to 2010
Fred CurtisFrederick Marion Curtis1905 to 1905
Gene CurtisEugene Holmes Curtis1903 to 1903
Harry CurtisHarry Albert Curtis1907 to 1907
Jack CurtisJack Patrick Curtis1961 to 1963
Jermaine CurtisJermaine Antwann Curtis2013 to 2013
John CurtisJohn Duffield Curtis1970 to 1984
Vern CurtisVernon Eugene Curtis1943 to 1946
Zac CurtisZachary Aaron Curtis2016 to 2018
Jim CurtissErvin Duane Curtiss1891 to 1891
John CurtissJohn Pickens Curtiss2017 to 2020
Guy CurtrightGuy Paxton Curtright1943 to 1946
Ed CushmanEdgar Leander Cushman1883 to 1890
Harvey CushmanHarvey Barnes Cushman1902 to 1902
Andy CusickAndrew Daniel Cusick1884 to 1887
Jack CusickJohn Peter Cusick1951 to 1952
Jack CustJohn Joseph Cust2001 to 2011
Cheslor CuthbertCheslor Jesly Cuthbert2015 to 2020
Ned CuthbertEdgar Edward Cuthbert1871 to 1883
George CutshawGeorge William Cutshaw1912 to 1923
Kiki CuylerHazen Shirley Cuyler1921 to 1938
Milt CuylerMilton Cuyler1990 to 1998
Mike CvengrosMichael John Cvengros1922 to 1929
Al CypertAlfred Boyd Cypert1914 to 1914
Eric CyrEric Cyr2002 to 2002
Jim CzajkowskiJames Mark Czajkowski1994 to 1994
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