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Baseball Dope Player Index - O
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Players Beginning with O

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Mike O'BerryPreston Michael O'Berry1979 to 1985
O'BrienO'Brien1887 to 1887
Billy O'BrienWilliam Smith O'Brien1887 to 1890
Bob O'BrienRobert Allen O'Brien1971 to 1971
Buck O'BrienThomas Joseph O'Brien1911 to 1913
Charlie O'BrienCharles Hugh O'Brien1985 to 2000
Cinders O'BrienJohn F. O'Brien1888 to 1891
Dan O'BrienDaniel Joques O'Brien1978 to 1979
Darby O'BrienWilliam D. O'Brien1887 to 1892
Dink O'BrienFrank Aloysius O'Brien1923 to 1923
Eddie O'BrienEdward Joseph O'Brien1953 to 1958
George O'BrienGeorge Joseph O'Brien1915 to 1915
Jack O'BrienJohn K. O'Brien1882 to 1890
Jack O'BrienJohn Joseph O'Brien1899 to 1903
John O'BrienJohn Joseph O'Brien1891 to 1899
John O'BrienJohn E. O'Brien1884 to 1884
Johnny O'BrienJohn Thomas O'Brien1953 to 1959
Pete O'BrienPeter Michael O'Brien1982 to 1993
Pete O'BrienPeter J. O'Brien1901 to 1907
Pete O'BrienPeter James O'Brien1890 to 1890
Peter O'BrienPeter Robert O'Brien2015 to 2019
Ray O'BrienRaymond Joseph O'Brien1916 to 1916
Syd O'BrienSydney Lloyd O'Brien1969 to 1972
Tom O'BrienThomas H. O'Brien1882 to 1890
Tom O'BrienThomas J. O'Brien1897 to 1900
Tommy O'BrienThomas Edward O'Brien1943 to 1950
Danny O'ConnellDaniel Francis O'Connell1950 to 1962
Jimmy O'ConnellJames Joseph O'Connell1923 to 1924
John O'ConnellJohn Charles O'Connell1928 to 1929
John O'ConnellJohn Joseph O'Connell1891 to 1902
Pat O'ConnellPatrick H. O'Connell1886 to 1886
Andy O'ConnorAndrew James O'Connor1908 to 1908
Brian O'ConnorBrian Michael O'Connor2000 to 2000
Dan O'ConnorDaniel Cornelius O'Connor1890 to 1890
Frank O'ConnorFrank Henry O'Connor1893 to 1893
Jack O'ConnorJohn Joseph O'Connor1887 to 1910
Jack O'ConnorJack William O'Connor1981 to 1987
Johnny O'ConnorJohn Charles O'Connor1916 to 1916
Mike O'ConnorMichael Patrick O'Connor2006 to 2011
Paddy O'ConnorPatrick Francis O'Connor1908 to 1918
Darren O'DayDarren Christopher O'Day2008 to 2020
Hank O'DayHenry Francis O'Day1884 to 1889
Ken O'DeaJames Kenneth O'Dea1935 to 1946
Paul O'DeaPaul O'Dea1944 to 1945
Billy O'DellWilliam Oliver O'Dell1954 to 1967
George O'DonnellGeorge Dana O'Donnell1954 to 1954
Harry O'DonnellHarry Herman O'Donnell1927 to 1927
John O'DonnellJohn O'Donnell1884 to 1884
John O'DonoghueJohn Eugene O'Donoghue1963 to 1971
John O'DonoghueJohn Preston O'Donoghue1993 to 1993
Lefty O'DoulFrancis Joseph O'Doul1919 to 1934
Bob O'FarrellRobert Arthur O'Farrell1915 to 1935
Eric O'FlahertyEric George O'Flaherty2006 to 2017
Brian O'GradyBrian O'Grady2019 to 2020
Chris O'GradyChristopher Ryan O'Grady2017 to 2018
Hal O'HaganPatrick Henry O'Hagan1892 to 1902
Greg O'HalloranGregory Joseph O'Halloran1994 to 1994
Bill O'HaraWilliam Alexander O'Hara1909 to 1910
Kid O'HaraJames Francis O'Hara1904 to 1904
Tom O'HaraThomas Francis O'Hara1906 to 1907
Ryan O'HearnRyan Patrick O'Hearn2018 to 2020
Charley O'LearyCharles Timothy O'Leary1904 to 1934
Dan O'LearyDaniel O'Leary1879 to 1882
Troy O'LearyTroy Franklin O'Leary1993 to 2003
Ryan O'MalleyRyan Joseph O'Malley2006 to 2006
Shawn O'MalleyShawn Michael O'Malley2014 to 2016
Tom O'MalleyThomas Patrick O'Malley1982 to 1990
Ollie O'MaraOliver Edward O'Mara1912 to 1919
Tom O'MearaThomas Edward O'Meara1895 to 1896
O'Neal O'Neal1874 to 1874
Randy O'NealRandall Jeffrey O'Neal1984 to 1990
Skinny O'NealOran Herbert O'Neal1925 to 1927
Ed O'NeilEdward J. O'Neil1890 to 1890
John O'NeilJohn Francis O'Neil1946 to 1946
Mickey O'NeilGeorge Michael O'Neil1919 to 1927
O'Neill O'Neill1875 to 1875
Bill O'NeillWilliam John O'Neill1904 to 1906
Dennis O'NeillDennis O'Neill1893 to 1893
Emmett O'NeillRobert Emmett O'Neill1943 to 1946
Fred O'NeillFrederick James O'Neill1887 to 1887
Harry O'NeillHarry Mink O'Neill1939 to 1939
Harry O'NeillJoseph Henry O'Neill1922 to 1923
Jack O'NeillJohn Joseph O'Neill1902 to 1906
Jim O'NeillJames Leo O'Neill1920 to 1923
John O'NeillJohn J. O'Neill1899 to 1902
Mike O'NeillMichael Joyce O'Neill1901 to 1907
Paul O'NeillPaul Andrew O'Neill1985 to 2001
Peaches O'NeillPhilip Bernard O'Neill1904 to 1904
Steve O'NeillStephen Francis O'Neill1911 to 1928
Tip O'NeillJames Edward O'Neill1883 to 1892
Tyler O'NeillTyler Alan O'Neill2018 to 2020
Don O'RileyDonald Lee O'Riley1969 to 1970
O'RourkeO'Rourke1872 to 1872
Frank O'RourkeJames Francis O'Rourke1912 to 1931
Jim O'RourkeJames Henry O'Rourke1872 to 1904
Jim O'RourkeJames Patrick O'Rourke1959 to 1959
Joe O'RourkeJoseph Leo O'Rourke Jr.1929 to 1929
John O'RourkeJohn W. O'Rourke1879 to 1883
Mike O'RourkeMichael Joseph O'Rourke1890 to 1890
Patsy O'RourkeJoseph Leo Sr. O'Rourke1908 to 1908
Queenie O'RourkeJames Stephen O'Rourke1908 to 1908
Ryan O'RourkeRyan Patrick O'Rourke2015 to 2019
Tim O'RourkeTimothy Patrick O'Rourke1890 to 1894
Tom O'RourkeThomas Joseph O'Rourke1887 to 1890
Sean O'SullivanSean Daniel O'Sullivan2009 to 2016
Denny O'TooleDennis Joseph O'Toole1969 to 1973
Jim O'TooleJames Jerome O'Toole1958 to 1967
Marty O'TooleMartin James O'Toole1908 to 1914
Rebel OakesEnnis Telfair Oakes1909 to 1913
Trevor OaksTrevor Scott Oaks2018 to 2018
Prince OanaHenry Kawaihoa Oana1934 to 1945
Johnny OatesJohnny Lane Oates1970 to 1981
Sherman ObandoSherman Omar (Gainor) Obando1993 to 1997
Henry OberbeckHenry A. Oberbeck1883 to 1883
Scott ObergScott Michael Oberg2015 to 2019
Brett OberholtzerBrett R. Oberholtzer2013 to 2016
Ken OberkfellKenneth Ray Oberkfell1977 to 1992
Doc OberlanderHartman Louis Oberlander1888 to 1888
Frank OberlinFrank Rufus Oberlin1906 to 1910
Wes ObermuellerWesley Mitchell Obermueller2002 to 2007
Jim ObradovichJames Thomas Obradovich1978 to 1978
Alex OchoaAlex Ochoa1995 to 2002
Ivan OchoaIvan G. Ochoa2008 to 2008
Whitey OckHarold David Ock1935 to 1935
Walter OckeyWalter Andrew Ockey1944 to 1944
Ted OdenwaldTheodore Joseph Odenwald1921 to 1922
Dave OdomDavid Everett Odom1943 to 1943
Heinie OdomHerman Boyd Odom1925 to 1925
Joseph OdomJoseph Caleb Odom2020 to 2020
Rougned OdorRougned Roberto Odor2014 to 2020
Jake OdorizziJacob Odorizzi2012 to 2020
Fred OdwellFrederick William Odwell1904 to 1907
Bryan OelkersBryan Alois Oelkers1983 to 1986
Trent OeltjenTrent Carl Wayne Oeltjen2009 to 2011
Chuck OertelCharles Frank Oertel1958 to 1958
Joe OeschgerJoseph Carl Oeschger1914 to 1925
Ron OesterRonald John Oester1978 to 1990
Jose OffermanJose Antonio (Dono) Offerman1990 to 2005
Rowland OfficeRowland Johnie Office1972 to 1983
Alexi OgandoAlexi Ogando2010 to 2018
Nefi OgandoNefi Ismael Ogando2015 to 2016
Curly OgdenWarren Harvey Ogden1922 to 1926
Jack OgdenJohn Mahlon Ogden1918 to 1932
Chad OgeaChad Wayne Ogea1994 to 1999
Jim OglesbyJames Dorn Oglesby1936 to 1936
Ben OglivieBenjamin Ambrosio Oglivie1971 to 1986
Bruce OgrodowskiAmbrose Francis Ogrodowski1936 to 1937
Joe OgrodowskiJoseph Anthony Ogrodowski1925 to 1925
Sadaharu OhSadaharu Oh2016 to 2016
Seung-hwan OhSeung-hwan Oh2017 to 2019
Tomo OhkaTomokazu Ohka1999 to 2009
Joe OhlJoseph Earl Ohl1909 to 1909
Ross OhlendorfCurtis Ross Ohlendorf2007 to 2016
Mike OhlmanMichael Livingston Ohlman2017 to 2017
Will OhmanWilliam McDaniel Ohman2000 to 2012
Kevin OhmeKevin Arthur Ohme2003 to 2003
Shohei OhtaniShohei Ohtani2018 to 2020
Kirt OjalaKirt Stanley Ojala1997 to 1999
Augie OjedaOctavio Augie Ojeda2000 to 2010
Bob OjedaRobert Michael Ojeda1980 to 1994
Miguel OjedaMiguel Arturo Ojeda2003 to 2006
Hideki OkajimaHideki Okajima2007 to 2013
Steven OkertSteven Chandler Okert2016 to 2018
Frank OkrieFrank Anthony Okrie1920 to 1920
Len OkrieLeonard Joseph Okrie1948 to 1952
Jim OlanderJames Bentley Olander1991 to 1991
Dave OldfieldDavid Oldfield1883 to 1886
John OldhamJohn Hardin Oldham1956 to 1956
Red OldhamJohn Cyrus Oldham1914 to 1926
Bob OldisRobert Carl Oldis1953 to 1963
Rube OldringReuben Henry Oldring1905 to 1918
John OlerudJohn Garrett Olerud1989 to 2005
Frank OlinFranklin Walter Olin1884 to 1885
Steve OlinSteven Robert Olin1989 to 1992
Jared OlivaJared Cole Oliva2020 to 2020
Jose OlivaJose (Galvez) Oliva1994 to 1995
Tony OlivaTony Pedro Oliva1962 to 1976
Ed OlivaresEdward (Balzac) Olivares1960 to 1961
Edward OlivaresEdward Daniel Olivares2020 to 2020
Omar OlivaresOmar (Palqu) Olivares1990 to 2001
Al OliverAlbert Oliver1968 to 1985
Andrew OliverAndrew Allen Oliver2010 to 2011
Bob OliverRobert Lee Oliver1965 to 1975
Darren OliverDarren Christopher Oliver1993 to 2013
Dave OliverDavid Jacob Oliver1977 to 1977
Gene OliverEugene George Oliver1959 to 1969
Joe OliverJoseph Melton Oliver1989 to 2001
Nate OliverNathaniel Oliver1963 to 1969
Tom OliverThomas Noble Oliver1930 to 1933
Hector OliveraHector (Amaro) Olivera2015 to 2016
Francisco OliverasFrancisco Javier (Noa) Oliveras1989 to 1992
Lester OliverosLester Jesus Oliveros2011 to 2014
Chi-Chi OlivoFederico Emilio (Maldonado) Olivo1961 to 1966
Diomedes OlivoDiomedes Antonio (Maldonado) Olivo1960 to 1963
Miguel OlivoMiguel Eduardo (Pena) Olivo2002 to 2014
Jim OllomJames Donald Ollom1966 to 1967
Ray OlmedoRainer Gustavo Olmedo2003 to 2012
Luis OlmoLuis Francisco Olmo1943 to 1951
Edgar OlmosEdgar Olmos2013 to 2015
Fred OlmsteadFrederic William Olmstead1908 to 1911
Al OlmstedAlan Ray Olmsted1980 to 1980
Hank OlmstedHenry Theodore Olmsted1905 to 1905
Barney OlsenBernard Charles Olsen1941 to 1941
Kevin OlsenKevin Gary Olsen2001 to 2003
Ole OlsenArthur Ole Olsen1922 to 1923
Scott OlsenScott Matthew Olsen2005 to 2010
Vern OlsenVern Jarl Olsen1939 to 1946
Garrett OlsonGarrett Andrew Olson2007 to 2012
Greg OlsonGregory William Olson1989 to 1993
Gregg OlsonGreggory William Olson1988 to 2001
Ivy OlsonIvan Massie Olson1911 to 1924
Karl OlsonKarl Arthur Olson1951 to 1957
Marv OlsonMarvin Clement Olson1931 to 1933
Matt OlsonMatthew Kent Olson2016 to 2020
Ted OlsonTheodore Otto Olson1936 to 1938
Tim OlsonTimothy Lane Olson2004 to 2005
Tyler OlsonTyler Ray Olson2015 to 2019
Mike OltMichael George Olt2012 to 2015
Ed OlwineEdward R. Olwine1986 to 1988
Brian OmogrossoBrian Scott Omogrosso2012 to 2013
Jorge OnaJorge Luis Ona2020 to 2020
Logan OndrusekLogan J. Ondrusek2010 to 2016
Ralph OnisManuel Dominguez Onis1935 to 1935
Eddie OnslowEdward Joseph Onslow1912 to 1927
Jack OnslowJohn James Onslow1912 to 1917
Steve OntiverosSteven Ontiveros1985 to 2000
Steve OntiverosSteven Robert Ontiveros1973 to 1980
Jose OquendoJose Manuel (Contreras) Oquendo1983 to 1995
Mike OquistMichael Lee Oquist1993 to 1999
Tom OranThomas Oran1875 to 1875
Ernie OravetzErnest Eugene Oravetz1955 to 1956
Luis OrdazLuis Javier Ordaz1997 to 2006
Tony OrdenanaAntonio (Rodriguez) Ordenana1943 to 1943
Magglio OrdonezMagglio (Delgado) Ordonez1997 to 2011
Rey OrdonezReynaldo Ordonez1996 to 2004
Joe OrengoJoseph Charles Orengo1939 to 1945
Nate OrfNathan Orf2018 to 2020
Kevin OrieKevin Leonard Orie1997 to 2002
Paulo OrlandoPaulo Roberto Orlando2015 to 2018
George OrmeGeorge William Orme1920 to 1920
Jess OrndorffJesse Walworth Thayer Orndorff1907 to 1907
Eddie OropesaEdilberto Oropesa2001 to 2004
Jesse OroscoJesse Russell Orosco1979 to 2003
Billy OrrWilliam John Orr1913 to 1914
Dave OrrDavid L. Orr1883 to 1889
Pete OrrPeterson Thomas Gordon Orr2005 to 2013
Joe OrrellForrest Gordon Orrell1943 to 1945
Ernie OrsattiErnest Ralph Orsatti1927 to 1935
John OrsinoJohn Joseph Orsino1961 to 1967
Joe OrsulakJoseph Michael Orsulak1983 to 1997
Jorge OrtaJorge (Nunez) Orta1972 to 1987
Anthony OrtegaAnthony Yoel Ortega2009 to 2009
Bill OrtegaWilliam (Bobadilla) Ortega2001 to 2001
Jose OrtegaJose Antonio Ortega2012 to 2014
Phil OrtegaFilomeno Coronada Ortega1960 to 1969
Rafael OrtegaRafael Angel Ortega2012 to 2019
Frank OrtenzioFrank Joseph Ortenzio1973 to 1973
Al OrthAlbert Lewis Orth1895 to 1909
Baby OrtizOliverio (Nunez) Ortiz1944 to 1944
Danny OrtizDaniel Ortiz2017 to 2017
David OrtizDavid Americo (Arias) Ortiz1997 to 2016
Hector OrtizHector (Montanez) Ortiz1998 to 2002
Javier OrtizJavier Victor Ortiz1990 to 1991
Joe OrtizJoseph (Blanco) Ortiz2013 to 2013
Jose OrtizJose Luis (Irizarry) Ortiz1969 to 1971
Jose OrtizJose Daniel Ortiz2000 to 2002
Junior OrtizAdalberto (Colon) Ortiz1982 to 1994
Luis OrtizLuis Alberto (Galarza) Ortiz1993 to 1996
Luis OrtizLuis Francisco Ortiz2018 to 2019
Ramon OrtizRamon Diogenes (Ortiz) Ortiz1999 to 2013
Roberto OrtizRoberto Gonzalo (Nunez) Ortiz1941 to 1950
Russ OrtizRussell Reid Ortiz1998 to 2010
Dan OrtmeierDaniel David Ortmeier2005 to 2008
John OrtonJohn Andrew Orton1989 to 1993
Chad OrvellaChad Robert Orvella2005 to 2007
Ossie OrwollOswald Christian Orwoll1928 to 1929
Bob OsbornJohn Bode Osborn1925 to 1931
Fred OsbornWilferd Pearl Osborn1907 to 1909
Ozzie OsbornDanny Leon Osborn1975 to 1975
Bobo OsborneLawrence Sidney Osborne1957 to 1963
Donovan OsborneDonovan Alan Osborne1992 to 2004
Fred OsborneFrederick W. Osborne1890 to 1890
Tiny OsborneEarnest Preston Osborne1922 to 1925
Wayne OsborneWayne Harold Osborne1935 to 1936
Pat OsburnLarry Patrick Osburn1974 to 1975
Charlie OsgoodCharles Benjamin Osgood1944 to 1944
Josh OsichJoshua M. Osich2015 to 2020
Keith OsikKeith Richard Osik1996 to 2005
Dan OsinskiDaniel Osinski1962 to 1970
Franquelis OsoriaFranquelis Antonio Osoria2005 to 2008
Harry OstdiekHenry Girard Ostdiek1904 to 1908
Champ OsteenJames Champlin Osteen1903 to 1909
Claude OsteenClaude Wilson Osteen1957 to 1975
Darrell OsteenMilton Darrell Osteen1965 to 1970
Fred OstendorfFrederick K. Ostendorf1914 to 1914
Bill OsterWilliam Charles Oster1954 to 1954
Red OstergardRoy Lund Ostergard1921 to 1921
Charlie OsterhoutCharles H. Osterhout1879 to 1879
Fritz OstermuellerFrederick Raymond Ostermueller1934 to 1948
Jimmy OstingJames Michael Osting2001 to 2002
Brian OstrosserBrian Leonard Ostrosser1973 to 1973
Joe OstrowskiJoseph Paul Ostrowski1948 to 1952
Johnny OstrowskiJohn Thaddeus Ostrowski1943 to 1950
Al OsunaAlfonso Osuna1990 to 1996
Antonio OsunaAntonio Pedro Osuna1995 to 2005
Jose OsunaJose Gregorio Osuna2017 to 2020
Roberto OsunaRoberto (Quintero) Osuna2015 to 2020
Corey OswaltCorey Edward Oswalt2018 to 2020
Roy OswaltRoy Edward Oswalt2001 to 2013
Willis OtanezWillis Alexander Otanez1998 to 1999
Dan OteroDaniel Anthony Otero2012 to 2019
Reggie OteroRegino Jose (Gomez) Otero1945 to 1945
Ricky OteroRicardo (Figueroa) Otero1995 to 1997
Bill OteyWilliam Tilford Otey1907 to 1911
Amos OtisAmos Joseph Otis1967 to 1984
Bill OtisPaul Franklin Otis1912 to 1912
Harry OtisHarry George Otis1909 to 1909
Akinori OtsukaAkinori Otsuka2004 to 2007
Billy OttWilliam Joseph Ott1962 to 1964
Ed OttNathan Edward Ott1974 to 1981
Mel OttMelvin Thomas Ott1926 to 1947
Adam OttavinoAdam Robert Ottavino2010 to 2020
Jim OttenJames Edward Otten1974 to 1981
Joe OttenJohn G. Otten1895 to 1895
Billy OttersonWilliam John Otterson1887 to 1887
Dave OttoDavid Alan Otto1987 to 1994
Phil OuellettePhilip Roland Ouellette1986 to 1986
Johnny OulliberJohn Andrew Oulliber1933 to 1933
Chink OutenWilliam Austin Outen1933 to 1933
Jimmy OutlawJames Paulus Outlaw1937 to 1949
Josh OutmanJoshua S. Outman2008 to 2014
Orval OverallOrval Overall1905 to 1913
Lyle OverbayLyle Stefan Overbay2001 to 2014
Stubby OvermireFrank W. Overmire1943 to 1952
Dillon OvertonDillon Ray Overton2016 to 2017
Mike OveryHarry Michael Overy1976 to 1976
Johan OviedoJohan Oviedo2020 to 2020
Juan OviedoJuan Carlos Oviedo2005 to 2014
Ernie OvitzErnest Gayhart Ovitz1911 to 1911
Bob OwchinkoRobert Dennis Owchinko1976 to 1986
Dave OwenDave Owen1983 to 1988
Frank OwenFrank Malcolm Owen1901 to 1909
Larry OwenLawrence Thomas Owen1981 to 1988
Marv OwenMarvin James Owen1931 to 1940
Mickey OwenArnold Malcolm Owen1937 to 1954
Spike OwenSpike Dee Owen1983 to 1995
Eric OwensEric Blake Owens1995 to 2003
Henry OwensHenry Jay Owens2006 to 2007
Henry OwensHenry Cole Owens2015 to 2016
Jack OwensFurman Lee Owens1935 to 1935
Jayhawk OwensClaude Jayhawk Owens1993 to 1996
Jerry OwensJerry Lee Owens2006 to 2009
Jim OwensJames Philip Owens1955 to 1967
Red OwensThomas Llewellyn Owens1899 to 1905
Rudy OwensRudy C. Owens2014 to 2014
Yip OwensFrank Walter Owens1905 to 1909
Chris OwingsChristopher Scott Owings2013 to 2020
Micah OwingsMicah Burton Owings2007 to 2012
Rick OwnbeyRichard Wayne Ownbey1982 to 1986
Henry OxleyHenry Havelock Oxley1884 to 1884
Chris OxspringChris Andrew Oxspring2005 to 2005
Andy OylerAndrew Paul Oyler1902 to 1902
Ray OylerRaymond Francis Oyler1965 to 1970
Doc OzmerHorace Robert Ozmer1923 to 1923
Marcell OzunaMarcell (Idelfonso) Ozuna2013 to 2020
Pablo OzunaPablo Jose Ozuna2000 to 2008
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