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Baseball Dope Player Index - B
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Players Beginning with B

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Charlie BabbCharles Amos Babb1903 to 1905
Bob BabcockRobert Ernest Babcock1979 to 1981
Loren BabeLoren Rolland Babe1952 to 1953
Johnny BabichJohn Charles Babich1934 to 1941
Charlie BabingtonCharles Percy Babington1915 to 1915
Shooty BabittMack Neal Babitt1981 to 1981
Brandon BackeBrandon Allen Backe2002 to 2009
Les BackmanLester John Backman1909 to 1910
Wally BackmanWalter Wayne Backman1980 to 1993
Eddie BaconEdgar Suter Bacon1917 to 1917
Mike BacsikMichael Joseph Bacsik2001 to 2007
Mike BacsikMichael James Bacsik1975 to 1980
Dakota BacusDakota John Bacus2020 to 2020
Fred BaczewskiFrederic John Baczewski1953 to 1955
Burke BadenhopBurke Heinrich Badenhop2008 to 2015
Art BaderArthur Herman Bader1904 to 1904
Harrison BaderHarrison Joseph Bader2017 to 2020
King BaderLore Verne Bader1912 to 1918
Red BadgroMorris Hiram Badgro1929 to 1930
Ed BaechtEdward Joseph Baecht1926 to 1937
Cha Seung BaekCha Seung Baek2004 to 2008
Carlos BaergaCarlos Obed (Ortiz) Baerga1990 to 2005
Benito BaezBenito (Ceri) Baez2001 to 2001
Danys BaezDanys Baez2001 to 2011
Javier BaezEdnel Javier Baez2014 to 2020
Jose BaezJose Antonio Baez1977 to 1978
Kevin BaezKevin Richard Baez1990 to 1993
Michel BaezMichel Baez2019 to 2020
Pedro BaezPedro Alberys (De La Cruz) Baez2014 to 2020
Sandy BaezSandy Baez2018 to 2019
Jim BagbyJames Charles Jacob Bagby Sr.1912 to 1923
Jim BagbyJames Charles Jacob Bagby Jr.1938 to 1947
Ed BagleyEdward H. Bagley1884 to 1885
Gene BagleyEugene T. Bagley1886 to 1886
Bill BagwellWilliam Mallory Bagwell1923 to 1925
Jeff BagwellJeffrey Robert Bagwell1991 to 2005
Stan BahnsenStanley Raymond Bahnsen1966 to 1982
Ed BahrEdson Garfield Bahr1946 to 1947
Frank BahretFrank F. Bahret1884 to 1884
Grover BaichleyGrover Cleveland Baichley1914 to 1914
Scott BailesScott Alan Bailes1986 to 1998
Andrew BaileyAndrew Scott Bailey2009 to 2017
Bill BaileyWilliam F. Bailey1907 to 1922
Bill BaileyHarry Lewis Bailey1911 to 1911
Bob BaileyRobert Sherwood Bailey1962 to 1978
Brandon BaileyBrandon David Keith Bailey2020 to 2020
Cory BaileyPhilip Cory Bailey1993 to 2002
Ed BaileyLonas Edgar Bailey1953 to 1966
Fred BaileyFrederick Middleton Bailey1916 to 1918
Gene BaileyArthur Eugene Bailey1917 to 1924
Harvey BaileyHarvey Francis Bailey1899 to 1900
Homer BaileyDavid Dewitt Bailey2007 to 2020
Howard BaileyHoward Lee Bailey1981 to 1983
Jeff BaileyJeffrey Todd Bailey2007 to 2009
Jim BaileyJames Hopkins Bailey1959 to 1959
King BaileyLinwood C. Bailey1895 to 1895
Mark BaileyJohn Mark Bailey1984 to 1992
Roger BaileyCharles Roger Bailey1995 to 1997
Steve BaileySteven John Bailey1967 to 1968
Sweetbread BaileyAbraham Lincoln Bailey1919 to 1921
Bob BailorRobert Michael Bailor1975 to 1985
Loren BainHerbert Loren Bain1945 to 1945
Harold BainesHarold Douglas Baines1980 to 2001
Doug BairCharles Douglas Bair1976 to 1990
Al BairdAlbert Wells Baird1917 to 1919
Bob BairdRobert Allen Baird1962 to 1963
Doug BairdHoward Douglas Baird1915 to 1920
Jeff BaisleyJeffrey Scot Baisley2008 to 2008
Jeff BajenaruJeffrey Michael Bajenaru2004 to 2006
Jersey BakelyEdward Enoch Bakely1883 to 1891
Dave BakenhasterDavid Lee Bakenhaster1964 to 1964
Al BakerAlbert Jones Baker1938 to 1938
Bill BakerWilliam Presley Baker1940 to 1949
Bock BakerCharles Baker1901 to 1901
Charlie BakerCharles Arthur Baker1884 to 1884
Chuck BakerCharles Joseph Baker1978 to 1981
Dave BakerDavid Glenn Baker1982 to 1982
Del BakerDelmer David Baker1914 to 1916
Doug BakerDouglas Lee Baker1984 to 1990
Dusty BakerJohnnie B Baker1968 to 1986
Ernie BakerEarnest Gould Baker1905 to 1905
Floyd BakerFloyd Wilson Baker1943 to 1955
Frank BakerFrank Watts Baker1970 to 1974
Frank BakerFrank Baker1969 to 1971
Gene BakerEugene Walter Baker1953 to 1961
George BakerGeorge F. Baker1883 to 1886
Howard BakerHoward Francis Baker1912 to 1915
Jack BakerJack Edward Baker1976 to 1977
Jeff BakerJeffrey Glen Baker2005 to 2015
Jesse BakerJesse Baker1919 to 1919
Jesse BakerJesse Ormond Baker1911 to 1911
John BakerJohn David Baker2008 to 2014
Kirtley BakerKirtley Baker1890 to 1899
Neal BakerNeal Vernon Baker1927 to 1927
Norm BakerNorman Leslie Baker1883 to 1890
Phil BakerPhilip Baker1883 to 1886
Scott BakerScott Baker1995 to 1995
Scott BakerTimothy Scott Baker2005 to 2015
Steve BakerSteven Byrne Baker1978 to 1983
Tom BakerThomas Calvin Baker1935 to 1938
Tom BakerThomas Henry Baker1963 to 1963
Tracy BakerTrace Lee Baker1911 to 1911
Paul BakoGabor Paul Bako1998 to 2009
Mike BalasMitchell Francis Balas1938 to 1938
John BalazJohn Lawrence Balaz1974 to 1975
Steve BalboniStephen Charles Balboni1981 to 1993
Bobby BalcenaRobert Rudolph Balcena1956 to 1956
Rocco BaldelliRocco Dan Baldelli2003 to 2010
Jack BaldschunJack Edward Baldschun1961 to 1970
Billy BaldwinRobert Harvey Baldwin1975 to 1976
Dave BaldwinDavid George Baldwin1966 to 1973
Frank BaldwinFrank DeWitt Baldwin1953 to 1953
Harry BaldwinHoward Edward Baldwin1924 to 1925
Henry BaldwinHenry Clay Baldwin1927 to 1927
James BaldwinJames Baldwin1995 to 2005
Jeff BaldwinJeffrey Allen Baldwin1990 to 1990
Kid BaldwinClarence Geoghan Baldwin1885 to 1890
Lady BaldwinCharles B. Baldwin1885 to 1890
Mark BaldwinMarcus Elmore Baldwin1887 to 1893
Orson BaldwinOrson F. Baldwin1908 to 1908
Reggie BaldwinReginald Conrad Baldwin1978 to 1979
Rick BaldwinRickey Alan Baldwin1975 to 1977
John BaleJohn Robert Bale1999 to 2009
Mike BalentiMichael Richard Balenti1911 to 1913
Wladimir BalentienWladimir Ramon Balentien2007 to 2009
Lee BalesWesley Owen Bales1966 to 1967
Collin BalesterCollin T. Balester2008 to 2015
Grant BalfourGrant Robert Balfour2001 to 2015
Art BallArthur Ball1894 to 1898
Jeff BallJeffery D. Ball1998 to 1998
Jim BallJames Chandler Ball1907 to 1908
Neal BallCornelius Ball1907 to 1913
Jeff BallardJeffrey Scott Ballard1987 to 1994
Pelham BallengerPelham Ashby Ballenger1928 to 1928
Jay BallerJay Scott Baller1982 to 1992
Mark BallingerMark Alan Ballinger1971 to 1971
Win BallouNoble Winfred Ballou1925 to 1929
Tony BalsamoAnthony Fred Balsamo1962 to 1962
George BambergerGeorge Irvin Bamberger1951 to 1959
Hal BambergerHarold Earl Bamberger1948 to 1948
Studs BanckerJohn Bancker1875 to 1875
Dave BancroftDavid James Bancroft1915 to 1930
Anthony BandaFrank Anthony Banda2017 to 2020
Chris BandoChristopher Michael Bando1981 to 1989
Sal BandoSalvatore Leonard Bando1966 to 1981
Jett BandyJett Adam Bandy2015 to 2018
Eddie BaneEdward Norman Bane1973 to 1976
Dick BaneyRichard Lee Baney1969 to 1974
Jeff BanisterJeffery Todd Banister1991 to 1991
Dan BankheadDaniel Robert Bankhead1947 to 1951
Scott BankheadMichael Scott Bankhead1986 to 1995
Bill BanksWilliam John Banks1895 to 1896
Brian BanksBrian Glen Banks1996 to 2003
Ernie BanksErnest Banks1953 to 1971
George BanksGeorge Edward Banks1962 to 1966
Josh BanksJoshua Charles Banks2007 to 2010
Willie BanksWillie Anthony Banks1991 to 2002
Bill BankstonWilborn Everett Bankston1915 to 1915
Wes BankstonWesley Wade Bankston2008 to 2008
Jim BanningJames M. Banning1888 to 1889
Alan BannisterAlan Bannister1974 to 1985
Brian BannisterBrian P. Bannister2006 to 2010
Floyd BannisterFloyd Franklin Bannister1977 to 1992
Jimmy BannonJames Henry Bannon1893 to 1896
Tom BannonThomas Edward Bannon1895 to 1896
Jack BantaJackie Kay Banta1947 to 1950
Brandon BantzBrandon Bantz2013 to 2013
Manny BanuelosManuel Banuelos2015 to 2019
Travis BaptistTravis Steven Baptist1998 to 1998
Caleb BaragarCaleb Baragar2020 to 2020
Rod BarajasRodrigo Richard Barajas1999 to 2012
Walter BarbareWalter Lawrence Barbare1914 to 1922
Red BarbaryDonald Odell Barbary1943 to 1943
Johnny BarbatoJohn Edward Barbato2016 to 2018
Jap BarbeauWilliam Joseph Barbeau1905 to 1910
Dave BarbeeDavid Monroe Barbee1926 to 1932
Brian BarberBrian Scott Barber1995 to 1999
Charlie BarberCharles D. Barber1884 to 1884
Steve BarberStephen David Barber1960 to 1974
Steve BarberSteven Lee Barber1970 to 1971
Turner BarberTyrus Turner Barber1915 to 1923
Frank BarberichFrank Frederick Barberich1907 to 1910
Bret BarberieBret Edward Barberie1991 to 1996
Jim BarbieriJames Patrick Barbieri1966 to 1966
Lorenzo BarceloLorenzo Antonio Barcelo2000 to 2002
Curt BarclayCurtis Cordell Barclay1957 to 1959
George BarclayGeorge Oliver Barclay1902 to 1905
Daniel BardDaniel Paul Bard2009 to 2020
Josh BardJoshua David Bard2002 to 2011
Luke BardLuke Francis Bard2018 to 2020
Brian BardenBrian David Barden2007 to 2010
Ray BareRaymond Douglas Bare1972 to 1977
Jesse BarfieldJesse Lee Barfield1981 to 1992
John BarfieldJohn David Barfield1989 to 1991
Josh BarfieldJoshua LaRoy Barfield2006 to 2009
Clyde BarfootClyde Raymond Barfoot1922 to 1926
Greg BargarGreg Robert Bargar1983 to 1986
Cy BargerEros Bolivar Barger1906 to 1912
Brian BarkBrian Stuart Bark1995 to 1995
Al BarkerAlfred L. Barker1871 to 1871
Glen BarkerGlen F. Barker1999 to 2001
Kevin BarkerKevin Stewart Barker1999 to 2009
Len BarkerLeonard Harold Barker1976 to 1987
Ray BarkerRaymond Herrell Barker1960 to 1967
Richie BarkerRichard Frank Barker1999 to 1999
Sean BarkerSean Reed Barker2007 to 2007
Andy BarkettAndrew Jon Barkett2001 to 2001
Brian BarkleyBrian Edward Barkley1998 to 1998
Jeff BarkleyJeffrey Carver Barkley1984 to 1985
Red BarkleyJohn Duncan Barkley1937 to 1943
Sam BarkleySamuel E. Barkley1884 to 1889
Mike BarlowMichael Roswell Barlow1975 to 1981
Scott BarlowScott A. Barlow2018 to 2020
Tom BarlowThomas H. Barlow1872 to 1875
Bruce BarmesBruce Raymond Barmes1953 to 1953
Clint BarmesClint Harold Barmes2003 to 2015
Babe BarnaHerbert Paul Barna1937 to 1943
Charlie BarnabeCharles Edward Barnabe1927 to 1928
Austin BarnesAustin Scott Barnes2015 to 2020
Bill BarnesWilliam H. Barnes1884 to 1884
Bob BarnesRobert Avery Barnes1924 to 1924
Brandon BarnesBrandon Michael Barnes2012 to 2018
Brian BarnesBrian Keith Barnes1990 to 1994
Danny BarnesDaniel J. Barnes2016 to 2018
Eppie BarnesEverett Duane Barnes1923 to 1924
Frank BarnesFrank Barnes1957 to 1960
Frank BarnesFrank Samuel Barnes1929 to 1930
Honey BarnesJohn Francis Barnes1926 to 1926
Jacob BarnesJacob Andrew Barnes2016 to 2020
Jesse BarnesJesse Lawrence Barnes1915 to 1927
John BarnesJohn Delbert Barnes2000 to 2001
Junie BarnesJunie Shoaf Barnes1934 to 1934
Larry BarnesLarry Richard Barnes2001 to 2003
Lute BarnesLuther Owens Barnes1972 to 1973
Matt BarnesMatthew D. Barnes2014 to 2020
Red BarnesEmile Deering Barnes1927 to 1930
Rich BarnesRichard Monroe Barnes1982 to 1983
Ross BarnesCharles Roscoe Barnes1871 to 1881
Sam BarnesSamuel Thomas Barnes1921 to 1921
Scott BarnesScott Michael Barnes2012 to 2013
Skeeter BarnesWilliam Henry Barnes1983 to 1994
Virgil BarnesVirgil Jennings Barnes1919 to 1928
Jack BarnettJohn Jeirus Barnett1907 to 1907
Tony BarnetteAnthony Lee Barnette2016 to 2019
Darwin BarneyDarwin James Kunane Barney2010 to 2017
Ed BarneyEdmund J. Barney1915 to 1916
Rex BarneyRex Edward Barney1943 to 1950
Clyde BarnhartClyde Lee Barnhart1920 to 1928
Edgar BarnhartEdgar Vernon Barnhart1924 to 1924
Les BarnhartLeslie Earl Barnhart1928 to 1930
Tucker BarnhartTucker Jackson Barnhart2014 to 2020
Vic BarnhartVictor Dee Barnhart1944 to 1946
George BarnicleGeorge Bernard Barnicle1939 to 1941
Billy BarnieWilliam Harrison Barnie1874 to 1886
Ed BarnowskiEdward Anthony Barnowski1965 to 1966
Chris BarnwellChristopher Edward Barnwell2006 to 2006
Salome BarojasSalome (Romero) Barojas1982 to 1988
Steven BaronSteven Phillip Baron2015 to 2019
Daniel BaroneDaniel Edward Barone2007 to 2007
Dick BaroneRichard Anthony Barone1960 to 1960
Bob BarrRobert Alexander Barr1935 to 1935
Bob BarrRobert McClelland Barr1883 to 1891
Jim BarrJames Leland Barr1971 to 1983
Scotty BarrHyder Edward Barr1908 to 1909
Steve BarrSteven Charles Barr1974 to 1976
Kyle BarracloughKyle David Barraclough2015 to 2019
Cuno BarraganFacundo Anthony Barragan1961 to 1963
German BarrancaGerman (Costales) Barranca1979 to 1982
Tres BarreraFelipe Jesus Barrera2019 to 2019
Franklin BarretoFranklin Jose (Rojas) Barreto2017 to 2020
Aaron BarrettAaron James Barrett2014 to 2020
Bill BarrettWilliam Barrett1871 to 1873
Bill BarrettWilliam Joseph Barrett1921 to 1930
Bob BarrettRobert Schley Barrett1923 to 1929
Dick BarrettTracy Souter Barrett1933 to 1945
Frank BarrettFrancis Joseph Barrett1939 to 1950
Jake BarrettJake Dalton Barrett2016 to 2019
Jimmy BarrettJames Erigena Barrett1899 to 1908
John BarrettJohn Barrett1872 to 1872
Johnny BarrettJohn Joseph Barrett1942 to 1946
Marty BarrettMartin Glenn Barrett1982 to 1991
Marty BarrettMartin F. Barrett1884 to 1884
Michael BarrettMichael Patrick Barrett1998 to 2009
Red BarrettCharles Henry Barrett1937 to 1949
Tim BarrettTimothy Wayne Barrett1988 to 1988
Tom BarrettThomas Loren Barrett1988 to 1992
Jaime BarriaJaime Jonathan Barria2018 to 2020
Francisco BarriosFrancisco Javier (Jimenez) Barrios1974 to 1981
Jose BarriosJose Manuel Barrios1982 to 1982
Manuel BarriosManuel Antonio Barrios1997 to 1998
Yhonathan BarriosYhonathan (Blanco) Barrios2015 to 2015
Frank BarronFrank John Barron1914 to 1914
Red BarronDavid Irenus Barron1929 to 1929
Tony BarronAnthony Dirk Barron1996 to 1997
Cuke BarrowsRoland Barrows1909 to 1912
Frank BarrowsFranklin Lee Barrows1871 to 1871
Ed BarryEdward Barry1905 to 1907
Hardin BarryHardin Barry1912 to 1912
Jack BarryJohn Joseph Barry1908 to 1919
Jeff BarryJeffrey Finas Barry1995 to 1999
Kevin BarryKevin Thomas Barry2006 to 2007
Rich BarryRichard Donovan Barry1969 to 1969
Shad BarryJohn C. Barry1899 to 1908
Tom BarryThomas Arthur Barry1904 to 1904
Joey BartJoseph Andrew Bart2020 to 2020
Kimera BarteeKimera Anotchi Bartee1996 to 2001
Dick BartellRichard William Bartell1927 to 1946
Bob BarthelsonRobert Edward Barthelson1944 to 1944
Jimmy BarthmaierJames Richard Barthmaier2008 to 2008
John BartholdJohn Francis Barthold1904 to 1904
Les BartholomewLester Justin Bartholomew1928 to 1932
Tony BartiromeAnthony Joseph Bartirome1952 to 1952
Jason BartlettJason Alan Bartlett2004 to 2014
Bill BartleyWilliam Jackson Bartley1903 to 1907
Boyd BartleyBoyd Owen Bartley1943 to 1943
Irv BartlingHenry Irving Bartling1938 to 1938
Bob BartonRobert Wilbur Barton1965 to 1974
Brian BartonBrian Deon Barton2008 to 2009
Daric BartonDaric William Barton2007 to 2014
Harry BartonHarry Lamb Barton1905 to 1905
Shawn BartonShawn Edward Barton1992 to 1996
Vince BartonVincent David Barton1931 to 1932
Dave BartoschDavid Robert Bartosch1945 to 1945
Cliff BartoshClifford Paul Bartosh2004 to 2005
Charlie BartsonCharles Franklin Bartson1890 to 1890
Philip BarzillaPhilip Joseph Barzilla2006 to 2006
Luis Alexander BasabeLuis Alexander Basabe2020 to 2020
Chris BasakChristopher Joseph Basak2007 to 2007
Monty BasgallRomanus Basgall1948 to 1951
Al BashangAlbert C. Bashang1912 to 1918
Tyler BashlorTyler Morris Bashlor2018 to 2020
Walt BashoreWalter Franklin Bashore1936 to 1936
Eddie BasinskiEdwin Frank Basinski1944 to 1947
Jim BasketteJames Blaine Baskette1911 to 1913
Anthony BassAnthony E. Bass2011 to 2020
Brian BassBrian Michael Bass2008 to 2010
Dick BassRichard William Bass1939 to 1939
Doc BassWilliam Capers Bass1918 to 1918
John BassJohn Elias Bass1871 to 1877
Kevin BassKevin Charles Bass1982 to 1995
Norm BassNorman Delaney Bass1961 to 1963
Randy BassRandy William Bass1977 to 1982
Charley BassettCharles Edwin Bassett1884 to 1892
Chris BassittChris M. Bassitt2014 to 2020
Johnny BasslerJohn Landis Bassler1913 to 1927
Antonio BastardoAntonio Francisco Bastardo2009 to 2017
Charlie BastianCharles J. Bastian1885 to 1891
Emil BatchEmil Batch1904 to 1907
Joe BatchelderJoseph Edward Batchelder1923 to 1925
Rich BatchelorRichard Anthony Batchelor1993 to 1997
John BatemanJohn Alvin Bateman1963 to 1972
Aaron BatesAaron Bates2009 to 2009
Billy BatesWilliam Derrick Bates1989 to 1990
Bud BatesHubert Edgar Bates1939 to 1939
Charlie BatesCharles William Bates1927 to 1927
Del BatesDelbert Oakley Bates1970 to 1970
Dick BatesCharles Richard Bates1969 to 1969
Frank BatesCreed Napoleon Bates1898 to 1899
Jason BatesJason Charles Bates1995 to 1998
John BatesJohn William Bates1889 to 1889
Johnny BatesJohn William Bates1906 to 1914
Ray BatesRaymond Bates1913 to 1917
Bill BatheWilliam David Bathe1986 to 1990
Miguel BatistaMiguel Jerez (Decartes) Batista1992 to 2012
Rafael BatistaRafael (Sanchez) Batista1973 to 1975
Tony BatistaLeocadio Francisco Batista1996 to 2007
Kevin BatisteKevin Wade Batiste1989 to 1989
Kim BatisteKimothy Emil Batiste1991 to 1996
Bill BatschWilliam McKinley Batsch1916 to 1916
Larry BattamLawrence Battam1895 to 1895
George BattenGeorge Burnett Batten1912 to 1912
Earl BatteyEarl Jesse Battey1955 to 1967
Joe BattinJoseph V. Battin1871 to 1890
Allen BattleAllen Zelmo Battle1995 to 1996
Howard BattleHoward Dion Battle1995 to 1999
Jim BattleJames Milton Battle1927 to 1927
Chris BattonChristopher Sean Batton1976 to 1976
Matt BattsMatthew Daniel Batts1947 to 1956
Al BauerAlbert Bauer1884 to 1886
Hank BauerHenry Albert Bauer1948 to 1961
Lou BauerLouis Walter Bauer1918 to 1918
Rick BauerRichard Edward Bauer2001 to 2008
Trevor BauerTrevor Andrew Bauer2012 to 2020
Jake BauersJakob Christopher Bauers2018 to 2019
Russ BauersRussell Lee Bauers1936 to 1950
Justin BaughmanJustin Reis Baughman1998 to 2000
Buddy BaumannGeorge Charles Baumann2016 to 2018
Frank BaumannFrank Matt Baumann1955 to 1965
Paddy BaumannCharles John Baumann1911 to 1917
Jim BaumerJames Sloan Baumer1949 to 1961
George BaumgardnerGeorge Washington Baumgardner1912 to 1916
Ross BaumgartenRoss Baumgarten1978 to 1982
Harry BaumgartnerHarry E. Baumgartner1920 to 1920
John BaumgartnerJohn Edward Baumgartner1953 to 1953
Stan BaumgartnerStanwood Fulton Baumgartner1914 to 1926
Frank BaumholtzFrank Conrad Baumholtz1947 to 1957
George BausewineGeorge W. Bausewine1889 to 1889
Ed BautaEduardo (Galvez) Bauta1960 to 1964
Danny BautistaDaniel (Alcantara) Bautista1993 to 2004
Denny BautistaDenny M. (German) Bautista2004 to 2010
Gerson BautistaGerson Bautista2018 to 2019
Jose BautistaJose Joaquin (Arias) Bautista1988 to 1997
Jose BautistaJose Antonio Bautista2004 to 2018
Rafael BautistaRafael Darwing (Rodriguez) Bautista2017 to 2018
Jim BaxesDimitrios Speros Baxes1959 to 1959
Mike BaxesMichael Baxes1956 to 1958
Mike BaxterMichael Joseph Baxter2010 to 2015
Moose BaxterJohn Morris Baxter1907 to 1907
Harry BayHarry Elbert Bay1901 to 1908
Jason BayJason Raymond Bay2003 to 2013
Burley BayerChristopher Andy Bayer1899 to 1899
Dick BaylessHarry Owen Bayless1908 to 1908
Jonah BaylissJonah James Bayliss2005 to 2007
Don BaylorDon Edward Baylor1970 to 1988
Bill BayneWilliam Lear Bayne1919 to 1930
Yorman BazardoYorman Michael (Osorio) Bazardo2005 to 2009
Jack BeachStonewall Jackson Beach1884 to 1884
Brandon BeachyBrandon Alan Beachy2010 to 2015
Dave BeadleDavid A. Beadle1884 to 1884
Bob BeallRobert Brooks Beall1975 to 1980
Johnny BeallJohn Woolf Beall1913 to 1918
Walter BeallWalter Esau Beall1924 to 1929
Tommy BealsThomas L. Beals1871 to 1880
Alex BeamAlexander Roger Beam1889 to 1889
Ernie BeamErnest Joseph Beam1895 to 1895
T.J. BeamTheodore Lester Beam2006 to 2008
Charlie BeamonCharles Alfonzo Beamon Sr.1956 to 1958
Charlie BeamonCharles Alfonzo Beamon Jr.1978 to 1981
Trey BeamonClifford Beamon1996 to 1998
Belve BeanBeveric Benton Bean1930 to 1935
Bill BeanWilliam Daro Bean1987 to 1995
Colter BeanRandall Colter Bean2005 to 2007
Joe BeanJoseph William Bean1902 to 1902
Billy BeaneWilliam Lamar Beane1984 to 1989
Dave BeardCharles David Beard1980 to 1989
Mike BeardMichael Richard Beard1974 to 1977
Ollie BeardOliver Perry Beard1889 to 1891
Ralph BeardRalph William Beard1954 to 1954
Ted BeardCramer Theodore Beard1948 to 1958
Gene BeardenHenry Eugene Bearden1947 to 1953
Gary BeareGary Ray Beare1976 to 1977
Larry BearnarthLawrence Donald Bearnarth1963 to 1971
Kevin BearseKevin Gerard Bearse1990 to 1990
Chris BeasleyChristopher Charles Beasley1991 to 1991
Jeremy BeasleyJeremy Lonnie Beasley2020 to 2020
Lew BeasleyLewis Paige Beasley1977 to 1977
Ed BeatinEbenezer Ambrose Beatin1887 to 1891
Pedro BeatoPedro Beato2011 to 2017
Jim BeattieJames Louis Beattie1978 to 1986
Blaine BeattyGordon Blaine Beatty1989 to 1991
Desmond BeattyDesmond Aloysius Beatty1914 to 1914
Matt BeatyMatthew Thomas Beaty2019 to 2020
Jim BeauchampJames Edward Beauchamp1963 to 1973
Ginger BeaumontClarence Howeth Beaumont1899 to 1910
Blake BeavanBlake William Beavan2011 to 2014
Edward BeavensEdward P. Beavens1871 to 1872
Johnny BeazleyJohn Andrew Beazley1941 to 1949
Buck BecannonJames Melvin Becannon1884 to 1887
Steve BechlerSteven Scott Bechler2002 to 2002
George BechtelGeorge A. Bechtel1871 to 1876
Boom-Boom BeckWalter William Beck1924 to 1945
Chad BeckChad L. Beck2011 to 2012
Chris BeckChristopher Michael Beck2015 to 2018
Clyde BeckClyde Eugene Beck1926 to 1931
Erve BeckErvin Thomas Beck1899 to 1902
Frank BeckFrank J. Beck1884 to 1884
Fred BeckFrederick Thomas Beck1909 to 1911
George BeckErnest George Bernard Beck1914 to 1914
Rich BeckRichard Henry Beck1965 to 1965
Rod BeckRodney Roy Beck1991 to 2004
Zinn BeckZinn Bertram Beck1913 to 1918
Heinie BeckendorfHenry Ward Beckendorf1909 to 1910
Beals BeckerDavid Beals Becker1908 to 1915
Bob BeckerRobert Charles Becker1897 to 1898
Charlie BeckerCharles Schlagel Becker1911 to 1912
Heinz BeckerHeinz Reinhard Becker1943 to 1947
Joe BeckerJoseph Edward Becker1936 to 1937
Marty BeckerMartin Henry Becker1915 to 1915
Rich BeckerRichard Godhard Becker1993 to 2000
Glenn BeckertGlenn Alfred Beckert1965 to 1975
Josh BeckettJoshua Patrick Beckett2001 to 2014
Robbie BeckettRobert Joseph Beckett1996 to 1997
Gordon BeckhamJames Gordon Beckham2009 to 2019
Tim BeckhamTimothy Lamar Beckham2013 to 2019
Jake BeckleyJacob Peter Beckley1888 to 1907
Jim BeckmanJames Joseph Beckman1927 to 1928
Bill BeckmannWilliam Aloysius Beckmann1939 to 1942
Joe BeckwithThomas Joseph Beckwith1979 to 1986
Julio BecquerJulio (Villegas) Becquer1955 to 1963
Erik BedardErik Joseph Bedard2002 to 2014
Howie BedellHoward William Bedell1962 to 1968
Gene BedfordWilliam Eugene Bedford1925 to 1925
Phil BedgoodPhillip Burlette Bedgood1922 to 1923
Hugh BedientHugh Carpenter Bedient1912 to 1914
Andy BednarAndrew Jackson Bednar1930 to 1931
David BednarDavid Bednar2019 to 2020
Cam BedrosianCameron Rock Bedrosian2014 to 2020
Steve BedrosianStephen Wayne Bedrosian1981 to 1995
Fred BeebeFrederick Leonard Beebe1906 to 1916
Matt BeechLucas Matthew Beech1996 to 1998
Ed BeecherEdward Harry Beecher1887 to 1891
Roy BeecherLeroy Beecher1907 to 1908
Tyler BeedeTyler Joseph Beede2018 to 2019
Jalen BeeksJalen Christopher Beeks2018 to 2020
Dallas BeelerDallas James Beeler2014 to 2015
Jodie BeelerJoseph Sam Beeler1944 to 1944
Andy BeeneRamon Andrew Beene1983 to 1984
Fred BeeneFreddy Ray Beene1968 to 1975
Clarence BeersClarence Scott Beers1948 to 1948
Joe BeggsJoseph Stanley Beggs1938 to 1948
Jim BegleyJames Lawrence Begley1924 to 1924
Petie BehanCharles Frederick Behan1921 to 1923
Steve BehelStephen Arnold Douglas Behel1886 to 1886
Rick BehennaRichard Kipp Behenna1983 to 1985
Mel BehneyMelvin Brian Behney1970 to 1970
Hank BehrmanHenry Bernard Behrman1946 to 1949
Joe BeimelJoseph Ronald Beimel2001 to 2015
Kevin BeirneKevin Patrick Beirne2000 to 2002
Ollie BejmaAloysius Frank Bejma1934 to 1939
Mark BelangerMark Henry Belanger1965 to 1982
Wayne BelardiCarroll Wayne Belardi1950 to 1956
Kevin BelcherKevin Donnell Belcher1990 to 1990
Tim BelcherTimothy Wayne Belcher1987 to 2000
Ira BeldenIra Allison Belden1897 to 1897
Mike BelfioreMichael John Belfiore2013 to 2013
Stan BelindaStanley Peter Belinda1989 to 2000
Bo BelinskyRobert Belinsky1962 to 1970
Ronald BelisarioRonald J. Belisario2009 to 2015
Matt BelisleMatthew Thomas Belisle2003 to 2018
Todd BelitzTodd Stephen Belitz2000 to 2001
Jeff BeliveauJeffrey Ryan Beliveau2012 to 2018
Tim BelkTimothy William Belk1996 to 1996
Beau BellRoy Chester Bell1935 to 1941
Bill BellWilliam Samuel Bell1952 to 1955
Buddy BellDavid Gus Bell1972 to 1989
Chad BellChadwick Micah Bell2017 to 2018
Charlie BellCharles C. Bell1889 to 1891
David BellDavid Michael Bell1995 to 2006
Derek BellDerek Nathaniel Bell1991 to 2001
Eric BellEric Alvin Bell1985 to 1993
Fern BellFernando Jerome Lee Bell1939 to 1940
Frank BellFrank Gustav Bell1885 to 1885
Gary BellWilbur Gary Bell1958 to 1969
George BellGeorge Antonio (Mathey) Bell1981 to 1993
George BellGeorge Glenn Bell1907 to 1911
Gus BellDavid Russell Bell1950 to 1964
Heath BellHeath Justin Bell2004 to 2014
Hi BellHerman S. Bell1924 to 1934
Jay BellJay Stuart Bell1986 to 2003
Jerry BellJerry Houston Bell1971 to 1974
Josh BellJoshua L. Bell2010 to 2012
Josh BellJoshua Evan Bell2016 to 2020
Juan BellJuan (Mathey) Bell1989 to 1995
Kevin BellKevin Robert Bell1976 to 1982
Les BellLester Rowland Bell1923 to 1931
Mike BellMichael Allen Bell1990 to 1991
Mike BellMichael John Bell2000 to 2000
Ralph BellRalph Albert Bell1912 to 1912
Rob BellRobert Allen Bell2000 to 2007
Rudy BellJohn Bell1907 to 1907
Terry BellTerence William Bell1986 to 1987
Trevor BellTrevor D. Bell2009 to 2014
Zeke BellaJohn Bella1957 to 1959
Steve BellanEsteban Enrique Bellan1871 to 1873
Andrew BellattiAndrew James Bellatti2015 to 2015
Albert BelleAlbert Jojuan Belle1989 to 2000
Mark BellhornMark Christian Bellhorn1997 to 2007
Rafael BelliardRafael Leonidas (Matias) Belliard1982 to 1998
Ronnie BelliardRonald Belliard1998 to 2010
Clay BellingerClayton Daniel Bellinger1999 to 2002
Cody BellingerCody James Bellinger2017 to 2020
Jack BellmanJohn Hutchins Bellman1889 to 1889
Rob BelloirRobert Edward Belloir1975 to 1978
Edwin BellorinEdwin Daniel (Morales) Bellorin2007 to 2009
Vince BelnomeVincent Michael Belnome2014 to 2014
Duane BelowDuane Arthur Below2011 to 2013
Brandon BeltBrandon Kyle Belt2011 to 2020
Carlos BeltranCarlos Ivan Beltran1998 to 2017
Francis BeltranFrancis LeBron Beltran2002 to 2008
Rigo BeltranRigoberto Beltran1997 to 2004
Adrian BeltreAdrian (Perez) Beltre1998 to 2018
Engel BeltreEngel Manuel Beltre2013 to 2013
Esteban BeltreEsteban (Valera) Beltre1991 to 1996
Omar BeltreOmar Beltre2010 to 2010
Anthony BemboomAnthony John Bemboom2019 to 2020
Harry BemisHarry Parker Bemis1902 to 1910
Marvin BenardMarvin Larry Benard1995 to 2003
Freddie BenavidesAlfredo Benavides1991 to 1994
Johnny BenchJohnny Lee Bench1967 to 1983
Chief BenderCharles Albert Bender1903 to 1925
Art BenedictArthur Melville Benedict1883 to 1883
Bruce BenedictBruce Edwin Benedict1978 to 1989
Alan BenesAlan Paul Benes1995 to 2003
Andy BenesAndrew Charles Benes1989 to 2002
Joe BenesJoseph Anthony Benes1931 to 1931
Ray BengeRaymond Adelphia Benge1925 to 1938
Benny BengoughBernard Oliver Bengough1923 to 1932
Andrew BenintendiAndrew S. Benintendi2016 to 2020
Juan BeniquezJuan Jose (Torres) Beniquez1971 to 1988
Armando BenitezArmando German Benitez1994 to 2008
Yamil BenitezYamil Antonio Benitez1995 to 1998
Mike BenjaminMichael Paul Benjamin1989 to 2002
Stan BenjaminAlfred Stanley Benjamin1939 to 1945
Wes BenjaminWesley Scott Benjamin2020 to 2020
Henry BennHenry Omer Benn1914 to 1914
Ike BennersIsaac B. Benners1884 to 1884
Bugs BennettJoseph Harley Bennett1918 to 1921
Charlie BennettCharles Wesley Bennett1878 to 1893
Dave BennettDavid Hans Bennett1964 to 1964
Dennis BennettDennis John Bennett1962 to 1968
Erik BennettErik Hans Bennett1995 to 1996
Frank BennettFrancis Allen Bennett1927 to 1928
Fred BennettJames Fred Bennett1928 to 1931
Gary BennettGary David Bennett1995 to 2008
Herschel BennettHerschel Emmett Bennett1923 to 1927
Jeff BennettDavid Jeffrey Bennett2004 to 2009
Joe BennettJoseph Rosenblum Bennett1923 to 1923
Joel BennettJoel Todd Bennett1998 to 1999
Pug BennettJustin Titus Bennett1906 to 1907
Shayne BennettShayne Anthony Bennett1997 to 1999
Joaquin BenoitJoaquin Antonio (Pena) Benoit2001 to 2017
Allen BensonAllen Wilbert Benson1934 to 1934
Joe BensonWilliam Joseph Benson2011 to 2011
Kris BensonKristen James Benson1999 to 2010
Vern BensonVernon Adair Benson1943 to 1953
Cy BentleyClytus George Bentley1872 to 1872
Jack BentleyJack Needles Bentley1913 to 1927
Al BentonJohn Alton Benton1934 to 1952
Butch BentonAlfred Lee Benton1978 to 1985
Larry BentonLawrence James Benton1923 to 1935
Rabbit BentonStanley W. Benton1922 to 1922
Rube BentonJohn Cleave Benton1910 to 1925
Sid BentonSidney Wright Benton1922 to 1922
Chad BentzChad Robert Bentz2004 to 2005
Joe BenzJoseph Louis Benz1911 to 1919
Todd BenzingerTodd Eric Benzinger1987 to 1995
Johnny BerardinoJohn Berardino1939 to 1952
Lou BerberetLouis Joseph Berberet1954 to 1960
Jeff BerblingerJeffrey James Berblinger1997 to 1997
Jason BereJason Phillip Bere1993 to 2003
Juan BerenguerJuan Bautista Berenguer1978 to 1992
Bruce BerenyiBruce Michael Berenyi1980 to 1986
James BeresfordJames Richard Beresford2016 to 2016
Dave BergDavid Scott Berg1998 to 2004
Justin BergJustin Christopher Berg2009 to 2011
Moe BergMorris Berg1923 to 1939
Augie BergamoAugust Samuel Bergamo1944 to 1945
Bill BergenWilliam Aloysius Bergen1901 to 1911
Marty BergenMartin Bergen1896 to 1899
Travis BergenTravis Michael Bergen2019 to 2020
Boze BergerLouis William Berger1932 to 1939
Brandon BergerBrandon Charles Berger2001 to 2004
Clarence BergerClarence Edward Berger1914 to 1914
Heinie BergerCharles Carl Berger1907 to 1910
Joe BergerJoseph August Berger1913 to 1914
Johnny BergerJohn Henne Berger1922 to 1927
Tun BergerJohn Henry Berger1890 to 1892
Wally BergerWalter Anton Berger1930 to 1940
Peter BergeronPeter Francis Bergeron1999 to 2004
Brad BergesenBradley Steven Bergesen2009 to 2012
John BerghJohn Baptist Bergh1876 to 1880
Marty BerghammerMartin Andrew Berghammer1911 to 1914
Al BergmanAlfred Henry Bergman1916 to 1916
Christian BergmanChristian Stanford Bergman2014 to 2018
Dave BergmanDavid Bruce Bergman1975 to 1992
Dusty BergmanDustin Michael Bergman2004 to 2004
Sean BergmanSean Frederick Bergman1993 to 2000
Jason BergmannJason Chris Bergmann2005 to 2010
William BergollaWilliam Jose Bergolla2005 to 2005
Frank BerkelbachFrank Pierce Berkelbach1884 to 1884
Jason BerkenJason T. Berken2009 to 2012
Nate BerkenstockNathan Berkenstock1871 to 1871
Lance BerkmanWilliam Lance Berkman1999 to 2013
Jack BerlyJohn Chambers Berly1924 to 1933
Bob BermanRobert Leon Berman1918 to 1918
Roger BernadinaRogearvin A. Bernadina2008 to 2014
Victor BernalVictor Hugo Bernal1977 to 1977
Curt BernardCurtis Henry Bernard1900 to 1901
Dwight BernardDwight Vern Bernard1978 to 1982
Joe BernardJoseph Carl Bernard1909 to 1909
Tony BernazardAntonio (Garcia) Bernazard1979 to 1991
Adam BerneroAdam Gino Bernero2000 to 2006
Bill BernhardWilliam Henry Bernhard1899 to 1907
Juan BernhardtJuan Ramon (Coradin) Bernhardt1976 to 1979
Walter BernhardtWalter Jacob Bernhardt1918 to 1918
Carlos BernierCarlos (Rodriguez) Bernier1953 to 1953
Doug BernierDouglas Paul Bernier2008 to 2015
Johnny BeroJohn George Bero1948 to 1951
Dale BerraDale Anthony Berra1977 to 1987
Yogi BerraLawrence Peter Berra1946 to 1965
Dennis BerranDennis Martin Berran1912 to 1912
Ray BerresRaymond Frederick Berres1934 to 1945
Jose BerriosJose Orlando Berrios2016 to 2020
Angel BerroaAngel Maria (Selmo) Berroa2001 to 2009
Geronimo BerroaGeronimo Emiliano Letta Berroa1989 to 2000
Charlie BerryCharles Francis Berry1925 to 1938
Charlie BerryCharles Joseph Berry1884 to 1884
Claude BerryClaude Elzy Berry1904 to 1907
Joe BerryJoseph Howard Berry Sr.1902 to 1902
Joe BerryJoseph Howard Berry Jr.1921 to 1922
Joe BerryJonas Arthur Berry1942 to 1946
Ken BerryAllen Kent Berry1962 to 1975
Neil BerryCornelius John Berry1948 to 1954
Quintin BerryQuintin Lonell Berry2012 to 2017
Sean BerrySean Robert Berry1990 to 2000
Tom BerryThomas Haney Berry1871 to 1871
Damon BerryhillDamon Scott Berryhill1987 to 1997
Frank BertainaFrank Louis Bertaina1964 to 1970
Harry BerteHarry Thomas Berte1903 to 1903
Dick BertellRichard George Bertell1960 to 1967
Henry BerthrongHenry Washburn Berthrong1871 to 1871
Jon BertiJonathon David Berti2018 to 2020
Reno BertoiaReno Peter Bertoia1953 to 1962
Mike BertottiMichael David Bertotti1995 to 1997
Lefty BertrandRoman Mathias Bertrand1936 to 1936
Andres BerumenAndres Berumen1995 to 1996
Fred BesanaFrederick Cyril Besana1956 to 1956
Bob BescherRobert Henry Bescher1908 to 1918
Herman BesseHerman A. Besse1940 to 1946
Don BessentFred Donald Bessent1955 to 1958
Karl BestKarl Jon Best1983 to 1988
William BestickWilliam Bestick1872 to 1872
Jim BeswickJames William Beswick1978 to 1978
Dellin BetancesDellin Betances2011 to 2020
Rafael BetancourtRafael Jose Betancourt2003 to 2015
Yuniesky BetancourtYuniesky (Perez) Betancourt2005 to 2013
Frank BetcherFranklin Lyle Betcher1910 to 1910
Wilson BetemitWilson Betemit2001 to 2013
Christian BethancourtChristian Gabriel Bethancourt2013 to 2017
Bill BetheaWilliam Lamar Bethea1964 to 1964
Jim BethkeJames Charles Bethke1965 to 1965
Larry BettencourtLawrence Joseph Bettencourt1928 to 1932
Jeff BettendorfJeffrey Allen Bettendorf1984 to 1984
Chad BettisChad Robert Bettis2013 to 2019
Harry BettsHarold Matthew Betts1903 to 1913
Huck BettsWalter McKinley Betts1920 to 1935
Mookie BettsMarkus Lynn Betts2014 to 2020
Bruno BetzelChristian Frederick Albert John Henry David Betzel1914 to 1918
Kurt BevacquaKurt Anthony Bevacqua1971 to 1985
Hal BevanHarold Joseph Bevan1952 to 1961
Bill BevensFloyd Clifford Bevens1944 to 1947
Jason BeverlinJason Robert Beverlin2002 to 2002
Brian BevilBrian Scott Bevil1996 to 1998
Lou BevilLouis Eugene Bevil1942 to 1942
Ben BevilleClarence Benjamin Beville1901 to 1901
Monte BevilleHenry Monte Beville1903 to 1904
Joe BiaginiJoseph Carlo Biagini2016 to 2020
Buddy BiancalanaRoland Americo Biancalana1982 to 1987
Jeff BianchiJeffrey Thomas Bianchi2012 to 2015
Tommy BiancoThomas Anthony Bianco1975 to 1975
Hank BiasettiHenry Arcado Biasetti1949 to 1949
Jim BibbyJames Blair Bibby1972 to 1984
Austin Bibens-DirkxAustin M. Bibens-Dirkx2017 to 2018
Bo BichetteBo Joseph Bichette2019 to 2020
Dante BichetteAlphonse Dante Bichette1988 to 2001
Phil BickfordPhillip Roger Bickford2020 to 2020
Vern BickfordVernon Edgell Bickford1948 to 1954
Dan BickhamDaniel Denison Bickham1886 to 1886
Charlie BicknellCharles Stephen Bicknell1948 to 1949
Jesse BiddleJesse Thomas Biddle2018 to 2020
Rocky BiddleLee Francis Biddle2000 to 2004
Shane BieberShane Robert Bieber2018 to 2020
Ed BiecherEdward Biecher1897 to 1898
Brandon BielakBrandon Michael Bielak2020 to 2020
Oscar BielaskiOscar Bielaski1872 to 1876
Mike BieleckiMichael Joseph Bielecki1984 to 1997
Harry BiemillerHarry Lee Biemiller1920 to 1925
Lou BierbauerLouis W. Bierbauer1886 to 1898
Nick BierbrodtNicholas Raymond Bierbrodt2001 to 2004
Randor BierdRandor Bierd2008 to 2008
Charles BiermanCharles S. Bierman1871 to 1871
Steve BieserSteven Ray Bieser1997 to 1998
Carson BigbeeCarson Lee Bigbee1916 to 1926
Lyle BigbeeLyle Randolph Bigbee1920 to 1921
Larry BigbieLarry Robert Bigbie2001 to 2006
Elliott BigelowElliott Allardice Bigelow1929 to 1929
Cavan BiggioCavan Thomas Biggio2019 to 2020
Craig BiggioCraig Alan Biggio1988 to 2007
Charlie BiggsCharles Orval Biggs1932 to 1932
Ivan BiglerIvan Edward Bigler1917 to 1917
George BignellGeorge William Bignell1884 to 1884
Larry BiittnerLawrence David Biittner1970 to 1983
Dann BilardelloDann James Bilardello1983 to 1992
Jim BilbreyJames Melvin Bilbrey1949 to 1949
Emil BildilliEmil Bildilli1937 to 1941
Steve BilkoStephen Thomas Bilko1949 to 1962
Wild Bill LuhrsenWilliam Ferdinand Bill Luhrsen1913 to 1913
Wild Bill WidnerWilliam Waterfield Bill Widner1887 to 1891
Harry BilliardHarry Pree Billiard1908 to 1908
Jack BillinghamJohn Eugene Billingham1968 to 1980
Bruce BillingsBruce Billings2011 to 2014
Dick BillingsRichard Arlin Billings1968 to 1975
Josh BillingsHaskell Clark Billings1927 to 1929
Josh BillingsJohn Augustus Billings1913 to 1923
Brent BillingsleyBrett Aaron Billingsley1999 to 1999
Chad BillingsleyChad Ryan Billingsley2006 to 2015
George BinksGeorge Alvin Binks1944 to 1948
Steve BirasStephen Alexander Biras1944 to 1944
Jud BirchallAdoniram Judson Birchall1882 to 1884
Doug BirdJames Douglas Bird1973 to 1983
Frank BirdFrank Zephrin Bird1892 to 1892
George BirdGeorge Raymond Bird1871 to 1871
Gregory BirdGregory Paul Bird2015 to 2019
Kyle BirdRonald Kyle Bird2019 to 2019
Red BirdJames Edward Bird1921 to 1921
Dave BirdsallDavid Solomon Birdsall1871 to 1873
Mike BirkbeckMichael Lawrence Birkbeck1986 to 1995
Kurt BirkinsKurt Daniel Birkins2006 to 2008
Ralph BirkoferRalph Joseph Birkofer1933 to 1937
Joe BirminghamJoseph Leo Birmingham1906 to 1914
Babe BirrerWerner Joseph Birrer1955 to 1958
Tim BirtsasTimothy Dean Birtsas1985 to 1990
Frank BiscanFrank Stephen Biscan1942 to 1948
John BischoffJohn George Bischoff1925 to 1926
Joe BiseniusJoseph R. Bisenius2007 to 2010
Bill BishopWilliam Henry Bishop1921 to 1921
Bill BishopWilliam Robinson Bishop1886 to 1889
Braden BishopBraden Adam Bishop2019 to 2020
Charlie BishopCharles Tuller Bishop1952 to 1955
Frank BishopFrank H. Bishop1884 to 1884
Jim BishopJames Morton Bishop1923 to 1924
Lloyd BishopLloyd Clifton Bishop1914 to 1914
Max BishopMax Frederick Bishop1924 to 1935
Mike BishopMichael David Bishop1983 to 1983
Rivington BislandRivington Martin Bisland1912 to 1914
Del BissonetteDelphia Louis Bissonette1928 to 1933
Hi BithornHiram Gabriel (Sosa) Bithorn1942 to 1947
Joe BitkerJoseph Anthony Bitker1990 to 1991
Jeff BittigerJeffrey Scott Bittiger1986 to 1989
Red BittmannHenry Peter Bittmann1889 to 1889
Jim BivinJames Nathaniel Bivin1935 to 1935
Brian BixlerBrian Joseph Bixler2008 to 2012
George BjorkmanGeorge Anton Bjorkman1983 to 1983
Ty BlachTyson Michael Blach2016 to 2019
Bill BlackJohn William Black1924 to 1924
Bob BlackRobert Benjamin Black1884 to 1884
Bud BlackWilliam Carroll Black1952 to 1956
Buddy BlackHarry Ralston Black1981 to 1995
Dave BlackDavid Black1923 to 1923
Don BlackDonald Paul Black1943 to 1948
Joe BlackJoseph Black1952 to 1957
John BlackJohn Falconor Black1911 to 1911
Ray BlackRaymond Anthony Black2018 to 2020
Vic BlackVictor Laurence Black2013 to 2014
Ethan BlackabyEthan Allen Blackaby1962 to 1964
Charlie BlackburnFoster Edwin Blackburn1921 to 1921
Earl BlackburnEarl Stuart Blackburn1912 to 1917
George BlackburnGeorge W. Blackburn1897 to 1897
Jim BlackburnJames Ray Blackburn1948 to 1951
Nick BlackburnRobert Nicholas Blackburn2007 to 2012
Paul BlackburnPaul Cady Blackburn2017 to 2020
Ron BlackburnRonald Hamilton Blackburn1958 to 1959
Lena BlackburneRussell Aubrey Blackburne1910 to 1929
George BlackerbyGeorge Franklin Blackerby1928 to 1928
Travis BlackleyTravis Jarred Blackley2004 to 2013
Charlie BlackmonCharles Cobb Blackmon2011 to 2020
Ewell BlackwellEwell Blackwell1942 to 1955
Fred BlackwellFrederick William Blackwell1917 to 1919
Tim BlackwellTimothy P. Blackwell1974 to 1983
Ray BladesFrancis Raymond Blades1922 to 1932
Rick BladtRichard Alan Bladt1969 to 1975
George BlaeholderGeorge Franklin Blaeholder1925 to 1936
Rae BlaemireRae Bertrum Blaemire1941 to 1941
Aaron BlairAaron Daniel Blair2016 to 2017
Bill BlairWilliam Ellsworth Blair1888 to 1888
Buddy BlairLouis Nathan Blair1942 to 1942
Carson BlairCarson Reynolds Blair2015 to 2015
Dennis BlairDennis Herman Blair1974 to 1980
Footsie BlairClarence Vick Blair1929 to 1931
Paul BlairPaul L.D. Blair1964 to 1980
Walter BlairWalter Allen Blair1907 to 1911
Willie BlairWilliam Allen Blair1990 to 2001
Dick BlaisdellHoward Carleton Blaisdell1884 to 1884
Casey BlakeWilliam Casey Blake1999 to 2011
Ed BlakeEdward James Blake1951 to 1957
Harry BlakeHarry Cooper Blake1894 to 1899
Sheriff BlakeJohn Frederick Blake1920 to 1937
Linc BlakelyLincoln Howard Blakely1934 to 1934
Bob BlakistonRobert J. Blakiston1882 to 1884
Hank BlalockHank Joe Blalock2002 to 2010
Johnny BlanchardJohn Edwin Blanchard1955 to 1965
Al BlancheProsper Albert Blanche1935 to 1936
Andres BlancoAndres Eloy (Perez) Blanco2004 to 2017
Damaso BlancoDamaso (Caripe) Blanco1972 to 1974
Gil BlancoGilbert Henry Blanco1965 to 1966
Gregor BlancoGregor M. Blanco2008 to 2018
Henry BlancoHenry Ramon Blanco1997 to 2013
Ossie BlancoOswaldo Carlos (Diaz) Blanco1970 to 1974
Tony BlancoTony Hemiphere (Cabrera) Blanco2005 to 2005
Nate BlandNathan Garrett Bland2003 to 2003
Fred BlandingFrederick James Blanding1910 to 1914
Alex BlandinoAlessandre Blandino2018 to 2019
Coonie BlankFrank Ignatz Blank1909 to 1909
Fred BlankFrederick August Blank1894 to 1894
Matt BlankClarence Matthew Blank2000 to 2001
Travis BlankenhornTravis Allan Blankenhorn2020 to 2020
Cliff BlankenshipClifford Douglas Blankenship1905 to 1909
Homer BlankenshipHomer Blankenship1922 to 1928
Kevin BlankenshipKevin DeWayne Blankenship1988 to 1990
Lance BlankenshipLance Robert Blankenship1988 to 1993
Ted BlankenshipTheodore Blankenship1922 to 1930
Kyle BlanksKyle Nathaniel Blanks2009 to 2015
Larvell BlanksLarvell Blanks1972 to 1980
Cy BlantonDarrell Elijah Blanton1934 to 1942
Joe BlantonJoseph Matthew Blanton2004 to 2017
Jabari BlashJabari Jerell Blash2016 to 2018
Don BlasingameDon Lee Blasingame1955 to 1966
Wade BlasingameWade Allen Blasingame1963 to 1972
Steve BlassStephen Robert Blass1964 to 1974
Steve BlatericStephen Lawrence Blateric1971 to 1975
Johnny BlatnikJohn Louis Blatnik1948 to 1950
Buddy BlattnerRobert Garnett Blattner1942 to 1949
Jeff BlauserJeffrey Michael Blauser1987 to 1999
Henry BlauveltHenry Russell Blauvelt1890 to 1890
Bob BlaylockRobert Edward Blaylock1956 to 1959
Gary BlaylockGary Nelson Blaylock1959 to 1959
Marv BlaylockMarvin Edward Blaylock1950 to 1957
Michael BlazekMichael Robert Blazek2013 to 2019
Ron BlazierRonald Patrick Blazier1996 to 1997
Curt BlefaryCurtis Leroy Blefary1965 to 1972
Jeremy BleichJeremy Michael Bleich2018 to 2018
Richard BleierRichard Sidney Bleier2016 to 2020
Ray BlemkerRaymond Blemker1960 to 1960
Ike BlessittIsaiah Blessitt1972 to 1972
Clarence BlethenClarence Waldo Blethen1923 to 1929
Jerry BlevinsJerry Richard Blevins2007 to 2019
Bob BlewettRobert Lawrence Blewett1902 to 1902
Scott BlewettScott Thomas Blewett2020 to 2020
Ned BlighEdwin Forrest Bligh1886 to 1890
Elmer BlissElmer Ward Bliss1903 to 1904
Frank BlissFrank Eugene Bliss1878 to 1878
Jack BlissJohn Joseph Albert Bliss1908 to 1912
Bruno BlockJames John Block1907 to 1912
Cy BlockSeymour Block1942 to 1946
Terry BlockerTerry Fennell Blocker1985 to 1989
Wes BloggWesley Collins Blogg1883 to 1883
Ron BlombergRonald Mark Blomberg1969 to 1978
Ben BlomdahlBenjamin Earl Blomdahl1995 to 1995
Joe BlongJoseph Myles Blong1875 to 1877
Jimmy BloodworthJames Henry Bloodworth1937 to 1951
Bud BloomfieldClyde Stalcup Bloomfield1963 to 1964
Willie BloomquistWilliam Paul Bloomquist2002 to 2015
Greg BlosserGregory Brent Blosser1993 to 1994
Jack BlottJohn Leonard Blott1924 to 1924
Mike BlowersMichael Roy Blowers1989 to 1999
Bert BlueBird Wayne Blue1908 to 1908
Lu BlueLuzerne Atwell Blue1921 to 1933
Vida BlueVida Rochelle Blue1969 to 1986
Ossie BluegeOswald Louis Bluege1922 to 1939
Otto BluegeOtto Adam Bluege1932 to 1933
Jim BluejacketJames Bluejacket1916 to 1916
Red BluhmHarvey Fred Bluhm1918 to 1918
Geoff BlumGeoffrey Edward Blum1999 to 2012
Jaime BlumaJames Andrew Bluma1996 to 1996
Clint BlumeClinton Willis Blume1922 to 1923
Bert BlylevenRik Aalbert Blyleven1970 to 1992
Mike BlyzkaMichael John Blyzka1953 to 1954
Chet BoakChester Robert Boak1960 to 1961
Charlie BoardmanCharles Louis Boardman1913 to 1915
Frederick BoardmanFrederick Boardman1874 to 1874
Randy BobbMark Randall Bobb1968 to 1969
Hiram BocachicaHiram Colon Bocachica2000 to 2007
John BoccabellaJohn Dominic Boccabella1963 to 1974
Milt BocekMilton Francis Bocek1933 to 1934
Bruce BochteBruce Anton Bochte1974 to 1986
Doug BochtlerDouglas Eugene Bochtler1995 to 2000
Brett BochyBrett Bochy2014 to 2015
Bruce BochyBruce Douglas Bochy1978 to 1987
Eddie BockmanJoseph Edward Bockman1946 to 1949
Randy BockusRandy Walter Bockus1986 to 1989
Brian BocockBrian Bocock2008 to 2010
Mike BoddickerMichael James Boddicker1980 to 1993
Ping BodieFrank Stephen Bodie1911 to 1921
Tony BoeckelNorman Doxie Boeckel1917 to 1923
George BoehlerGeorge Henry Boehler1912 to 1926
Joe BoehlingJohn Joseph Boehling1912 to 1920
Len BoehmerLeonard Joseph Stephen Boehmer1967 to 1971
Brian BoehringerBrian Edward Boehringer1995 to 2004
Larry BoernerLawrence Hyer Boerner1932 to 1932
Brennan BoeschBrennan P. Boesch2010 to 2015
Joe BoeverJoseph Martin Boever1985 to 1996
Xander BogaertsXander Jan Bogaerts2013 to 2020
Tim BogarTimothy Paul Bogar1993 to 2001
John BogartJohn Renzie Bogart1920 to 1920
Terry BogenerTerry Wayne Bogener1982 to 1982
Brandon BoggsBrandon Kyle Boggs2008 to 2011
Mitchell BoggsMitchell Thomas Boggs2008 to 2013
Ray BoggsRaymond Joseph Boggs1928 to 1928
Tommy BoggsThomas Winton Boggs1976 to 1985
Wade BoggsWade Anthony Boggs1982 to 1999
Warren BogleWarren Frederick Bogle1968 to 1968
Brian BogusevicBrian Thomas Bogusevic2010 to 2015
Brian BohanonBrian Edward Bohanon1990 to 2001
Pat BohenLeo Ignatius Bohen1913 to 1914
Alec BohmAlec Daniel Bohm2020 to 2020
Charlie BohnCharles Bohn1882 to 1882
T.J. BohnThomas Joseph Bohn2006 to 2008
Sam BohneSamuel Arthur Bohne1916 to 1926
John BohnetJohn Kelly Bohnet1982 to 1982
Bruce BoisclairBruce Armand Boisclair1974 to 1979
Dan BoitanoDanny Jon Boitano1978 to 1982
Dick BokelmannRichard Werner Bokelmann1951 to 1953
Bob BokenRobert Anthony Boken1933 to 1934
Joe BokinaJoseph Bokina1936 to 1936
BolandBoland1875 to 1875
Bernie BolandBernard Anthony Boland1915 to 1921
Ed BolandEdward John Boland1934 to 1944
Ronald BolanosRonald Bolanos2019 to 2020
Charlie BoldCharles Dickens Bold1914 to 1914
Bill BoldenWilliam Horace Bolden1919 to 1919
Stew BolenStewart O'Neal Bolen1926 to 1932
Carl BolesCarl Theodore Boles1962 to 1962
Joe BoleyJohn Peter Boley1927 to 1932
Jim BolgerJames Cyril Bolger1950 to 1959
Frank BolickFrank Charles Bolick1993 to 1998
Bobby BolinBobby Donald Bolin1961 to 1973
Frank BollingFrank Elmore Bolling1954 to 1966
Jack BollingJohn Edward Bolling1939 to 1944
Milt BollingMilton Joseph Bolling1952 to 1958
Greg BolloGregory Gene Bollo1965 to 1966
Don BollwegDonald Raymond Bollweg1950 to 1955
Mike BolsingerMichael P. Bolsinger2014 to 2017
Skye BoltSkye Michael Bolt2019 to 2019
Cecil BoltonCecil Glenford Bolton1928 to 1928
Cliff BoltonWilliam Clifton Bolton1931 to 1941
Rod BoltonRodney Earl Bolton1993 to 1995
Tom BoltonThomas Edward Bolton1987 to 1994
Mark BombackMark Vincent Bomback1978 to 1982
Tommy BondThomas Henry Bond1874 to 1884
Walt BondWalter Franklin Bond1960 to 1967
Jeremy BondermanJeremy Allen Bonderman2003 to 2013
Barry BondsBarry Lamar Bonds1986 to 2007
Bobby BondsBobby Lee Bonds1968 to 1981
George BoneGeorge Drummond Bone1901 to 1901
Ricky BonesRicardo Ricky Bones1991 to 2001
Julio BonettiJulio Giacomo Bonetti1937 to 1940
Hank BoneyHenry Tate Boney1927 to 1927
Jung BongJung Keun Bong2002 to 2004
Nino BongiovanniAnthony Thomas Bongiovanni1938 to 1939
Bill BonhamWilliam Gordon Bonham1971 to 1980
Tiny BonhamErnest Edward Bonham1940 to 1949
Emilio BonifacioEmilio Jose Bonifacio2007 to 2020
Jorge BonifacioJorge Luis Bonifacio2017 to 2020
Joe BonikowskiJoseph Peter Bonikowski1962 to 1962
Bobby BonillaRoberto Martin Antonio Bonilla1986 to 2001
Juan BonillaJuan Guillermo (Urania) Bonilla1981 to 1987
Lisalverto BonillaLisalverto Bonilla2014 to 2017
Luther BoninErnest Luther Bonin1913 to 1913
Eddie BonineEddie Keith Bonine2008 to 2010
Barry BonnellRobert Barry Bonnell1977 to 1986
Bobby BonnerRobert Averill Bonner1980 to 1983
Frank BonnerFrank J. Bonner1894 to 1903
Bill BonnessWilliam John Bonness1944 to 1944
Gus BonoAdlai Wendell Bono1920 to 1920
Boof BonserBoof Bonser2006 to 2010
Zeke BonuraHenry John Bonura1934 to 1940
Everitt BooeEveritt Little Booe1913 to 1913
Buddy BookerRichard Lee Booker1966 to 1968
Chris BookerChristopher Scott Booker2005 to 2007
Greg BookerGregory Scott Booker1983 to 1990
Rod BookerRoderick Stewart Booker1987 to 1991
Al BoolAlbert Bool1928 to 1931
Red BoolesSeabron Jesse Booles1909 to 1909
Aaron BooneAaron John Boone1997 to 2009
Bob BooneRobert Raymond Boone1972 to 1990
Bret BooneBret Robert Boone1992 to 2005
Dan BooneJames Albert Boone1919 to 1923
Danny BooneDaniel Hugh Boone1981 to 1990
George BooneGeorge Morris Boone1891 to 1891
Ike BooneIsaac Morgan Boone1922 to 1932
Luke BooneLute Joseph Boone1913 to 1918
Ray BooneRaymond Otis Boone1948 to 1960
Chris BootcheckChristopher Brandon Bootcheck2003 to 2013
BoothBooth1875 to 1875
Amos BoothAmos Smith Booth1876 to 1882
Eddie BoothEdward H. Booth1872 to 1876
Josh BootyJoshua Gibson Booty1996 to 1998
John BoozerJohn Morgan Boozer1962 to 1969
Julio BorbonJulio Alberto Borbon2009 to 2016
Pedro BorbonPedro Felix (Marte) Borbon1992 to 2003
Pedro BorbonPedro (Rodriguez) Borbon1969 to 1980
Joe BorchardJoseph Edward Borchard2002 to 2007
George BorchersGeorge Bernard Borchers1888 to 1895
Frenchy BordagarayStanley George Bordagaray1934 to 1945
Joe BordenJoseph Emley Borden1875 to 1876
Pat BordersPatrick Lance Borders1988 to 2005
Rich BordiRichard Albert Bordi1980 to 1988
Mike BordickMichael Todd Bordick1990 to 2003
Bill BordleyWilliam Clarke Bordley1980 to 1980
Glenn BorgmannGlenn Dennis Borgmann1972 to 1980
Paul BorisPaul Stanley Boris1982 to 1982
Frank BorkFrank Bernard Bork1964 to 1964
Bob BorkowskiRobert Vilarian Borkowski1950 to 1955
Dave BorkowskiDavid Richard Borkowski1999 to 2008
Toby BorlandToby Shawn Borland1994 to 2004
Tom BorlandThomas Bruce Borland1960 to 1961
John BormannJohn William Bormann2017 to 2017
Red BoromEdward Jones Borom1944 to 1945
Steve BorosStephen Boros1957 to 1965
Joe BorowskiJoseph Thomas Borowski1995 to 2008
Hank BorowyHenry Ludwig Borowy1942 to 1951
Babe BortonWilliam Baker Borton1912 to 1916
Ryan BoruckiRyan Joseph Borucki2018 to 2020
J.C. BoscanJean Carlos Boscan2010 to 2013
Wilfredo BoscanWilfredo Jose (Fernandez) Boscan2016 to 2016
Don BoschDonald John Bosch1966 to 1969
Rick BosettiRichard Alan Bosetti1976 to 1982
Buddy BoshersJeffrey Alan Boshers2013 to 2019
Chris BosioChristopher Louis Bosio1986 to 1996
Shawn BoskieShawn Kealoha Boskie1990 to 1998
Thad BosleyThaddis Bosley1977 to 1990
Dick BosmanRichard Allen Bosman1966 to 1976
Harley BossElmer Harley Boss1928 to 1933
Mel BosserMelvin Edward Bosser1945 to 1945
Christopher BostickChristopher Michael Bostick2017 to 2018
Henry BostickHenry Landers Bostick1915 to 1915
Lyman BostockLyman Wesley Bostock1975 to 1978
Daryl BostonDaryl Lamont Boston1984 to 1994
Andy BoswellAndrew Cottrell Boswell1895 to 1895
Dave BoswellDavid Wilson Boswell1964 to 1971
Ken BoswellKenneth George Boswell1967 to 1977
David BoteDavid C. Bote2018 to 2020
Derek BotelhoDerek Wayne Botelho1982 to 1985
Ricky BottalicoRicky Paul Bottalico1994 to 2005
John BottariniJohn Charles Bottarini1937 to 1937
Kent BottenfieldKent Dennis Bottenfield1992 to 2001
Ralph BottingRalph Wayne Botting1979 to 1980
Jim BottomleyJames Leroy Bottomley1922 to 1937
Jason BottsJason Carl Botts2005 to 2008
Bob BotzRobert Allen Botz1962 to 1962
Ed BoucheeEdward Francis Bouchee1956 to 1962
Al BoucherAlexander Francis Boucher1914 to 1914
Denis BoucherDenis Boucher1991 to 1994
Medric BoucherMedric Charles Francis Boucher1914 to 1914
Lou BoudreauLouis Boudreau1938 to 1952
Carl BouldinCarl Edward Bouldin1961 to 1964
Jake BoultesJacob John Boultes1907 to 1909
Justin BourJustin James Bour2014 to 2019
Jason BourgeoisJason Jerrod Bourgeois2008 to 2015
Steve BourgeoisSteven James Bourgeois1996 to 1996
Chris BourjosChristopher Bourjos1980 to 1980
Peter BourjosPeter Christopher Bourjos2010 to 2019
Michael BournMichael Ray Bourn2006 to 2016
Rafael BournigalRafael Antonio (Pelletier) Bournigal1992 to 1999
James BourqueJames Buchanan Bourque2019 to 2020
Pat BourquePatrick Daniel Bourque1971 to 1974
Jim BoutonJames Alan Bouton1962 to 1978
Mike BoveeMichael Craig Bovee1997 to 1997
Larry BowaLawrence Robert Bowa1970 to 1985
Benny BowcockBenjamin James Bowcock1903 to 1903
Michael BowdenMichael Matthew Bowden2008 to 2013
Tim BowdenDavid Timon Bowden1914 to 1914
Chick BowenEmmons Joseph Bowen1919 to 1919
Cy BowenSutherland McCoy Bowen1896 to 1896
Rob BowenRobert McClure Bowen2003 to 2008
Ryan BowenRyan Eugene Bowen1991 to 1995
Sam BowenSamuel Thomas Bowen1977 to 1980
Sam BowensSamuel Edward Bowens1963 to 1969
Frank BowermanFrank Eugene Bowerman1895 to 1909
Billy BowersGrover Bill Bowers1949 to 1949
Brent BowersBrent Raymond Bowers1996 to 1996
Cedrick BowersCedrick Jerome Bowers2008 to 2010
Shane BowersShane Patrick Bowers1997 to 1997
Stew BowersStewart Cole Bowers1935 to 1937
Frank BowesFrank M. Bowes1890 to 1890
Jim BowieJames R. Bowie1994 to 1994
Micah BowieMicah Andrew Bowie1999 to 2008
John BowkerJohn B. Bowker2008 to 2011
Grant BowlerGrant Tierney Bowler1931 to 1932
Brian BowlesBrian Christopher Bowles2001 to 2003
Charlie BowlesCharles James Bowles1943 to 1945
Emmett BowlesEmmett Jerome Bowles1922 to 1922
Weldon BowlinLois Weldon Bowlin1967 to 1967
Steve BowlingStephen Shaddon Bowling1976 to 1977
Abe BowmanAlvah Edson Bowman1914 to 1915
Bill BowmanWilliam G. Bowman1891 to 1891
Bob BowmanRobert James Bowman1939 to 1942
Bob BowmanRobert Leroy Bowman1955 to 1959
Elmer BowmanElmari Wilhelm Bowman1920 to 1920
Ernie BowmanErnest Ferrell Bowman1961 to 1963
Joe BowmanJoseph Emil Bowman1932 to 1945
Matthew BowmanMatthew Chou Bowman2016 to 2019
Roger BowmanRoger Clinton Bowman1949 to 1955
Sumner BowmanSumner Sallade Bowman1890 to 1891
Red BowserJames Harvey Bowser1910 to 1910
Ted BowsfieldEdward Oliver Bowsfield1958 to 1964
Travis BowyerTravis Charlton Bowyer2005 to 2005
Brad BoxbergerBradley George Boxberger2012 to 2020
Bill BoydWilliam J. Boyd1872 to 1875
Bob BoydRobert Richard Boyd1951 to 1961
Frank BoydFrank Jay Boyd1893 to 1893
Gary BoydGary Lee Boyd1969 to 1969
Jake BoydJacob Henry Boyd1894 to 1896
Jason BoydJason Pernell Boyd1999 to 2004
Matt BoydMatthew Robert Boyd2015 to 2020
Ray BoydRaymond C. Boyd1910 to 1911
Blaine BoyerBlaine Thomas Boyer2005 to 2018
Clete BoyerCletis Leroy Boyer1955 to 1971
Cloyd BoyerCloyd Victor Boyer1949 to 1955
Ken BoyerKenton Lloyd Boyer1955 to 1969
Doe BoylandDorian Scott Boyland1978 to 1981
Buzz BoyleRalph Francis Boyle1929 to 1935
Eddie BoyleEdward J. Boyle1896 to 1896
Henry BoyleHenry J. Boyle1885 to 1889
Jack BoyleJohn Anthony Boyle1886 to 1898
Jack BoyleJohn Bellew Boyle1912 to 1912
Jim BoyleJames John Boyle1926 to 1926
Harry BoylesHarry Boyles1938 to 1939
Marshall BozeMarshall Wayne Boze1996 to 1996
Gene BrabenderEugene Mathew Brabender1966 to 1970
Brad BrachBrad Brach2011 to 2020
Silvino BrachoSilvino (Saavedra) Bracho2015 to 2020
Gibby BrackGilbert Herman Brack1937 to 1939
Jack BrackenJohn James Bracken1901 to 1901
John BrackenridgeJohn Givler Brackenridge1904 to 1904
Andrew BrackmanAndrew Warren Brackman2011 to 2011
Zach BraddockWilliam Zachary Braddock2010 to 2011
Dallas BradenDallas Lee Braden2007 to 2011
Don BradeyDonald Eugene Bradey1964 to 1964
Bill BradfordWilliam D Bradford1956 to 1956
Buddy BradfordCharles William Bradford1966 to 1976
Chad BradfordChadwick Lee Bradford1998 to 2009
Chasen BradfordChasen David Bradford2017 to 2019
Larry BradfordLarry Bradford1977 to 1981
Vic BradfordHenry Victor Bradford1943 to 1943
Al BradleyAlbert Joseph Bradley1884 to 1884
Archie BradleyArchie N. Bradley2015 to 2020
Bert BradleySteven Bert Bradley1983 to 1983
Bill BradleyWilliam Joseph Bradley1899 to 1910
Bobby BradleyBobby Bradley2019 to 2019
Foghorn BradleyGeorge H. Bradley1876 to 1876
Fred BradleyFred Langdon Bradley1948 to 1949
George BradleyGeorge Washington Bradley1875 to 1888
George BradleyGeorge Washington Bradley1946 to 1946
Herb BradleyHerbert Theodore Bradley1927 to 1929
Hugh BradleyHugh Frederick Bradley1910 to 1912
Jack BradleyJohn Thomas Bradley1916 to 1916
Jackie BradleyJackie, Jr. Bradley2013 to 2020
Jed BradleyJedidiah Custer Bradley2016 to 2016
Mark BradleyMark Allen Bradley1981 to 1983
Milton BradleyMilton Obelle Bradley2000 to 2011
Phil BradleyPhilip Poole Bradley1983 to 1990
Ryan BradleyRyan J. Bradley1998 to 1998
Scott BradleyScott William Bradley1984 to 1992
Tom BradleyThomas William Bradley1969 to 1975
Dallas BradshawDallas Carl Bradshaw1917 to 1917
George BradshawGeorge Thomas Bradshaw1952 to 1952
Joe BradshawJoe Siah Bradshaw1929 to 1929
Terry BradshawTerry Leon Bradshaw1995 to 1996
BradyBrady1875 to 1875
Bill BradyWilliam Aloysius Brady1912 to 1912
Bob BradyRobert Jay Brady1946 to 1947
Brian BradyBrian Phelan Brady1989 to 1989
Cliff BradyClifford Francis Brady1920 to 1920
Doug BradyStephen Douglas Brady1995 to 1995
Jim BradyJames Joseph Brady1956 to 1956
King BradyJames Ward Brady1905 to 1912
Michael BradyMichael James Brady2017 to 2017
Neal BradyCornelius Joseph Brady1915 to 1925
Steve BradyStephen A. Brady1874 to 1886
Bobby BraganRobert Randall Bragan1940 to 1948
Darren BraggDarren William Bragg1994 to 2004
Dick BragginsRichard Realf Braggins1901 to 1901
Glenn BraggsGlenn Erick Braggs1986 to 1992
Dave BrainDavid Leonard Brain1901 to 1908
Asa BrainardAsa Brainard1871 to 1874
Fred BrainardFrederick F. Brainard1914 to 1916
Al BraithwoodAlfred Braithwood1915 to 1915
Erv BrameErvin Beckham Brame1928 to 1932
Art BramhallArthur Washington Bramhall1935 to 1935
Ralph BrancaRalph Theodore Joseph Branca1944 to 1956
Al BrancatoAlbert Brancato1939 to 1945
Harvey BranchHarvey Alfred Branch1962 to 1962
Norm BranchNorman Downs Branch1941 to 1942
Roy BranchRoy Branch1979 to 1979
Ron BrandRonald George Brand1963 to 1971
Mark BrandenburgMark Clay Brandenburg1995 to 1997
Chick BrandomChester Milton Brandom1908 to 1909
Bucky BrandonDarrell G Brandon1966 to 1973
Bill BrandtWilliam George Brandt1941 to 1943
Ed BrandtEdward Arthur Brandt1928 to 1938
Jackie BrandtJohn George Brandt1956 to 1967
Otis BrannanOtis Owen Brannan1928 to 1929
Mike BrannockMichael J. Brannock1871 to 1875
Dud BranomEdgar Dudley Branom1927 to 1927
Kitty BransfieldWilliam Edward Bransfield1898 to 1911
Jeff BransonJeffery Glenn Branson1992 to 2001
Marshall BrantMarshall Lee Brant1980 to 1983
Cliff BrantleyClifford Brantley1991 to 1992
Jeff BrantleyJeffrey Hoke Brantley1988 to 2001
Michael BrantleyMichael Charles Brantley2009 to 2020
Mickey BrantleyMichael Charles Brantley1986 to 1989
Rob BrantlyRobert Jacob Brantly2012 to 2020
Russell BranyanRussell Oles Branyan1998 to 2011
Kitty BrashearNorman Cobb Brashear1899 to 1899
Roy BrashearRoy Parks Brashear1902 to 1903
Ryan BrasierRyan David Brasier2013 to 2020
Joe BratcherJoseph Warwick Bratcher1924 to 1924
Fred BratschiFrederick Oscar Bratschi1921 to 1927
Steven BraultSteven Joseph Brault2016 to 2020
John BraunJohn Paul Braun1964 to 1964
Ryan BraunRyan Zachary Braun2006 to 2007
Ryan BraunRyan Joseph Braun2007 to 2020
Steve BraunStephen Russell Braun1971 to 1985
Angel BravoAngel Alfonso (Urdaneta) Bravo1969 to 1971
Garland BraxtonEdgar Garland Braxton1921 to 1933
Bill BrayWilliam Paul Bray2006 to 2012
Buster BrayClarence Wilbur Bray1941 to 1941
Ben BraymerBenjamin Jon Braymer2020 to 2020
Craig BrazellCraig Walter Brazell2004 to 2007
Dewon BrazeltonDewon Cortez Brazelton2002 to 2006
Frank BrazillFrank Leo Brazill1921 to 1922
Al BrazleAlpha Eugene Brazle1943 to 1954
Yhency BrazobanYhency Jose Brazoban2004 to 2011
Leslie BreaLesli Guillermo Brea2000 to 2001
Sid BreamSidney Eugene Bream1983 to 1994
Jim BreazealeJames Leo Breazeale1969 to 1978
John BrebbiaJohn Fulboam Brebbia2017 to 2019
Harry BrecheenHarry David Brecheen1940 to 1953
Bill BreckinridgeWilliam Robertson Breckinridge1929 to 1929
Brent BredeBrent David Brede1996 to 1998
Danny BreedenDanny Richard Breeden1969 to 1971
Hal BreedenHarold Noel Breeden1971 to 1975
Marv BreedingMarvin Eugene Breeding1960 to 1963
Alex BregmanAlexander David Bregman2016 to 2020
Fred BreiningFred Lawrence Breining1980 to 1984
Alonzo BreitensteinAlonzo Breitenstein1883 to 1883
Ted BreitensteinTheodore P. Breitenstein1891 to 1901
Herb BremerHerbert Frederick Bremer1937 to 1939
Sam BreneganOlaf Selmar Brenegan1914 to 1914
Bob BrenlyRobert Earl Brenly1981 to 1989
Ad BrennanAddison Foster Brennan1910 to 1918
Brandon BrennanBrandon Sean Michael Brennan2019 to 2020
Don BrennanJames Donald Brennan1933 to 1937
Jack BrennanJack Brennan1885 to 1889
Tom BrennanThomas Martin Brennan1981 to 1985
William BrennanWilliam Raymond Brennan1988 to 1993
Jim BrennemanJames Leroy Brenneman1965 to 1965
Bert BrennerDelbert Henry Brenner1912 to 1912
Lynn BrentonLynn Davis Brenton1913 to 1921
Bryce BrentzBryce Everett Brentz2014 to 2016
Bill BrenzelWilliam Richard Brenzel1932 to 1935
Craig BreslowCraig Andrew Breslow2005 to 2017
Roger BresnahanRoger Philip Bresnahan1897 to 1915
Rube BresslerRaymond Bloom Bressler1914 to 1932
Eddie BressoudEdward Francis Bressoud1956 to 1967
Jim BretonJohn Frederick Breton1913 to 1915
Duke BrettHerbert James Brett1924 to 1925
George BrettGeorge Howard Brett1973 to 1993
Ken BrettKenneth Alven Brett1967 to 1981
Ryan BrettRyan Duane Brett2015 to 2015
Marv BreuerMarvin Howard Breuer1939 to 1943
Billy BrewerWilliam Robert Brewer1993 to 1999
Charles BrewerCharles Robert Brewer2013 to 2013
Colten BrewerColten B. Brewer2018 to 2020
Jack BrewerJack Herndon Brewer1944 to 1946
Jim BrewerJames Thomas Brewer1960 to 1976
Mike BrewerMichael Quinn Brewer1986 to 1986
Rod BrewerRodney Lee Brewer1990 to 1993
Tom BrewerThomas Austin Brewer1954 to 1961
Tony BrewerAnthony Bruce Brewer1984 to 1984
Jamie BrewingtonJamie Chancellor Brewington1995 to 2000
Charlie BrewsterCharles Lawrence Brewster1943 to 1946
Alan BriceAlan Healey Brice1961 to 1961
Austin BriceAustin Robert Brice2016 to 2020
Jose BricenoJose Briceno2018 to 2020
Fred BrickellGeorge Frederick Brickell1926 to 1933
Fritz BrickellFritz Darrell Brickell1958 to 1961
George BrickleyGeorge Vincent Brickley1913 to 1913
Ralph BricknerRalph Harold Brickner1952 to 1952
Jim BrideweserJames Ehrenfeld Brideweser1951 to 1957
Marshall BridgesMarshall Bridges1959 to 1965
Rocky BridgesEverett Lamar Bridges1951 to 1961
Tommy BridgesThomas Jefferson Davis Bridges1930 to 1946
Al BridwellAlbert Henry Bridwell1905 to 1913
Parker BridwellParker Alan Bridwell2016 to 2018
Bunny BriefAnthony Vincent Brief1912 to 1917
Buttons BriggsHerbert Theodore Briggs1896 to 1905
Charlie BriggsCharles R. Briggs1884 to 1884
Dan BriggsDan Lee Briggs1975 to 1982
Grant BriggsGrant Briggs1890 to 1895
John BriggsJohn Edward Briggs1964 to 1975
John BriggsJonathan Tift Briggs1956 to 1960
Jake BrighamJacob Daniel Brigham2015 to 2015
Jeff BrighamJeff John Brigham2018 to 2020
Harry BrightHarry James Bright1958 to 1965
Reid BrignacReid Michael Brignac2008 to 2016
Nelson BrilesNelson Kelley Briles1965 to 1978
Greg BrileyGregory Briley1988 to 1993
Frank BrillFrancis Hasbrouck Brill1884 to 1884
Jim BrillheartJames Benson Brillheart1922 to 1931
Brad BrinkBradford Albert Brink1992 to 1994
Bill BrinkerWilliam Hutchinson Brinker1912 to 1912
Chuck BrinkmanCharles Ernest Brinkman1969 to 1974
Ed BrinkmanEdwin Albert Brinkman1961 to 1975
Leon BrinkopfLeon Clarence Brinkopf1952 to 1952
Lewis BrinsonLewis Lamont Brinson2017 to 2020
Fatty BriodyCharles F. Briody1880 to 1888
John BriscoeJohn Eric Briscoe1991 to 1996
Lou BrissieLeland Victor Brissie1947 to 1953
George BristowGeorge T. Bristow1899 to 1899
Bernardo BritoBernardo (Perez) Brito1992 to 1995
Eude BritoEude Ezequiel Brito2005 to 2006
Jorge BritoJorge Manuel (Uceta) Brito1995 to 1996
Juan BritoJuan Ramon Brito2002 to 2004
Socrates BritoSocrates Orel Brito2015 to 2019
Tilson BritoTilson Manuel (Jiminez) Brito1996 to 1997
Jim BrittJames Edward Britt1872 to 1873
Gus BrittainAugust Schuster Brittain1937 to 1937
Jack BrittinJohn Albert Brittin1950 to 1951
Chris BrittonChristopher Daniel Britton2006 to 2008
Drake BrittonJohn Drake Britton2013 to 2014
Gil BrittonStephen Gilbert Britton1913 to 1913
Jim BrittonJames Allan Britton1967 to 1971
Zach BrittonZachary Grant Britton2011 to 2020
Tony BrizzolaraAnthony John Brizzolara1979 to 1984
Johnny BroacaJohn Joseph Broaca1934 to 1939
Lance BroadwayLance Daniel Broadway2007 to 2009
Michael BroadwayMichael Allen Broadway2015 to 2016
Pete BrobergPeter Sven Broberg1971 to 1978
Doug BrocailDouglas Keith Brocail1992 to 2009
Chris BrockTerrence Christopher Brock1997 to 2002
Greg BrockGregory Allen Brock1982 to 1991
John BrockJohn Roy Brock1917 to 1918
Lou BrockLouis Clark Brock1961 to 1979
Tarrik BrockTarrik Jumaan Brock2000 to 2000
Lew BrockettLewis Albert Brockett1907 to 1911
Brian BroderickBrian Michael Broderick2011 to 2011
Matt BroderickMatthew Thomas Broderick1903 to 1903
Steve BrodieWalter Scott Brodie1890 to 1902
Dick BrodowskiRichard Stanley Brodowski1952 to 1959
Connor BrogdonConnor Michael Brogdon2020 to 2020
Ernie BroglioErnest Gilbert Broglio1959 to 1966
Rico BrognaRico Joseph Brogna1992 to 2001
Jack BrohamerJohn Anthony Brohamer1972 to 1980
Troy BrohawnMichael Troy Brohawn2001 to 2003
Ken BrondellKenneth Leroy Brondell1944 to 1944
Jeff BronkeyJacob Jeffery Bronkey1993 to 1995
Herman BronkieHerman Charles Bronkie1910 to 1922
Jim BronstadJames Warren Bronstad1959 to 1964
Ike BrookensEdward Dwain Brookens1975 to 1975
Tom BrookensThomas Dale Brookens1979 to 1990
Aaron BrooksAaron Lee Brooks2014 to 2019
Bobby BrooksRobert Brooks1969 to 1973
Frank BrooksFrank J. Brooks2004 to 2005
Henry BrooksHenry Frank Brooks1886 to 1886
Hubie BrooksHubert Brooks1980 to 1994
Jerry BrooksJerome Edward Brooks1993 to 1996
Mandy BrooksJonathan Joseph Brooks1925 to 1926
Scott BrosiusScott David Brosius1991 to 2001
Sig BroskieSigmund Theodore Broskie1940 to 1940
Jim BrosnanJames Patrick Brosnan1954 to 1963
Terry BrossTerrance Paul Bross1991 to 1993
Frank BrosseauFranklin Lee Brosseau1969 to 1971
Mike BrosseauMichael Dillon Brosseau2019 to 2020
Rex BrothersRex Coleman Brothers2011 to 2020
Tony BrottemAnton Christian Brottem1916 to 1921
Cal BroughtonCecil Calvert Broughton1883 to 1888
Mark BrouhardMark Steven Brouhard1980 to 1985
Ben BroussardBenjamin Isaac Broussard2002 to 2008
Art BrouthersArthur Henry Brouthers1906 to 1906
Dan BrouthersDennis Joseph Brouthers1879 to 1904
Joe BroviaJoseph John Brovia1955 to 1955
Scott BrowScott John Brow1993 to 1998
Bob BrowerRobert Richard Brower1986 to 1989
Frank BrowerFrank Willard Brower1920 to 1924
Jim BrowerJames Robert Brower1999 to 2007
Louis BrowerLouis Lester Brower1931 to 1931
Adrian BrownAdrian Demond Brown1997 to 2006
Alton BrownAlton Leo Brown1951 to 1951
Andrew BrownAndrew Aaron Brown2006 to 2008
Andrew BrownAndrew Marshall Brown2011 to 2014
Bill BrownWilliam Verna Brown1912 to 1912
Boardwalk BrownCarroll William Brown1911 to 1915
Bob BrownRobert Murray Brown1930 to 1936
Bobby BrownRogers Lee Brown1979 to 1985
Bobby BrownRobert William Brown1946 to 1954
Brant BrownBrant Michael Brown1996 to 2000
Brooks BrownBrooks Steven Brown2014 to 2015
Buster BrownCharles Edward Brown1905 to 1913
Charlie BrownCharles Edward Brown1897 to 1897
Chris BrownJohn Christopher Brown1984 to 1989
Clint BrownClinton Harold Brown1928 to 1942
Corey BrownCorey Allen Brown2011 to 2014
Curly BrownCharles Roy Brown1911 to 1915
Curt BrownCurtis Steven Brown1983 to 1987
Curtis BrownCurtis Brown1973 to 1973
Darrell BrownDarrell Wayne Brown1981 to 1984
Dee BrownDermal Bram Brown1998 to 2007
Delos BrownDelos Hight Brown1914 to 1914
Dick BrownRichard Ernest Brown1957 to 1965
Domonic BrownDomonic Larun Brown2010 to 2015
Drummond BrownDrummond Nicol Brown1913 to 1913
Dusty BrownDustin William Brown2009 to 2011
Ed BrownEdward P. Brown1882 to 1884
Eddie BrownEdward William Brown1920 to 1928
Elmer BrownElmer Young Brown1911 to 1915
Emil BrownEmil Quincy Brown1997 to 2009
Fred BrownFred Herbert Brown1901 to 1902
Gary BrownGary Allen Brown2014 to 2014
Gates BrownWilliam James Brown1963 to 1975
Hal BrownHector Harold Brown1951 to 1964
Ike BrownIsaac Brown1969 to 1974
Jackie BrownJackie Gene Brown1970 to 1977
Jake BrownJerald Ray Brown1975 to 1975
Jamie BrownJamie Monroe Brown2004 to 2004
Jarvis BrownJarvis Ardel Brown1991 to 1995
Jeremy BrownJeremy Scott Brown2006 to 2006
Jim BrownJames W.H. Brown1884 to 1886
Jim BrownJames Donaldson Brown1915 to 1916
Jimmy BrownJames Robertson Brown1937 to 1946
Joe BrownJoseph E. Brown1884 to 1885
Joe BrownJoseph Henry Brown1927 to 1927
John BrownJohn J. Brown1897 to 1897
Jophrey BrownJophrey Clifford Brown1968 to 1968
Jordan BrownJordan Cassidy Brown2010 to 2013
Jumbo BrownWalter George Brown1925 to 1941
Keith BrownKeith Edward Brown1988 to 1992
Kevin BrownJames Kevin Brown1986 to 2005
Kevin BrownKevin Dewayne Brown1990 to 1992
Kevin BrownKevin Lee Brown1996 to 2002
Larry BrownLarry Leslie Brown1963 to 1974
Leon BrownLeon Brown1976 to 1976
Lew BrownLewis J. Brown1876 to 1883
Lindsay BrownJohn Lindsay Brown1937 to 1937
Lloyd BrownLloyd Andrew Brown1925 to 1940
Mace BrownMace Stanley Brown1935 to 1946
Mark BrownMark Anthony Brown1984 to 1985
Marty BrownMarty Leo Brown1988 to 1990
Matthew BrownMatthew Benjamin Brown2007 to 2008
Mike BrownMichael Charles Brown1983 to 1988
Mike BrownMichael Gary Brown1982 to 1987
Mordecai BrownMordecai Peter Centennial Brown1903 to 1916
Myrl BrownMyrl Lincoln Brown1922 to 1922
Norm BrownNorman Ladelle Brown1943 to 1946
Oliver BrownOliver Edward Brown1872 to 1875
Ollie BrownOllie Lee Brown1965 to 1977
Oscar BrownOscar Lee Brown1969 to 1973
Paul BrownPaul Dwayne Brown1961 to 1968
Randy BrownEdwin Randolph Brown1969 to 1970
Ray BrownPaul Percival Brown1909 to 1909
Robert BrownRobert Brown1874 to 1874
Roosevelt BrownRoosevelt Lawayne Brown1999 to 2002
Sam BrownSamuel Wakefield Brown1906 to 1907
Scott BrownScott Edward Brown1981 to 1981
Seth BrownSeth William Brown2019 to 2020
Steve BrownSteven Elbert Brown1983 to 1984
Stub BrownRichard P. Brown1893 to 1897
Tom BrownThomas William Brown1963 to 1963
Tom BrownThomas Tarlton Brown1882 to 1898
Tom BrownThomas Dale Brown1978 to 1978
Tommy BrownThomas Michael Brown1944 to 1953
Trevor BrownTrevor Michael Brown2015 to 2016
Walter BrownWalter Irving Brown1947 to 1947
Willard BrownWillard Jessie Brown1947 to 1947
William BrownWilliam M. Brown1887 to 1894
Byron BrowneByron Ellis Browne1965 to 1972
Earl BrowneEarl James Browne1935 to 1938
George BrowneGeorge Edward Browne1901 to 1912
Jerry BrowneJerome Austin Browne1986 to 1995
Pidge BrownePrentice Almont Browne1962 to 1962
Barret BrowningGary Barret Browning2012 to 2012
Cal BrowningCalvin Duane Browning1960 to 1960
Frank BrowningFrank Browning1910 to 1910
Pete BrowningLouis Rogers Browning1882 to 1894
Tom BrowningThomas Leo Browning1984 to 1995
Mark BrownsonMark Phillip Brownson1998 to 2000
Jonathan BroxtonJonathan Roy Broxton2005 to 2017
Keon BroxtonKeon Darell Broxton2015 to 2019
Bill BrubakerWilbur Lee Brubaker1932 to 1943
Bruce BrubakerBruce Ellsworth Brubaker1967 to 1970
JT BrubakerJonathan Trey Brubaker2020 to 2020
Bob BruceRobert James Bruce1959 to 1967
Jay BruceJay A. Bruce2008 to 2020
Lou BruceLouis R. Bruce1904 to 1904
Fred BruckbauerFrederick John Bruckbauer1961 to 1961
Earle BruckerEarle Francis Brucker Sr.1937 to 1943
Earle BruckerEarle Francis Brucker Jr.1948 to 1948
Andy BruckmillerAndrew Bruckmiller1905 to 1905
J.T. BruettJoseph Timothy Bruett1992 to 1993
Frank BruggyFrank Leo Bruggy1921 to 1925
Jaycob BrugmanJaycob Hull Brugman2017 to 2017
Mike BruhertMichael Edwin Bruhert1978 to 1978
Cliff BrumbaughClifford Michael Brumbaugh2001 to 2001
Jacob BrumfieldJacob Donnell Brumfield1992 to 1999
Duff BrumleyDuff Lechaun Brumley1994 to 1994
Mike BrumleyAnthony Michael Brumley1987 to 1995
Mike BrumleyTony Mike Brumley1964 to 1966
Glenn BrummerGlenn Edward Brummer1981 to 1985
Greg BrummettGregory Scott Brummett1993 to 1993
Tyson BrummettTyson Colby Brummett2012 to 2012
Tom BrunanskyThomas Andrew Brunansky1981 to 1994
Jack BrunerJack Raymond Bruner1949 to 1950
Roy BrunerWalter Roy Bruner1939 to 1941
George BrunetGeorge Stuart Brunet1956 to 1971
Justin BrunetteJustin Thomas Brunette2000 to 2000
Brian BruneyBrian Anthony Bruney2004 to 2012
Tom BrunoThomas Michael Bruno1976 to 1979
Arlo BrunsbergArlo Adolph Brunsberg1966 to 1966
Will BrunsonWilliam Donald Brunson1998 to 1999
Eric BruntlettEric Kevin Bruntlett2003 to 2009
Bob BrushRobert Brush1907 to 1907
Jim BruskeJames Scott Bruske1995 to 2000
Warren BrusstarWarren Scott Brusstar1977 to 1985
Bill BrutonWilliam Haron Bruton1953 to 1964
Ed BruyetteEdward T. Bruyette1901 to 1901
Billy BryanWilliam Ronald Bryan1961 to 1968
Clay BryantClaiborne Henry Bryant1935 to 1940
Derek BryantDerek Roszell Bryant1979 to 1979
Don BryantDonald Ray Bryant1966 to 1970
George BryantGeorge F. Bryant1885 to 1885
Kris BryantKristopher L. Bryant2015 to 2020
Ralph BryantRalph Wendell Bryant1985 to 1987
Ron BryantRonald Raymond Bryant1967 to 1975
T.R. BrydenThomas Ray Bryden1986 to 1986
Steve BryeStephen Robert Brye1970 to 1978
Tod BrynanCharles Ruley Brynan1888 to 1891
Jaime BubelaJaime Lee Bubela2005 to 2005
Kris BubicKristofer Bubic2020 to 2020
Hal BubserHarold Frederick Bubser1922 to 1922
Johnny BuchaJohn George Bucha1948 to 1953
Bob BuchananRobert Gordon Buchanan1985 to 1989
Brian BuchananBrian James Buchanan2000 to 2004
David BuchananDavid Andrew Buchanan2014 to 2015
Jake BuchananJake T. Buchanan2014 to 2017
Jim BuchananJames Forrest Buchanan1905 to 1905
Jerry BuchekGerald Peter Buchek1961 to 1968
Jim BucherJames Quinter Bucher1934 to 1945
Clay BuchholzClay Daniel Buchholz2007 to 2019
Taylor BuchholzTaylor Buchholz2006 to 2011
Ryan BuchterRyan J. Buchter2014 to 2020
John BuckJohnathan Richard Buck2004 to 2014
Travis BuckTravis George Buck2007 to 2012
Gary BuckelsGary Scott Buckels1994 to 1994
Garland BuckeyeGarland Maires Buckeye1918 to 1928
Fred BuckinghamFrederick Bristol Buckingham1895 to 1895
Jess BucklesJesse Robert Buckles1916 to 1916
Dick BuckleyRichard D. Buckley1888 to 1895
John BuckleyJohn Edward Buckley1890 to 1890
Kevin BuckleyKevin John Buckley1984 to 1984
Bill BucknerWilliam Joseph Buckner1969 to 1990
Billy BucknerWilliam Jennings Buckner2007 to 2014
Mark BudaskaMark David Budaska1978 to 1981
BuddBudd1890 to 1890
Ryan BuddeRyan Dean Budde2007 to 2010
Mike BuddieMichael Joseph Buddie1998 to 2002
Don BuddinDonald Thomas Buddin1956 to 1962
Mike BudnickMichael Joe Budnick1946 to 1947
Mark BudzinskiMark Joseph Budzinski2003 to 2003
Steve BuecheleSteven Bernard Buechele1985 to 1995
Walker BuehlerWalker Anthony Buehler2017 to 2020
Mark BuehrleMark Alan Buehrle2000 to 2015
Charlie BuelowCharles John Buelow1901 to 1901
Fritz BuelowFrederick William Alexander Buelow1899 to 1907
Francisley BuenoFrancisley Trueba Bueno2008 to 2014
Jay BuenteJay Phillip Buente2010 to 2011
Art BuesArthur Frederick Bues1913 to 1914
Charlie BuffintonCharles G. Buffinton1882 to 1892
Damon BufordDamon Jackson Buford1993 to 2001
Don BufordDonald Alvin Buford1963 to 1972
Bob BuhlRobert Ray Buhl1953 to 1967
Jay BuhnerJay Campbell Buhner1987 to 2001
DeWayne BuiceDeWayne Allison Buice1987 to 1989
Cy BukerCyril Owen Buker1945 to 1945
Henry BukerHenry L. Buker1884 to 1884
Ryan BukvichRyan Adrien Bukvich2002 to 2008
Jason BulgerJason Patrick Bulger2005 to 2011
George BullardGeorge Donald Bullard1954 to 1954
Sim BullasSimeon Edward Bullas1884 to 1884
Scott BullettScott Douglas Bullett1991 to 1996
Bud BullingTerry Charles Bulling1977 to 1983
Jim BullingerJames Eric Bullinger1992 to 1998
Kirk BullingerKirk Matthew Bullinger1998 to 2004
Bryan BullingtonBryan Paul Bullington2005 to 2010
Eric BullockEric Gerald Bullock1985 to 1992
Red BullockMalton Joseph Bullock1936 to 1936
Al BumbryAlonza Benjamin Bumbry1972 to 1985
Madison BumgarnerMadison K. Bumgarner2009 to 2020
Aaron BummerAaron James Bummer2017 to 2020
Nate BumpNathan Louis Bump2003 to 2005
Josh BunceJoshua Bunce1877 to 1877
Melvin BunchMelvin Lynn Bunch1995 to 1999
Dylan BundyDylan Matthew Bundy2012 to 2020
Wally BunkerWallace Edward Bunker1963 to 1971
Jim BunningJames Paul David Bunning1955 to 1971
Danny BurawaDaniel James Burawa2015 to 2015
Dave BurbaDavid Allen Burba1990 to 2004
Bill BurbachWilliam David Burbach1969 to 1971
Nelson BurbrinkNelson Edward Burbrink1955 to 1955
Al BurchAlbert William Burch1906 to 1911
Ernie BurchErnest A. Burch1884 to 1887
Larry BurchartLarry Wayne Burchart1969 to 1969
Fred BurchellFrederick Duff Burchell1903 to 1909
Bob BurdaEdward Robert Burda1962 to 1972
Freddie BurdetteFreddie Thomason Burdette1962 to 1964
Lew BurdetteSelva Lewis Burdette1950 to 1967
Nick BurdiNicholas Edward Burdi2018 to 2020
Zack BurdiZachary M. Burdi2020 to 2020
Bill BurdickWilliam Byron Burdick1888 to 1889
Jack BurdockJohn Joseph Burdock1872 to 1891
Joe BurgJoseph Peter Burg1910 to 1910
Smoky BurgessForrest Harrill Burgess1949 to 1967
Tom BurgessThomas Roland Burgess1954 to 1962
Tom BurgmeierThomas Henry Burgmeier1968 to 1984
Bill BurgoWilliam Ross Burgo1943 to 1944
Ambiorix BurgosAmbiorix Burgos2005 to 2007
Enrique BurgosEnrique (Calles) Burgos1993 to 1995
Enrique BurgosEnrique (Arosemena) Burgos2015 to 2016
Hiram BurgosHiram Alexis Burgos2013 to 2013
Bill BurichWilliam Max Burich1942 to 1946
Mack BurkMack Edwin Burk1956 to 1958
Sandy BurkCharles Sanford Burk1910 to 1913
Chauncey BurkamChauncey DePew Burkam1915 to 1915
Elmer BurkartElmer Robert Burkart1936 to 1939
Billy BurkeWilliam Ignatius Burke1910 to 1911
Bobby BurkeRobert James Burke1927 to 1937
Brock BurkeBrock Burke2019 to 2019
Chris BurkeChristopher Allen Burke2004 to 2009
Dan BurkeDaniel L. Burke1890 to 1892
Eddie BurkeEdward D. Burke1890 to 1897
Frank BurkeFrank Aloysius Burke1906 to 1907
Glenn BurkeGlenn Lawrence Burke1976 to 1979
Greg BurkeGregory Francis Burke2009 to 2013
James BurkeJames Burke1882 to 1883
Jamie BurkeJames Eugene Burke2001 to 2010
Jimmy BurkeJames Timothy Burke1898 to 1905
Joe BurkeJoseph Aloysius Burke1890 to 1891
John BurkeJohn Patrick Burke1902 to 1902
John BurkeJohn C. Burke1996 to 1997
Leo BurkeLeo Patrick Burke1958 to 1965
Les BurkeLeslie Kingston Burke1923 to 1926
Mike BurkeMichael E. Burke1879 to 1879
Pat BurkePatrick Edward Burke1924 to 1924
Steve BurkeSteven Michael Burke1977 to 1978
Tim BurkeTimothy Philip Burke1985 to 1992
William BurkeWilliam R. Burke1887 to 1887
Jesse BurkettJesse Cail Burkett1890 to 1905
John BurkettJohn David Burkett1987 to 2003
Ken BurkhartKenneth William Burkhart1945 to 1949
Morgan BurkhartMorgan Burkhart2000 to 2003
Ellis BurksEllis Rena Burks1987 to 2004
Rick BurlesonRichard Paul Burleson1974 to 1987
Corbin BurnesCorbin Brian Burnes2018 to 2020
A.J. BurnettAllan James Burnett1999 to 2015
Alex BurnettAlex James Burnett2010 to 2013
Hercules BurnettHercules H. Burnett1888 to 1895
Johnny BurnettJohn Henderson Burnett1927 to 1935
Sean BurnettSean Richard Burnett2004 to 2016
Wally BurnetteWallace Harper Burnette1956 to 1958
Jeromy BurnitzJeromy Neal Burnitz1993 to 2006
Andy BurnsAndrew David Burns2016 to 2016
Bill BurnsWilliam Thomas Burns1908 to 1912
Billy BurnsWilliam John Burns2014 to 2017
Britt BurnsRobert Britt Burns1978 to 1985
C.B. BurnsCharles Brittingham Burns1902 to 1902
Cory BurnsCory Wade Burns2012 to 2013
Dennis BurnsDennis Burns1923 to 1924
Dick BurnsRichard Simon Burns1883 to 1885
Ed BurnsEdward James Burns1912 to 1918
Farmer BurnsJames Burns1901 to 1901
George BurnsGeorge Henry Burns1914 to 1929
George BurnsGeorge Joseph Burns1911 to 1925
Jack BurnsJohn Irving Burns1930 to 1936
Jack BurnsJohn Joseph Burns1903 to 1904
Jim BurnsJames M. Burns1888 to 1891
Joe BurnsJoseph Francis Burns1924 to 1924
Joe BurnsJoseph James Burns1943 to 1945
Joseph BurnsJoseph Francis Burns1910 to 1913
Mike BurnsMichael John Burns2005 to 2009
Oyster BurnsThomas P. Burns1884 to 1895
Pat BurnsPatrick Burns1884 to 1884
Todd BurnsTodd Edward Burns1988 to 1993
Tom BurnsThomas Everett Burns1880 to 1892
Pete BurnsidePeter Willits Burnside1955 to 1963
Sheldon BurnsideSheldon John Burnside1978 to 1980
George BurpoGeorge Harvie Burpo1946 to 1946
Alex BurrAlexander Thomson Burr1914 to 1914
Ryan BurrRyan Matthew Burr2018 to 2019
Buster BurrellFrank Andrew Burrell1891 to 1897
Harry BurrellHarry J. Burrell1891 to 1891
Pat BurrellPatrick Brian Burrell2000 to 2011
Brian BurresBrian James Burres2006 to 2011
Larry BurrightLarry Allen Burright1962 to 1964
Al BurrisAlva Burton Burris1894 to 1894
Paul BurrisPaul Robert Burris1948 to 1953
Ray BurrisBertram Ray Burris1973 to 1987
Emmanuel BurrissEmmanuel Allen Burriss2008 to 2016
Henry BurroughsHenry S. Burroughs1871 to 1872
Jeff BurroughsJeffrey Alan Burroughs1970 to 1985
Sean BurroughsSean Patrick Burroughs2002 to 2012
Beau BurrowsBeau Van Burrows2020 to 2020
John BurrowsJohn Burrows1943 to 1944
Terry BurrowsTerry Dale Burrows1994 to 1997
Dick BurrusMaurice Lennon Burrus1919 to 1928
Frank BurtFrank J. Burt1882 to 1882
Ellis BurtonEllis Narrington Burton1958 to 1965
Jared BurtonLevi Jared Burton2007 to 2014
Jim BurtonJim Scott Burton1975 to 1977
Moe BurtschyEdward Frank Burtschy1950 to 1956
Dennis BurttDennis Allen Burtt1985 to 1986
Bill BurwellWilliam Edwin Burwell1920 to 1928
Dick BurwellRichard Matthew Burwell1960 to 1961
Jim BusbyJames Franklin Busby1950 to 1962
Mike BusbyMichael James Busby1996 to 1999
Paul BusbyPaul Miller Busby1941 to 1943
Steve BusbySteven Lee Busby1972 to 1980
Ed BuschEdgar John Busch1943 to 1945
Mike BuschMichael Anthony Busch1995 to 1996
Brian BuscherBrian Phillip Buscher2007 to 2009
Don BuschhornDonald Lee Buschhorn1965 to 1965
Matt BuschmannMatthew David Buschmann2016 to 2016
Alan BusenitzAlan Paul Busenitz2017 to 2018
Bullet Joe BushLeslie Ambrose Bush1912 to 1928
Dave BushDavid Thomas Bush2004 to 2013
Donie BushOwen Joseph Bush1908 to 1923
Guy BushGuy Terrell Bush1923 to 1945
Homer BushHomer Giles Bush1997 to 2004
Matt BushMatthew Brian Bush2016 to 2018
Randy BushRobert Randall Bush1982 to 1993
Jack BushelmanJohn Francis Bushelman1909 to 1912
Frank BusheyFrancis Clyde Bushey1927 to 1930
Chris BushingChristopher Shaun Bushing1993 to 1993
Doc BushongAlbert John Bushong1875 to 1890
Joe BuskeyJoseph Henry Buskey1926 to 1926
Mike BuskeyMichael Thomas Buskey1977 to 1977
Tom BuskeyThomas William Buskey1973 to 1980
Nick BussNicholas Gregory Buss2013 to 2016
Ray BusseRaymond Edward Busse1971 to 1974
Hank ButcherHenry Joseph Butcher1911 to 1912
John ButcherJohn Daniel Butcher1980 to 1986
Max ButcherAlbert Maxwell Butcher1936 to 1945
Mike ButcherMichael Dana Butcher1992 to 1995
Drew ButeraAndrew Edward Butera2010 to 2020
Sal ButeraSalvatore Philip Butera1980 to 1988
Ed ButkaEdward Luke Butka1943 to 1944
Bill ButlandWilburn Rue Butland1940 to 1947
Adam ButlerAdam Christopher Butler1998 to 1998
Art ButlerArthur Edward Butler1911 to 1916
Bill ButlerWilliam J. Butler1884 to 1884
Bill ButlerWilliam Franklin Butler1969 to 1977
Billy ButlerBilly Ray Butler2007 to 2016
Brent ButlerJustin Brent Butler2001 to 2003
Brett ButlerBrett Morgan Butler1981 to 1997
Cecil ButlerCecil Dean Butler1962 to 1964
Charlie ButlerCharles Thomas Butler1933 to 1933
Dan ButlerDaniel John Butler2014 to 2018
Dick ButlerRichard H. Butler1897 to 1899
Eddie ButlerTimothy Edward Butler2014 to 2018
Frank ButlerFrank Dean Butler1895 to 1895
Ike ButlerIsaac Burr Butler1902 to 1902
Joey ButlerJoseph Frank Butler2013 to 2015
John ButlerJohn Albert Butler1901 to 1907
Johnny ButlerJohn Stephen Butler1926 to 1929
Josh ButlerJoshua James Butler2009 to 2009
Keith ButlerKeith Allen Butler2013 to 2014
Kid ButlerFrank Edward Butler1884 to 1884
Kid ButlerWillis Everett Butler1907 to 1907
Rich ButlerRichard Dwight Butler1997 to 1999
Rob ButlerRobert Frank John Butler1993 to 1999
Tom ButtersThomas Arden Butters1962 to 1965
Frank ButteryFrank Buttery1872 to 1872
Ty ButtreyTy Douglas Buttrey2018 to 2020
Byron BuxtonByron Keiron Buxton2015 to 2020
Ralph BuxtonRalph Stanley Buxton1938 to 1949
Joe BuzasJoseph John Buzas1945 to 1945
John BuzhardtJohn William Buzhardt1958 to 1968
Bud ByerlyEldred William Byerly1943 to 1960
Bill ByersJames William Byers1904 to 1904
Randy ByersRandall Parker Byers1987 to 1988
Freddie BynumFreddie Lee Bynum2005 to 2008
Mike BynumMichael Alan Bynum2002 to 2004
Harry ByrdHarry Gladwin Byrd1950 to 1957
Jeff ByrdJeffrey Alan Byrd1977 to 1977
Jim ByrdJames Edward Byrd1993 to 1993
Marlon ByrdMarlon Jerrard Byrd2002 to 2016
Paul ByrdPaul Gregory Byrd1995 to 2009
Samuel ByrdSamuel Dewey Byrd1929 to 1936
Tim ByrdakTimothy Christopher Byrdak1998 to 2013
Bobby ByrneRobert Matthew Byrne1907 to 1917
Jerry ByrneGerald Wilford Byrne1929 to 1929
Tommy ByrneThomas Joseph Byrne1943 to 1957
Eric ByrnesEric James Byrnes2000 to 2010
Jim ByrnesJames Joseph Byrnes1906 to 1906
Milt ByrnesMilton John Byrnes1943 to 1945
Marty BystromMartin Eugene Bystrom1980 to 1985
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