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November 24, 2009
Pitches Per Out - 2009

Which batters were the toughest outs this season?

Here are the 2009 pitches-per-out leaders among players with 400 or more plate appearances. Kevin Youkilis is this year's champ, seeing 7.31 pitches for each out he made. Jayson Werth and Adam Dunn finish in the top ten again.

1.Kevin Youkilis 26015883564.427.31197
2.Joe Mauer 25406063514.197.24195
3.Nick Johnson 25135743494.387.20194
4.Todd Helton 27686453934.297.04190
5.Adam Dunn 28936684114.337.04190
6.Jayson Werth 30466764384.516.95188
7.Chase Utley 28456874194.146.79183
8.Joey Votto 22245443284.096.78183
9.Manny Ramirez 17334312594.026.69181
10.Chone Figgins 30847294694.236.58178

And the trailers. For the second year in a row, Yuniesky Betancourt is last in all of baseball in pitches per out. Bengie Molina finishes second-to-last for the second year in a row.

213.Ivan Rodriguez 16214483453.624.70127
214.Jeff Francoeur 21146324543.344.66126
215.A.J. Pierzynski 17605353783.294.66126
216.Jose Lopez 22426534843.434.63125
217.Pedro Feliz 20556254463.294.61124
218.Vladimir Guerrero13194072883.244.58124
219.Cesar Izturis 13854123073.364.51122
220.Cristian Guzman 18075554013.264.51122
221.Bengie Molina 16805203863.234.35118
222.Yuniesky Betancourt16845083923.314.30116

Download the data for 2009 here: Pitches Per Out 2009.

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